5 Ways to use single jack headset on pc without splitter

How to use single jack headset on pc without splitter


You stumble here because you are looking for how to use single jack headset on pc without splitter. Meanwhile, our comprehensive article will help you get that done in no time.

One of the recurring queries PC users give is about how they can use a single jack headset on their computers without a splitter. This is the absolute first and foremost concern one should have before purchasing a PC headpiece. Be that as it may, the market is loaded with earphones with premium sound in premium costs. In this article, we will try here to mitigate the agonizing issue a lot of people face, and that is the way by which to use a sound jack headset without a splitter.

In this modern technology age, there are many variants of headsets. A critical look, you will scarcely discover any (headset) with two jacks these days, however a couple of years prior quality earphones come with two jacks or splitter. These two jacks serve individual functions as one is for sound yield while the other one is for sound way in Microphone. Albeit single jack headset use these two jacks headpiece, but the scenario may be different for those individuals who have headpieces with the splitter as they may confront issues in using them especially on their personal computers.

What is Splitter?

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One may be wondering whether Splitters influence the quality of sound on headpieces. But first, let us get to know what Splitters are. A splitter is a gadget tool in a single jack, which functions by circulating the single jack application with the goal that users can without much of a stretch interface it to the PC. Two results always follow this at the end of the day. First, there won’t be a volume misfortune when using a splitter, however good sound quality is experienced. Also, as splitter parts, the current not voltage, the volume is subject to the voltage.  This is the reason volume isn’t influenced by splitter however sound quality does.

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How to Use a Single Jack Headset on PCs Without Splitter

The use of a single jack headset has brought about an unanticipated change in the use of Bluetooth or remote headsets. They picked up such a great amount of interest since 2019.

Gamers and as while music players are continuing to stay intrigued to wired headsets or earphones. As said earlier, the splitter which typically disseminates the single jack usefulness can be avoided when using a single jack headset. To comprehend the technique to use a single jack earphone without splitter, it’s better to first know the importance and yield jacks of headsets on PC.

Now, we will clear the air on this, as we will elaborate on how to use a single jack headset on your personal computer, without recoursing to splitter use.

1. For New Advanced PC’s

On the off chance that you glance cautiously around the ports of these modern new PC’s, you will come with two jacks, and it will be stated which symbols show which ports are for output and which is committed for input.

Here is what you need to do and how to use single jack on these modern PC’s without a splitter;

  • -Go to the second port and interface your single jack headsets to it. By this, not just you will have the option to hear the sound, however, you can likewise utilize an amplifier in the process. The other port can bolster both ports.

There’s nothing new that electronic gadgets like MacBook and Laptops come with a single port for a double purpose port, and it implies they can bolster both sound information and output with a single port without any problem.

This aforementioned guide is applicable only for new PC’s. So now you don’t have to stress up yourself if you’re using this type, as we have enunciated a route by which you can utilize a single jack headset without a splitter, to that your headset. We hope you got something here!

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2. For Old PC’s

Certain settings ought to be employed in more seasoned or old PC to use the single jack headset without the common splitter. It’s simply done, all that is required is to follow these steps that will feature below effectively, as, by these, you’ll have the option to utilize single jack earphones without earphones on your PC.

We will outline in detail how it is done in Windows OS and also on Mac OS.

Windows OS

For PC’s that operate on Windows OS, this is the steps to follow and use a single jack (without splitters) on the computer;

  • -Click on the start button on the left base of the screen.
  • -Go to control panel. There you will discover numerous settings, select sound from them.
  • -A pop up will open having diverse sound alternatives.
  • -Click on recording section from them.
  • -Then, you will find the rundown of gadgets there. Try to locate the gadget you are using at present and make it default.
  • -If you can’t discover it, click the Set Up Microphone button.
  • -Windows will consequently look and identify the gadget is inserted.
  • -Done, don’t forget to afterward test your gadget.

That is how it’s done on Windows. Let’s see how to do the same on Mac OS.

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Mac OS

Users operating a PC on this are not sidelined in using a single jack with the absence of splitters. Here is how to get it done;

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  • Firstly, click on the Volume icon, or you can likewise look for sounds setting if you weren’t able to locate the icon.
  • -Open the sound preferences.
  • -A pop-up will appear, ensure to make yourself to the Input tab.
  • -Repeat a similar procedure, and you will find your gadgets whenever associated, and when discovered, make it default.

That’s it, these techniques and methods elaborated here works pretty well. But on the off chance that it didn’t turn out, then your jack may be infected, have a go at fixing the jack or, in all also put resources into a splitter. Finished! We hope these steps were simple enough to carry out.


Using a single jack headset without splitter is possible for your computer use, only if you follow the long protocol. As need be, you may need to supplant the entire jack system, which may be more exorbitant, yet from that point forward, you will get the chance to get what you were looking for. Splitter typically costs somewhere in the range of $1 and $5, and they may perform well while not very many don’t give what you have been looking for.

Our article covered how to use a single jack on PCs without the splitter. We’re excessive on elaborating the steps as we also included how to get it done one Old PCs (Windows and Mac OS) and also New Advanced PCs.

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