How To Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

How To Watch Deleted Youtube Videos


YouTube is one of the largest streaming platforms where tons of hours of videos are uploaded every minute. As a result, a large number of these videos are taken down or removed for various reasons. Some of the reasons include the user or owner of the video violating one of YouTube’s policies or maybe the owner of the video deleted or took down the video by themselves.

Some of the violations include; copyright infringement, which is when a video uses music, video clips, or other media content they don’t own without the proper permission. Inappropriate content, have you ever wondered why you don’t see porn and other sexually explicit content, this is because you are not allowed to post any sexually explicit content. Lastly of course is the terms of services violation which covers everything. Others include; dangerous content, hateful content, harassment, threat, and cyberbullying, spam or misleading information amongst other things. Whatever the reason for the video being taken down, in today’s article I will be showing various ways you can still watch these deleted videos, so sit back and let me walk you through it, and don’t forget to check other posts in this blog for more entertaining topics.

The question which must be in all our minds right now is, can I really watch deleted YouTube videos. Well, the answer isn’t really straightforward and you will get to know why when we are going through this article up until the last. There are various ways to watch these deleted videos although YouTube doesn’t really provide an official way, there are a few ways to watch these deleted videos


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The way back machine actually known as the internet archive is an American digital library with the mission of Universal access to all knowledge, it was founded on May 12, 1996, and it allows the public to upload and download digital material to its digital cluster.

The system has been collecting and cataloging websites since 1996 on the website, you will be able to search and find so many of your website’s snapshots of a particular moment in time. This means there is an actual possibility of retrieving or rather watching your deleted YouTube video here. But also note that there is a huge possibility of you not finding your video here.

In order to retrieve and watch the deleted video follow these steps. Firstly you will have to get a hold of the URL of the video you’re looking for. If you are not able to find it I’ll cover that part later in the article. Once you have successfully found the URL of the YouTube video you want to watch, head over to the website which is, then proceed to paste the YouTube video URL in the search bar and press Enter. Once and if you find the video you are looking for on the internet archive, you will be able to see various details of the video.

For example, how many times the video has been saved within a particular period in time. But you won’t b able to play the video directly, but you are going to be able to download it. To do this, simply right-click on the video in order to find the download option. Then proceed to download. You should know that this website is active as a result of the way back machine which regularly crawls the web to archive the sites. But as I have already said there is a very huge possibility that this method won’t work.


This isn’t really a stand-alone method but actually a continuation from using the way back machine. In order to do this follow these steps. Firstly, head to the playlist where the video which was deleted is present. Then proceed to right-click on the deleted video and then click on the find video option from the pop-up menu. After which it will take a couple of seconds or some moment before the tab of the way back machine opens up. Like I said it’s like an extension of the first solution


What if you don’t have the URL to the video which was deleted? You should know the internet is vast and when something is deleted it isn’t really lost forever for example even if YouTube actually watch these videos can actually watch these deleted YouTube videos even without having the URL this is because people always replicate these videos and proceed to share them on other YouTube channels or even other social media platforms.

This method is a bit complicated and would require you to do the exact without incurring errors in order to find the video and watch it. Now let’s get to it. Firstly open a new tab in your browser and navigate to the Google search bar. Here we are going to use Google search operators. Now in the search bar type + name of the video.

By doing this google will go through just the YouTube database looking for all the name relevant videos, by doing this your get closer to finding your video. If for example the videos were shared on Facebook or any other social media platform, you can change the site URL in the search bar, replacing YouTube with Facebook once you find this you can easily go back to the internet archive and paste the URL and download the video.


If all these methods haven’t worked so far you can as well try other streaming platforms and search for your video you can check places like daily motion, Vimeo, and the rest. You can also try waiting for some time maybe someone downloaded and might upload the video later.


I have shown you the various ways to retrieve and watch deleted YouTube videos. If you still cannot find the video using these methods, then am sorry to say your video might have actually been deleted from the server and you cannot access it anymore. With that we have come to the end of this article, do well to check out other articles and posts, thank you.

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