10 Ways To Stream Wii U Without Capture Card


How to Stream Wii U without capture card. Most of us are probably wondering how to stream a Wii U without a capture card since getting a capture card hasn’t been made easy lately. We all loved the Wii U home video game console when it came out in 2012 by Nintendo and it’s the first of its kind, but of course, competed with the Xbox and PlayStation.

There are multiple problems of using a capture card with your Wii U, problems such as input not found or capture card not recognizable. But then again, you don’t really need your Wii U capture card to stream your games as you did before. You could also record your gameplay without the use of a capture card.

Many of us want to be able to stream and record their game progress but most of us don’t have capture cards, now do we? Well, there are ways to do all of this without the use of a capture card and we will be listing out these ways on this article.

10 Ways To Stream Wii U Without Capture Card

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1. With the Aid of Xbox One

First, you have to connect the switch of your Wii U to the dock and then connect the dock to your Xbox One using an HDMI cable. Once this is done, go ahead and connect your Xbox to the monitor. Put on your Xbox One then run One Guide, from there click to start switch. To stream your game now you have to connect your Windows 10 PC on the same home network as your Xbox.

If you don’t have the Xbox Play on your PC then you have to download first, if you do go ahead and run the app. Find your Xbox One console on the Xbox Play app and start streaming it to your PC. Now you should be able to stream your Wii U games on your PC without the use of a capture card. All that’s left is to download an OBS on your PC and run the program so you can access a whole display picture on your PC.

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2. DRC Sim Server

This is a utility that helps you pair your computer to your Wii U and you can stream your gameplay in standard quality. It allows you to receive videos and send input. Although, I’m afraid it only works on Linux based operating systems, and it requires specific wireless peripherals like a Panda N600 or the Linksys AE1000 USB device. It requires specific drivers and unique indifferent Wi-Fi chips for it to run on your system. If your operating system is not Linux based, this is not recommended for you at all.

3. Aver Media Live Gamer Portable

This is a quick fix if you don’t have a capture card. You can get the Aver Media gadget which directly streams and record your games to your PC without the use of a capture card. You can get the gadget at amazon or any other retail store.

4. Wii U Plugin

This is a new app still under development which allows you to load multiple plugins on your Wii U which enhances your experience. It also features being able to stream your games without the use of a capture card. You can also mod your games, use a USB controller and you can swap your gamepad and TV screen.

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5. Elgato Game Capture HD

This app aids you in streaming your games through an HDMI cable. It also has a gadget. On the gadget, it has two outputs and two inputs. The HDMI in input connects to your Wii U game console along with the Analog audio. The USB port connects to your PC and powers the gadget itself. You can also connect an HDMI cable to your TV from the HDMI out port. After that download and install the Elgato Game Capture HD software on your PC, version 2.0 or higher. Run the software and it connects directly to your Wii U console.

6. Wondershare Filmora

Download and install the Filmora software on your PC and run it. Configure your settings in the way you desire. Make sure you configure it to a good quality for streaming and recording from your Wii U. Connect your Wii U to the PC and click the hotkey on the Filmora software then begin streaming or recording.

7. NVIDIA ShadowPlay

This screen capture software on your PC can help you record your gameplay from Wii U. Connect your Wii U to your PC using an HDMI cord and then start the game on your Wii U but use your PC as a monitor. This only supports NVIDIA video card enabled PC. Now use the screen capture feature on your PC and record your gameplay.

8. ApowerRec

This is a screen recorder supported with all windows and drivers on your PC. Again, connect your Wii U to your PC through an HDMI cord and then run the game on your Wii U and play on your PC as a monitor. Then you can stream and record it that way.

9. Open Broadcast Software

This is a free software designed for broadcasting live gaming on your PC and can also record your Gameplay from the Wii U. First, configure your recording settings and set your recording hotkey. Right-click the sources box and select “Add” then click “Game Capture”. You can start playing the game from your Wii U connected to your PC.

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10. Mobile Phone

You can stream and record your games on your mobile phone. If you are trying to record from your Wii U without a capture card then your best bet would be using a smartphone camera after everything else does not work for you. Record your gameplay then stream it later on your TV or mobile phone. Position the camera very close to the monitor to encase the whole full-screen quality. When the game is done, you can stop recording the send the file to your PC or your TV to stream later.

Surely you have found a fix for streaming your game without a capture card, the above fixes are all recommended if you are looking for the best graphics and quality when streaming from your Wii U console. We hope this article helped you find the best solution to streaming from your Wii U without a capture card.

That is How to stream Wii U without a capture card, we hope it helped.

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  • What do I need to do specifically with obs to get it to record my wii u gameplay? Please specify what settings and how I actually make the Wii u connect to OBS.

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