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6 Ways to Delete StockX Account | How to Delete StockX Account Easily


If you have any reason for deleting your Stockx account, then this is How to Delete Stockx Account. Many StockX users have been wary of how to bid goodbye to their accounts on the website. Though it’s not the intent of the e-commerce platform to remove their users, some may think its time to delete their account with the website with reasons deem fit to them.

Deleting an account from StockX may not be that easy as you would think, but there are ways to get this done. It’s simple, what is involved is to follow the steps and guides we will delineate in this article. This article will be explicit on how to delete an account on StockX, and we’ll also take a gander on the online marketing site also including their product specifications.

An Overview of StockX

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StockX is an American e-commerce online platform that deals with marketing of consumers to consumer goods like shoes and clothing. The company is highly regarded and it’s a good place to satisfy your need for vintage Nikes, rare Rolexes, or fashion-forward streetwear.

The history of StockX could be dated some years back in 2015 when Dan Gilbert founded the online marketplace in Downtown Detriot in the United States. The company has grown over the years and currently, it is one of the best websites for selling consumer to consumer items online. They also offer a wide range of services that can be accessed worldwide by their users.

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StockX has a large number of users, as there are millions of people mostly in the US, who subscribe to the website. Precisely, there are currently more than 9.9 million users accessing the website on a monthly basis as per a source who confirmed this.

StockX e-commerce platform offers buying and selling service for its users, as they can earn some money by selling their products on the online platform. There are also some other benefits of having an account with StockX. This website operates on an auction-house-like nature, and you may be surprised they know your shoe size! They pick up a lot of sensitive data like products detail, payment information, shipping, and home address to give you a convenient option.

How to Delete StockX Account

StockX has an online platform, a website to be precise. It is operating just like other online websites that accept membership for users. However, since it is a registered account with the website, there might come a time when you want to be out of the platform and delete your account. It’s freaky simple. Just delete your account and say goodbye to StockX.

To give you a hint on how this works, we have outline steps on how to delete your StockX account. Follow the below guides and apply any of the methods;

1. Deactivate or suspend the account

This is a temporary way of deleting your StockX account. Deactivating your account with the website blocks the ability to make purchases or sales. This action may not result in an entirety off as you can still access your account. Deactivating or suspending your account is only for the time being as the account can be reactivated again by messaging StockX support with respect to this.

  • To suspend or deactivate your StockX account, simply go to the account settings and process the command.

2. Delete your billing information

Deleting your personal business information on StockX can result in your account being muted. This involves eradicating your billing and shipping address, along with any credit cards on file.

  • You can view and delete your billing information by going to

This action only results in your StockX account being inactive as you can as while return to the previous.

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3. Delete your account

The permanent deletion of your account on StockX is seen as the only way to get rid of your account. There are a few things involved to go about this.

  • Firstly, go to the account settings and delete your account and billing information as we elaborated above.
  • Next, drop a message with respect to this to StockX support mail.

StockX will permanently delete your account from their website.

4. Removing personal info

Another way to get off your StockX account is by removing your intricate personal info from the website. This is not done manually by you, but it is carried out by requesting the deletion of your personal details from the website.

  • This can be through sending a mail to and request to have them remove your personal info and essential details from the website.

This method will not keep you all off as it will still keep your login, but being inactive rather.

5. Delete your account by mailing StockX support

This medium is obviously the only one way to delete your account from the StockX website. This is because even though you do the aforementioned methods, it may only result in a time being account deletion. To delete your StockX account permanently, you will have to send a message to the website’s support mail. Their official mail address is support[at]

Here is how to go on and delete your account;

  • First, open your email account that you used to register the account.
  • Compose an email requesting for account deletion, on subject type “Request To Delete My Account”, and enter the StockX’s email address: support[at]
  • It is now left to write an email with respect to deleting your account and click on the send button.

After you have done this, it usually takes hours to 3 days before a response by StockX will be given to you. Subsequently, your account will be deleted, but they will give you a time frame whether you have a change of mind option.

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6. By using StockX mobile app

It interesting to note that StockX app also has an application that users can as while use it to do the same functions available on the normal website. The action is almost the same in StockX app as it is on the online website. A feature is on the account settings section of your profile for you to delete your account on StockX app.

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Here is how to get this on;

  • Login your account in the StockX mobile app.
  • On the bottom right of your screen, tap on the person icon, and click the Help tab, then hit the Account Features thumbnail. From here you will be able to delete the account.
  • You can also type “delete account” in the search box to go directly to the delete account page.

Do all of these and follow the accompanying instructions on the site.


Are you fed up using your StockX account? We have got you covered as we expound on how to deactivate and delete your account without the website. We believe the above we outlined will make this be the right place where you can learn how to close (delete) or even deactivate your account with StockX. Inasmuch as there are various reasons why you may wish to delete your StockX account, we have written this to help you go through.

Nevertheless, StockX is an online consumer to consumer e-commerce shopping portal that lets its users sell or purchase a wide variety of Sneakers, Streetwear, Handbags, and Watches. The website provides the option to create or open an account with them an become a registered user to enjoy these services. This is the size of this article as we’ve been able to outline how to delete an account with StockX.

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