14 Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications

14 Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications

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In today’s fast-paced world, getting the right products at the right time and that too at an affordable rate is paramount for the success of the business. To manage technology-related tasks smartly, experts are nowadays using Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile apps.

These applications are not just helpful in booking meeting with clients, but also track stock and shipments of diverse projects. This allows you to perform the assigned job even much speedily and increase productivity and sales in no time.

Pros of Using Mobile Apps in Warehousing Sector:

Table of Contents

  • Real-time updates
  • Portability
  • Precision monitoring
  • Boosted efficiency and productivity
  • Cost-saving
  • Improved customer service


Here are the best apps for supply chain and logistics professionals.

1. BooksyBiz – Great for Booking Appointment

Booksybiz app is great for logistics and supply chain managers as it caters to all their needs well. It allows clients to find your business 24*7 and book an appointment directly via Google Maps results and Google search. It also has loyalty and marketing tools to engage your clients via social media and email platforms. This makes their professional life much more comfortable and saves plenty of time.

Image Source: techcrunch

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2.  Hawk-Eye Trucking Log Book – Flexible Trucking Application

Hawk-Eye Trucking Log Book is a trucking app that allows transport experts to track truck routes via GPS, find the most affordable routes, and do much more. This helps them complete their necessary paperwork speedily. It also has a chat option so that those within the transport industry can communicate quickly for smooth operation.


3. EazyStock – Best for Inventory Control

EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization software that lowers obsolete and extra stock from warehouse locations. Furthermore, API integrations with ERP tools allow inventory managers to automate replenishment and procurement processes for better profits.

KPI dashboards display how you are stocking up every month and help you to identify the areas where you need to cut costs. This makes a healthy inventory in no time and makes inventory planning easy.


4.  OmniFocus – Robust To-Do list App

OmniFocus is a powerful application for iOS and Mac that manage everything you need to stay productive. It is perfect for complicated projects as it allows you to track them from the start till the end.


 5. Veeqo – Warehouse Inventory Management Solution

Veeqo is a cloud-based warehouse management application that allows retailers to manage their warehousing operations from a single system quickly. It usually features packing, picking, shipping management functionalities for smooth warehouse operations.

This app also allows you to handle multiple warehouses in one place. You can even watch out where your goods are located.

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6. Evernote – Excellent for Storing Files and Documents

Evernote is free of cost cloud-based application perfect for organizing pictures, documents, and files. It also has an in-built voice-recording feature great for capturing essential memos and typing notes when your computer or laptop is not around. This hugely improves productivity and ease document management instantly.

Photo Source: Simon McCade


7. Nimble – CRM

Nimble is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that allows you to build and strengthen bonds everywhere, and every time you engage with your potential customers. It also helps you to get valuable insights on people and agencies by creating a ‘live’ profile.

It helps supply chain and logistics companies to streamline processes to stay connected with their customers and boost sales. This application is available across most of the web browsers, all devices, and even some social media platforms.

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8. Daily Route Tracker – Time Tracking App

Daily Route Tracker features a time tracking spreadsheet that allows most of the warehousing and supply chain companies use to track the time spend of every driver on every stoppage daily, depending on the real-time data.

It means this application shows everything like customer name, driver name, departure time, and much more. It is also helpful when you need a solid route plan for fleet management.


9. CoPilot Truck – Best for Truck Navigation

CoPilot Truck app offers turn-by-turn navigation for trucks. It also helps drivers follow the most effective routes depending on the dynamic details like truck height and weight, load type for the transport of dangerous materials, etc.

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10.  Scandit – Reliable Bar Code Scanner

Scandit is an advanced bar code scanner. The nice thing is that it quickly scans the barcode on products even in the most challenging conditions like glare, warped surfaces, or low lighting. Cross-platform functionality allows quick sharing of essential data across tablets, computers, and smartphones.


11. GasBuddy – Cheap Gas Locator

GasBuddy is the ideal app for finding the cheapest gas near you. It is also one of the most common applications used by the major supply chain companies.

It usually works by compiling details from a big user base across Canada and the United States to help you find the most cost-effective fuel station. The nice thing is that members can also reap the perks of prizes and points.

Photo Source: GasBuddy


12. IQ Digital Scale Simulator – Weighing App

Warehousing agencies usually depend on accurate, efficient, and reliable data to guarantee the safety of employees and for an excellent performance.

IQ Digital scale simulator is a simulator that allows you to see the approximate weight of different products. You just need to place the small items on the screen, and that’s it.

Invest in high-end waterproof weighing scales for high precision weighing. The nice thing is that it can survive in the most challenging environment. This lowers damage to the internal components, thereby lowering spillage and everyday grime.

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13. Kintone – Cloud-based App for Smart Inventory Management

Kintones is a cloud-based application that offers powerful supply chain management solutions for better and smoother workflows. Low or no-code development options and tailored inventory allows users to cater to their particular needs in no time.


14. StockIQ – Supply Chain Planning Solution

StockIQ is a perfect app for tracking and monitoring warehousing inventory. It also advice group transfer to effectively re-balance inventory while providing high-quality management.


Wrapping Up:

Gone are the days when heavy devices manage transport and warehousing operations. With up-to-date apps and cutting-edge technology, logistics and supply chain experts are managing their tasks much smoothly and at a much lower price. By using the above mentioned mobile apps, you can have you better control over inventory and operational processes. In fact, with increased efficiency comes to better customer service, that means an increase in sales.

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