5 Different Ways to boost Verizon WiFi signal at home or office

5 Different Ways to boost Verizon WiFi signal at home or office


How to boost Verizon WiFi signal at home – In this article, I will guide you on how to extend Verizon FiOS WiFi range. Apart from boosting signal strength, you will also learn how to improve FiOS WiFi speed.

This is the problem… Verizon WiFi signal fades from room to room depending on where it’s location. This can be a serious problem if you have a big apartment with many rooms. The fact is this, the strength of your Verizon WiFi signal depends on the location of the wireless router or gateway.

How to boost Verizon WiFi signal at home or office

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There are many ways to do this, I will explain.

1. Change the location of the Router.

In most cases, the signal range of your router or gateway doesn’t seem adequate to cover the entire building. In this case, you can improve the range by changing the location of the router. If the router is situated in a basement, it’s best to move it to the first floor, or at least into a room where it will cover the vast majority of your devices.

In many instances, changing the location of your router doesn’t help signal strength especially if you are currently using the FiOS™ Advanced Wi-Fi Router (MI424WR rev. I) or the FiOS Quantum™ Gateway (GS1100)

Again, you will agree with me that changing the location of your router could be a little bit stressful and you may need to boost the WiFi signal to cover the entire compound.

You might want to ask, what is the best way to boost Verizon WiFi signal at home? Don’t worry I will show you how to boost it and get the WiFi signal to cover your entire home.

2. Use FiOS Network Extender

you can improve Wi-Fi coverage by purchasing a FiOS Network Extender from the FiOS Equipment and Accessories Store. The FiOS Network Extender is a wireless network adapter that extends the reach and potential of your FiOS home or office wireless network. By leveraging the ubiquity of coaxial cabling within the home or business, the FiOS Network Extender creates a wireless access point anywhere there’s coaxial connection, expanding the reach of the existing wireless network. The device receives the wireless signal from your current router and rebroadcasts the signal so it can reach areas of your home beyond the reach of the router alone.

3. Get a router with external antennas for better broadcast abilities

Simply get a router that is stronger. There are so many routers with an external antenna that can boost the signal strength. Simple return the Quantum Gateway Router and save $12 a month in rental fees ($144 a year or $288 for two years if its in the contract).

4. Get the plug-in extender

The extenders are easy to pair with the router, and they have the ability to be connected via wifi or even via direct ethernet connection from your computer to the extender if needed.

5. Use Coax in each Room

If each room has Coax, you can set up a FiOS Network Extender off of one of the Coax outlets, provided the outlet is connected to the same Coax network as your G1100 router. These extenders will use the Coax for uplink, which helps to keep the connection consistent as well as fast compared to a traditional repeater or Wi-Fi Extender.

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