How to Uninstall Technic Launcher

How to Uninstall Technic Launcher


In this article, I will show you the step-by-step guide on how to uninstall technic launcher easily. Follow this guide to remove Technic Launcher from your computer.

On normal days, gamers use to Technic Launcher play and install game modpacks easily. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find technic launcher to uninstall from your system.

That’s because it’s not a program you install. The whole “install” process is just the executable making a folder in Appdata -> Roaming to place everything, and the program you start is the program itself.

Technic does not use the registry. So, there no need to search windows registry to scan for left over files.

Before you go on, make sure you have the updated java version. After tha, delete TechnicLauncher.exe and delete .technic in Appdata -> Roaming. And, that’s it.

Just delete the .technic folder and the techniclauncer executable and you’ve uninstalled everything.

On Windows go to C:>Users>(Your name)>AppData>Roaming


Then delete .technic


Then go delete the launcher from your desktop or wherever you are keeping it. The launcher is not a shortcut, so if you want the Technic Pack gone for good, delete that too. If you don’t, though, you can always run the launcher again and it’ll reinstall .technic and whichever modpacks you play.




If you only want to delete Tekkit, you’ll have to go from Roaming>.technic>(Name of the pack you want deleted) and delete that.


You can also get an uninstaller like Perfect uninstaller or mighty uninstaller.

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