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10 Ways To Find a Deleted Tumblr Post

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In this article, I will show you how to find a deleted Tumblr post. Use these 10 ways to find and retrieve your deleted Tumblr post easily.

Tumblr is an American microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and is also owned by Automatic. This allows multi-users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog, you can also follow other users too.

Some of the features of Tumblr includes its  Dashboard, this is a live feed of posts from users that you follow. Users can also use the dashboard to comment repost and like posts that appear on the Dashboard. It also has an HTML editing feature, which allows users to edit their blogs theme HTML coding to edit the outlook of their blogs. But this article is about the different ways you can find your deleted posts on your Tumblr blog. You can get them back by retrieving them from your previously stored backup. And in this article am going to show you how to back them up using different methods and how you can retrieve this backup.

1. Manual Post Backup

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This is a simple way that you can use to retrieve your tumbler post. But also know that this method can be used in posts only one at a time, if you want a method which you can use to retrieve a large amount of lost Tumblr posts, go to the next step/ method. To manually back up one of your Tumblr posts.

  • Open the website and then open your post and click on the gear icon.
  • Select Edit in the menu that displays to open the post in Edit mode.
  • Click the <HTML> ICOM and view the HTML code/select and then copy the HTML code then paste the code in a blank text file.
  • After that, if the post gets deleted you can easily copy the code from the Text file.

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2. Using Google Cache

Although I am not o sure about this method, but you can give it a trial. In case if you accidentally deleted you Tumblr lost and you can’t seem to find them you can easily do with a simple method. Like I said before am not sure if it works. To get back the article just type cache: before the URL in chromes address bar and it will go straight to the cache version. And I repeat am not sure if it works but you can give it a trial.

 3. Mass Post Backup Using The Jammy Tool

 This is another great way to backup your posts on Tumblr and retrieves them is they get deleted. This method is nice if you want to backup a left amount of posts at the same time. There are very few tools to backup your HTML code and one of these few tools is The Backup Jammy tool. These tools extract the HTML of up to 500 posts. Yes, you heard me 500 posts at the same time. It also stores the code in a compressed text file with the extension ZIP, it saves it as a ZIP file and thus us very convenient when you want to save a large number of files.

4. Using Cpanel

This tool is very nice and useful and can so be used to back up an entire website too. And the only way to retrieve your Tumblr post is to retrieve it from a previously backed up file, so to use this follow these steps

  • Log in to your C panel account, if you don’t have an account you can create one.
  • After that in the file, section click on the backup wizard icon.
  • On the backup screen you can then click on the backup icon.
  • Click full backup and select destination after the backup
  • To download the backed-up file just log in.
  • Go to the files and click on the select the backup icon and click download then select the link for the file you which to download.

5. Using Tumblr-Log Backup

This is a web app that will back up all your Tumblr posts into a single HTML file. All you have to do is input your Tumblr username and choose how many and which types of file to back up. After that save the resulting HTML code or file into the disk. This is a very nice and simple tool for you but the problem is that you might not get the associated images, movie files, and other media files too, which you have posted. After backing up you can easily retrieve from the tumb-log. In case you don’t like the first five methods of retrieving your Tumblr posts you can read on.

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6. Pagenest

     To retrieve your deleted Tumblr posts, you can also get it back from a mirroring tool. You can easily mirror the Tumblr site PR your Tumblr posts and get it back later if your posts get deleted by mistake. It is also called a website copier, website ripper, or even a website downloader. Pagnest is a very popular mirroring tool and easy to use too. All you have to download the software or application, and then you can use it to download or back up the entire page of any website or webpage to your computer including its images too.

7. Using Black Widow

This is another powerful tool to download or mirror a webpage or even a website too. This is another very powerful tool to retrieve your mistakenly deleted Tumblr post on the webpage. All you have to do is download the black widow software and save your posts on it, including your Pictures, video, and other media files too. It is very good and can be preferred to Tumble-log that doesn’t allow for media files. This tool also has a web browser that enables you to navigate your Tumblr page. It also allows to enter websites that require authentication. Like I said just download it and follow the instructions to save your pages and websites.

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8. Using Email

This should be the last thing that should cross your mind, but I have to provide all possible methods, if not am not doing good, using the Tumblr customer care Email can be a very strange way to recover your posts. But it is even still strange if you even use this method when your whole Tumbler account has been deleted, but what is customer care for if it doesn’t help the customer, so you can just use the avenue as a customer to ask them if they have a backup copy of your deleted post. If they do fine then you are in luck, but it is most likely that they won’t. But you can try after all there is no harm in trying. So if you have deleted your Tumblr post you can head over to their customer care and explain your predicament to them.

9. Offline Explorer Enterprise

This is also an amazing tool you can download and back up your website or your webpage too. You can download this tool from its official website. Just visit their website, once you are there you can see their various products which they have available. Such as the portable offline browser 7.7SR7 release, which was released a few months back. Just download it and use it to retrieve your Tumblr post anytime you delete it mistakenly.

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10. Using Chrome

I am not so sure about this method, as I formulated it on my own. Here is how to do it. Of you are using chrome to browse, then you can easily save your webpage offline of you are looking to do it quickly. Just go to what looks like a three-line button and then click on the arrow button which is similar to a download button, to Download the webpage offline. Then if you want you can use one of the mirroring software to mirror the webpage.

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