15 Best CPU Coolers on Amazon and Their Prices

15 Best CPU Coolers 2020 | what are the best cpu coolers?

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CPU fan coolers are essential components of a computer system that cools the temperature of your CPU and improves your overall computer performance.

In this article, we will outline the fifteen best CPU coolers you can buy on Amazon. After all, keeping the temperature of your CPU low will not only increase your computer’s performance but ensures your processor’s longevity.

Keeping in mind that the perfect cooler for your computer depends on your processor, your system overclocking demands and your budget.

15 Best CPU Coolers 2020

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 1. Noctua NH-L9 CPU Liquid Cooler

Price: $39.90 – Buy on Amazon

This is one of the best liquid CPU coolers to buy. The Austrian manufacturer, ‘Noctua’ is known for one thing and that is making the best CPU coolers and fans. With its compact and small structure, the NH-L9 is still more than capable of cooling the hottest CPU with no compromises. This is a great air cooler for anyone with a smaller system or even with larger ones.


2. Corsair H100i Pro CPU Cooler

Price: $124.99 – Buy on Amazon

This is seen as one of the best budget CPU cooler.  Corsair has always been a top choice in the liquid cooling options for a while now, and the H100i Pro follows in the path of its predecessors.

Coming in a blend of beautiful RGB color lighting, it boasts impressive cooling performance due to its unique and powerful fans which is controllable via its software called the ‘iCue’. All these make it one best cooler around with impressive cooling capacity and customizable modes.


3. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage

Price: $159.99 Buy on Amazon

The Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage is one of the CPU coolers with aesthetic beauty, and also packs in heavy-duty performance. With the ML240P Mirage, you don’t need to worry about overheating or throttling, with its glass fiber housing and nozzle that allows the liquid in to regulate the temperature and liquid resistance, and a low-resistance radiator regulating flow rate, heat exchange efficiency and cooling performance.


4. NZXT Kraken X72 CPU Liquid Cooler

Price: $169.99 – Buy on Amazon

If you’re running one of the best performance-driven processors and you want to push it to the limit, you’ll need CPU coolers like the NZXT Kraken X72 CPU coolers to handle the job.

Aside from the gigantic radiator it packs, it has high fan speeds that ensure cooling performance is at its best always. To top it all off, the NZXT Kraken X72 features a beautiful RGB color design and has 6 years of warranty.


5. Corsair Hydro H150i Pro CPU Liquid Cooler

Price: $174.99 – Buy on Amazon

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The Corsair Hydro H150i Pro is created for people with a small budget and mid-range CPU systems. Even in the smallest CPU system cases, the Hydro H150i pro keeps your CPU chilled, even if you have some powerful overclocking operations.

It comes sealed directly from factory, meaning you don’t have to worry about maintenance.


6. Artic Liquid Cooler

Price: $64.99 – Buy on Amazon

While it lacks quietness of pricier, more extravagant liquid coolers, the Arctic Liquid cooler is usable for the average PC user with moderate cooling performance.

While it lacks the RGB beauty of the costlier models or controls with a software, it will keep your system cool at a reduced volume.


7. EVGA CLC 240 CPU Liquid Cooler

Price$102.39 Buy on Amazon

EVGA’s latest CLC liquid coolers are mid-range pick CPU coolers because of their excellent performance and budget price range. With performance almost matching the latest coolers from Corsair and NZXT, CLC 240 costs a fraction of the price of top coolers with a few features removed. The fans can be very loud at full speed, but the cooler runs well without any hiccups reaching those levels.


8. Cooler Master MA410M CPU Cooler

Price: $56.69 – Buy on Amazon

The MA410M is also another CPU recommended, not only because it cools a system so well, but also lights it up beautifully with its RGB colored sides. If you want high-performance air cooling close to the best offerings from ‘Noctua’ but at a reduced price then the MA410M is almost impossible to beat.


9. Corsair H60 Series CPU Cooler

Price: $114.98Buy on Amazon

Starting at a cheaper price than the average best high-end air cooler, the H60 offers nearly identical thermal performance and low noise at a fraction of a high-end cooler cost. The cooler has a white LED head pump, with 120mm radiator and 120mm fans.

In recent tests, the new H60 outperforms its other 120mm competitors and comes close to the performance of a few 140mm and 240mm coolers.


10. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R

Price: $141.99 – Buy on Amazon

When searching for the best liquid cooling option, packed with efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to heat dissipation, the MasterLiquid ML360R is the favorite choice by top PC enthusiasts.

Cooler Master’s 360mm MasterLiquid ML360R features a beautiful CPU block design with a soft centerpiece logo for a really clean lighting setup. Coupled with three colorful RGB fans, the ML360R cools well and runs silently while providing some pretty lighting for your rig.


11. Noctua NH-L12S CPU Liquid Cooler

Price: $49.90 – Buy on Amazon

The NH-L12S is a high-profile CPU cooler, with a compact shape and has its fan installed on top and provides space to able to install and change RAM modules.

The NH-L12S works best with CPU with a TDP of not more than 110W, and is very much quiet and provides a significant boost over stock coolers.


12. ARTIC Freezer Xtreme CPU Cooler

Price: $64.99Buy on Amazon

The ARCTIC Freezer Xtreme is an attractive CPU cooler solution that delivers excellent cooling performance and adds beauty to your CPU rig.

Moreover, it comes with 4 separate heat pipes in its low noise models, extreme silence to no noise heat disbursement and efficiency. With its quick install time and efficiency, you’re ready to play the most intensive games on max settings.


13. MSI CPU Core FrozR L Cooler CPU Cooler

Price: $54.99 – Buy on Amazon

MSI is known for its high-quality products ranging from insane graphical laptops to performance driven CPUs and more. So you can be assured that the FrozR L Cooler is up to standards

It is loaded with a 120mm fan and copper base for superior cooling and all-around performance. It’s also ultra-flexible, and ready for any of your CPU right from the box.


14. Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler CPU Cooler

Price: $64.99 – Buy on Amazon

The H7 Tower cooler packs both its renowned jet fin accelerating fans and cooling tubes to provide the maximum cooling performance that your rig needs.

To top it all, it features Cryorig’s Jet Fin Acceleration System, Cryorig’s trademarked technology that provides out of this world temperature control.


15. DeepCool Gamer Storm 240EX CPU Cooler

Price: $149.98 – Buy on Amazon

If you’re looking for a cooler with an easy installation process, the DeepCool Gamer Storm 240EX should be on your list.

This powerful liquid cooler is ready to work superbly thanks to its high-density water microchannel with 10% better heat dissipation. It’s also packed with a silent double-blade fan and attractive design that adds up to its ergonomics.



Choosing the right cooler for you depends largely on what you use your PC for, if you are a heavy gamer and performance guru then you should consider the high-end coolers but if what you do is light you can manage your stock coolers or get the small to mid-range coolers.

Amazon Best Sellers CPU Coolers

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