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20 Best Webcomics to Read of all time 2021 Review


In this article, we review the 20 best webcomics to read of all time. If you are a lover of web comics, certainly you will enjoy these ones her.

Over time, thousands of exciting webcomics have been developed, making it difficult to know where to start if you’re new to the genre. There is a really astonishing number of well-written and well-drawn webcomics out there.  Some series are ongoing or even new while others have stopped updating. Several webcomics are long-form stories, some are single panels, and a few are short story comics.

20 Best Webcomics to Read

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Looking for some captivating and funny comics? Check out these 20 Best Webcomics ever;

1. Jim Benton

Jim is a comic creator with exciting comics over time. Happy Bunny is one of his creation and it features a really cute Bunny that says exactly what’s on its mind, even if it’s something gross. Other comics of his are Vampy Doodles, Kissy Doodles, Dumb Diary, etc.

2. Daisy Owl

Daisy Owl is about a bear named Steve, his good friend Mr. Owl, and Mr. Owl’s two kids, the adopted human’s Cooper and Daisy. It’s well scripted, funny, and popular. You don’t need a deep knowledge of video games or computer programming to get the jokes. This is Ben Driscoll’s work.

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3. Nedroid

An entertaining daily webcomic by cartoonist Anthony Clark. The comic follows a series that includes many adventures. (Like adventures of Bearato, a bear, and his friend Reginald a bluebird).

4. Dinosaur comics

This comics by Ryan North is using the same six panels of a T-Rex and other dinosaurs to discuss everything. It is intensely humorous and highly recommended.

5. Phoebe and her Unicorn

Phoebe meets a unicorn named Marigold Heavenly Nostrils who gives her one wish. Phoebe asks for her to be her best friend. They get into adventures with other fantasy creatures and Phoebe’s classmates. A whole lot of fun to watch.

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6. Ava’s Demon

This comic takes place in a world of multi-planetary travel. A young woman who has a demon inside of her that has been trying to convince her to kill herself throughout her life is the focus of this comic. When she finally learns the motivations of the demon, they make a pact that will hopefully remove the demon from her body. The woman is Ava. Not only are the panels painted beautifully, but there are also occasional animated videos to carry the story along.

7. Girl Genuis

This award-winning comic is about aspiring scientist Angela Clay who is the apprentice to a Mad Scientist. While the Foglios call it “gaslamp fantasy,” many would include it in the wild world of steampunk. It’s a really intriguing and delightful one.

8. Garfield Minus Garfield

Dan Walsh, with the blessing of Jim Davis, (inventor of Garfield) removes the Garfield character from “Garfield” comic strips, leaving Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle, talking to himself like a schizophrenic. This is the attribute that makes this webcomic topnotch.

9. The Awkward Yeti

This daily comic follows a blue yeti named Lars, since 2012. Other comics include: “Heart and Brain” and “Medical Tales Retold.” Anyone who has ever experienced the battle between the heart and brain that is, emotion and logic, really has to check out this website.

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10. Owl Turd

Owl Turd was developed by Massachusetts college student when he started drawing comics in Photoshop. The comic features a protagonist called Shen, the comic’s alter ego, as he moves through the world. Drawn in Photoshop, the cartooning is simple yet expressive and features both humans and animals as characters. Along with many metaphorical comparisons and items being brought to life to make a point.

11. C-Section Comics

This show is run by Idan and covers lots of topics from technology and geek humor including religion and talking animals.Drawn in a caricature style, each comic comes with a funny little poem underneath so make sure to scroll down! It makes use of a simple art style which creates enjoyment. It definitely feels like a custom hand-tailored comic.

12. Eat my paint

Eat My Paint has a childish quality to it that’s easy to love. You can quickly relate to it too, and also get to see infamous characters like Mario

13. Doctor Cat MD

A doctor that’s a cat or a cat that’s a doctor? Anyhow you want to look at it, this comic actually features lots of cats in jobs who aren’t that great at them. Because they’re cats. You get it.

14. Pepper and Carrot

Created by David Revoy using 100% open-source software like Krita and free brushes, this beautifully illustrated comic is also reminiscent of children’s books. This episodic comic is about a girl and her cat friend in the world of Hereva.

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15. Xkcd

A smart comic can’t be beat, just as it can’t be pronounced. Creator Randall Munroe describes the name as “a word with no phonetic pronunciation—a treasured and carefully-guarded point in the space of four-character strings.”

16. Black Hammer

This Jeff Lemire’s written superhero universe remains one of the best comics being published. Since Black Hammer is spread across a variety of interconnected tales, it ranks the shared universe as one cohesive entity.

17. Cyanide & Happiness

Written on a daily basis by an alternating crew of four people, the comic does occasionally deviate from that formula. The humor in this comic is a little darker. Like a recent strip points out misspelled words in a suicide note.

18. Kevin and Kell

Created by professional cartoonist Bill Holbrook, it centers on the family life of Kevin and Kell (a rabbit and his wife who happens to be a wolf). They live in a world totally populated by animals. This comic is mostly about life and relationships.

19. Diesel Sweeties

This shows a world where there’s a coexistence of robot and humans, establishing relationships. Originally started as a web, but is now present in some newspaper’s comic sections. The series features an art style that is somewhat reminiscent of the 8-bit video game style, but a bit more polished.

20. Superpoop

This particular one isn’t really a webcomic at all but a collection of captioned photos. The photos are fairly random but feature political figures and depictions of current events more often than not. The result is extremely clever and completely hilarious.

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