4 Things You Might not Know About PDF

4 Things You Might not Know About PDF


The quest of humans to use advanced technological means to bring betterment in their lives has changed the way we carry out things in our lives.

The PDF format is one such example that has transformed the world of documentation for good. Now many businesses, students and government departments have switched to Portable Document Files by ditching Word documents and paper files. That’s why now you mostly find online documents in PDF form whenever you search for academic material or some other official document.

But if you think that PDF format is just about displaying a document, you need to think again. Though PDF is in the game for a long time, there are many things about PDF that people still don’t know.

Part of the reason is that it is improving with every technological advancement and getting on new features that people might be missing out. Here are given things about sodapdf you need to know to have a better experience:

1. Password Protected:

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You can’t secure a word document, and anyone can edit it without permission of the creator. This isn’t the case with a PDF file. You would have witnessed that whenever you download a PDF file, you only get it in a read-only version and you can’t edit it.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t edit it at all. It is just that the creator of that file hasn’t given editing permission to anyone else. Besides that, you can protect them further by putting a security password, and allowing only authorized people to access it.

2. Compatible Format:

Do you think that PDF is a rigid and fixed file format? Well, this isn’t true at all. The PDF is one of the most flexible file formats out there, which has the capacity to work with other types of file formats without causing any trouble.

You can convert it into PowerPoint, Excel, JPG and Word format and easily convert other file formats into PDF. The flexibility and compatibility of the PDF make it a handy option to share large files by compressing them into PDF.

3. Cloud Manageable:

With every advancement and changes occurring in the documentation requirements, PDF has managed to evolve and stay relevant in all ages.

As people are switching from the offline world to the online world for document production and sharing, PDF has also become cloud adaptable.

You can create, edit, secure and share a PDF file online without fear of shattering its format. That leads us to another perk of the PDF that its format remains the same irrespective of the Windows version and type of device. Cloud management has made it possible to ensure team collaboration without any constraint and difficulty.

4. Signable Digitally:

Did you know that you can sign a PDF document digitally without going through the hassle of downloading, signing, scanning and then emailing it? Well, you heard it right, you can add signatures in a PDF file online and share it right away to anyone you want.

You don’t need to download a signature adding app because you can find online PDF editors that can help you fast up the document sharing process by cutting down on downloading and scanning time. Don’t worry; all the online editing software are secure because they come up with SSL encryption and erase history after a certain time.

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