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7 Ways to Block Hulu Ads 2021 | How to Block Hulu Ads Easily


We will show you how to block Hulu ads on iPhone here in this piece. Not just on iPhone but on other devices including Android and PC. Do you love movies? Have you given the Hulu Online streaming platform a chance?

If you have, then you must have come across the Hulu ads. In the course of this article, we would be looking at so ways that you can block Hulu ads without much stress.

How to block the Hulu Ads with ease

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Before I start sharing my ideas on how to block Hulu ads completely with ease, I must emphatically state that you cannot completely remove Hulu ads and watch movies without any interruption. The ads that are served by the Hulu platform is their actual source of income. Trying to block the ads is like using cool stuff for free. Well, trying not to pay some dudes and having the worst streaming experience on  Hulu is not mine. I’m going to stick with blocking ads. So, let us move on.

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What is the Best Ad-Blocker For Hulu?

There are so many ad-blockers out there, and what better way to flex them than to use the chrome browser. With the chrome browser, you access a huge library of ad blocker extensions. They are so many of them that you can choose from.

1. Using an Ad-blocker To Skip Advertisements On your  PC

This is the simplest approach to blocking Hulu ads. With an ad blocker, you can block ads that appear in Youtube and other browser-based ads.

My best pick amongst all the Adblocker extensions in the chrome browser is the is uBlock Plus Adblocker. I have been flexing this adblocker for over a year now, I highly recommend it.

2. Open Hulu Video On Two different Tabs

This old hack still works guys! It is the fastest way to watch a Hulu show on your PC without the interruption of any ad. In a stepwise manner =, all you need to do is:

  • Open Hulu and choose any the application you wish to stream
  • open the same program on another tab that you opened.
  • After you have done this, mute the volume in the 2nd tab and fast track the video a few seconds before the onset of the first ad.
  • After you have done this, head over to the first tab that you previously opened and watch the program.
  • By the time the first ad in the 1st tab is done, head over to the second tab and unmute the volume to start enjoying the show.
  • Repeat these steps between two instances, so that you would enjoy a Hulu program without any interruption.

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3. Using Enounce MySpeed software To Fast Forward Hulu Ads

Maybe you are bored with running from one tab to the other, here is another step. You can reduce the watch-time of an advertisement with the aid of special software. This is where Enounce Myspeed Software comes into light.

With the aid of this software, you can fast forward any Hulu commercial ads across any platform.

4. Reloading your Hulu Program Page

The source of Income for the Hulu platform is subscription and advertisements. Do you know that with the trick im going to elucidate on, you can watch Hulu ads without interruption? The trick is so simple. Just wait for when you would come across very lengthy ads, reload the webpage. Then, you would see less lengthy ads of 2 to 30 seconds.

The trick for Skipping Lengthy Advertisements

Every time you come across any long-duration advertisements, simply refresh the entire tab by pressing the reload button above the web page. After the page has been successfully reloaded, you’ll have to see only two quick ads, one is 2 seconds (the program you’re watching), and the second commercial ad is 30 seconds. The Hulu program would always replace very long adverts with short ads of 30 seconds

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5. UseWeb Filtering

Another wonderful approach for blocking Hulu ads is the use of web filtering. All you have to do is to follow the guide below and repeat the instructions on your PC interface.

  • Connect to an internet source, maybe your wifi, or whatever is available to you.
  • Then, open your chrome web browser and type in the following If you have your default router ip, you can also type it in. and press enter.
  • Now look for the option known as web filtering(Kindly note this would vary depending on your router)
  • Then add the following line  “” domain without quotes to your block record
  • After adding that line, press the apply button and restart your router,. This would allow the changes to take effect.

What will happen here?

That domain is solely responsible for serving all those ads to  Hulu users. So, when you block/ filter the domain, you do the same for the ads.

6. Upgrading To Hulu Plus (No Commercial Ads)

All this while, we have been reviewing rough shortcuts to stop seeing ads. There is one psychological effect of ads that I don’t like. Nd that is that some web site oner is using my eyes to make money. Well, it’s a fair deal if I can’t subscribe to the Hulu streaming service. On the other hand, if I can upgrade my Hulu subscription from free to premium, then that’s a sure way to formally stop seeing ads. As a bonus for registering with Hulu and subscribing, you would get a one-month free subscription package.

7. How to Block Hulu Ads on Mobile

For those folk that use the Hulu service on the android platform, there are other ways of blocking any ads from Hulu.

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Simply go to google play store and download an ad-blocking app!



I believe that by using the methods mentioned above, you would be able to block Hulu ads on your devices. The best way to use Hulu ads is to pay some extra cash for an upgrade so that the ads won’t bother you.

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