10 Steps to Speed UP QBittorrent | How To Speed UP QBittorrent downlload

10 Steps to Speed UP QBittorrent | How To Speed UP QBittorrent download


How to speed UP QBittorrent download. Are you having problems with your download speed on QBittorrent? Want to download from torrent sites? Looking for an alternative to UTorrent? Then, this is how to speed UP QBittorrent.

QBittorrent is a cross-platform free and open-source Bittorrent Client. If you are a regular torrent user then you should know that QBittorrent also has its own problems and we are here to assess that. One of those problems is the disturbing fact that it lacks a fast download or upload speed.

Many have noted that the download speed on this app is always incorrect. Some other problems related to its speed are slow and unresponsive UI, size, percentage, and speed numbers are broken, delayed exit issues with certain HTTPS trackers, etc. Well, all that can be resolved with these easy steps we are going to share with you in this article. The actual speed of your download actually depends on the health of the file you are downloading.

How To Speed UP QBittorrent download

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1. Adjust your Download Settings

With the qbittorrent advanced settings, you can have your QBittorrent going on a rapid speed. Many recommend tweaking your download settings first before tweaking any other options. First, limit your download rate to 80% because ISP’s originally offer higher download rates than the upload rates. One of the problems associated with slow download speeds is downloading and uploading torrents at the same time. If you are uploading huge data at maximum speed at the same time you are downloading huge torrents, your upload lane becomes full and you wouldn’t have enough upload bandwidth to signal to the seeder, therefore, complicating your download speed.

So basically avoid uploading and downloading huge torrents at the same time, you also want to keep your download and upload rate at 80%. In case this doesn’t work you can do a speed test to determine your maximum download and upload rates. To this, you have to visit speed test websites and test your speed out. Examples of these sites are Fast.com and speedtest.net. Meanwhile, try using the Qbittorrent best settings at all times.

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2. Choose a proper port

You need to choose a proper to avoid ISP blocks and conflicts with other programs on your PC. To do this access your Options tool in you QBittorrent app and then you see an option to test your port. If you fail the test for the proper port then you would have to set a proper port for your QBittorrent. The safest choice for your proper port is to choose from the 49160-655534 range because this range avoids and is undetected by ISP and other possible conflicts with external programs. Then run the test again to see if the port is open.

3. Change your Peer Sources

If you want to find quality seeders you have to find the best peer sources in your QBittorrent settings. To do this revisit your Options bar on the Tools section and click the checkboxes for the “Enable DHT” and “Enable Peer Exchange” for better peer sources. Disable the checkbox for the “Enable Local Peer Discovery” then set encryption mode to “Allow Encryption”. The reason for all these checks is that DHT and its counterpart helps you discover more global peer sources and helps you get more seeders for your downloads.

4. Selecting Seeders

Seeders share files on the torrent client which you want to download. After selecting the most comfortable peer source then you can get an increased number of seeders which results in very fast download speed for your torrent files. You should have max download speed afterward and if not, it means the file you are trying to download is not healthy enough. Now you will have a high seed to peer ratio and most peers would have 100% of a file, so the connection is therefore healthy and secured with encryption.

5. Forwarding Your Port

ISPs are always blocking common ports within specific ranges that are used for torrent sharing, both downloading and uploading. But there is a wide range of ports and they are unable to block all. Port forwarding is the best option for avoiding getting blocked by these ISPs. It helps to manually get around specific port ranges that are susceptible to be blocked by ISPs. It also aids in finding multiple peers resulting in faster download speeds. Check again if your current port is still opened then you can choose between manual forwarding or a router and many other options.

  • Forward with UPnP: Enable UPnP in your QBittorrent app and also on your router
  • Forward with a Router: You can use a router to forward your port with the aid of enabling a UPnP or manually forwarding through the router.
  • Manually Forwarding: Disable UPnP in your QBittorrent client and use the Static IP Guide. Then set permissions for the QBittorrent port. Enable TCP and UDP communications.

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6. Use Good Torrents

Always choose good torrents that deal with a high seed to peer ratio. The Seeder must have 100% of the file you are trying to download and it should only be uploading to the peers. Always choose torrents with a small ratio of peers to seeders. For example, a torrent with 50 seeders to 80 peers is better and faster than a torrent with 700 seeders and 3000 peers.

7. Avoid Using WI-FI

Most times, it can be that your WI-FI is interfering with your download speed. A lot of signals from the WI-FI in your home or a public area might be interfering with its connection, therefore affecting internet speeds and torrent download. It’s more advisable to use a router than it is a WI-FI.

8. Adjust Queue Settings

When you download and upload large amounts of data in QBittorrent the speed of both parties becomes slow and partitioned. Reduce the number of large files downloading at the same time so they can accumulate the max speed and download faster instead. Or you can also download torrent files one by one.

9. Check for Updates

Make sure you have the latest version of the QBittorrent app on your computer. If not, update the app because previous issues relating to the app could have been fixed and optimization becomes better.

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10. Add More Trackers

Trackers help in discovering faster seeders that have an equal ratio with your peer sources. The more seeds the tracker can get, the faster your download speed.

That is the list of ways you can improve your QBittorrent speed and download your torrent files faster. We hoped this article has helped you improve your QBittorrent speed.

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