15 Best Romance Novels of all time 2020 | What is the best romantic novel to read?

15 Best Romance Novels of all time 2021 | What is the best romantic novel to read?


What is the best romantic novel to read? In this article, we review the 15 best romance novels for adults reading pleasure. Romance novels are always a delight to read as they leave the reader feeling happy with their intriguing stories, steamy chemistry, and captivating characters.

Some come with real-life stories while others are mere fiction to keep you going. Romantic novels can help mend that broken heart as well as put you in the right mood.

15 Best Romantics Novels 2021

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Here are the 15 Best Romantics Novels to Read on Amazon;

1. The Secret Wife

The Secret Wife is a USA Today bestseller and Kindle bestseller by Gill Paul. It is a brilliantly penned story that features a Russian grand duchess and an English journalist connected by one of the world’s greatest mysteries. The book crosses centuries and continents as past merges with present in an unforgettable story of love, loss, and resilience.


2. For Once In My Life

For Once In My Life is an absolutely hilarious romantic book by Colleen Coleman. It’s one of the best romance novels of all time. This book leaves the reader curious and wanting more. It is a rollicking feel-good novel that leaves the reader uplifted. It is a story about finding romance and your inner hero.


3. When We Believed In Mermaids

When We Believed In Mermaids is one of the best modern romance novels and it’s on the top of Amazon Charts, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Washington Post bestseller by Barbara O’ Neal. It stars Kit, an ER doctor in Santa Cruz who believes her sister Josie Bianci was killed years ago. In the space of few seconds, her life is turned around as she watches a live coverage of a club fire in Auckland in which a woman stumbling through the smoke has a striking resemblance with her supposedly dead sister. Kit leaves for Auckland and begins a journey towards unearthing long-buried secrets.


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4. By a Thread

By a Thread is a beautifully written romantic comedy by Lucy Score. The book is not only about romance and comedy, but it also delves into aspects of society and family life that everyone can relate with. It revolves around Dominic and Ally who start out as enemies than friends then lovers. It tells the story of two people who are so different yet so right to fight for each other.


5. Stuck With My Bestfriend: A Quarantine Novella

Are you looking for the best romance novels to get you in the moodStuck With My Bestfriend is a 32,000 word and 150 pages super-steamy best friends to lover novella authored by Sosie Frost. This is a sweet, sassy, and deliciously sexy romance novel. The book is a quick and easy read with lots of banter. It stars Deja and Hunter who are best friends and transition to lovers. They are in a lockdown situation and this gives Hunter the perfect opportunity to express his feelings to his best friend Deja although Deja has other suggestions. This story is one that would be well enjoyed in the dark.


6. And Then You Loved Me

And Then You Loved Me novel is centered on life, love, and the consequences of choices and actions. It is a contemporary romance novel from the RITA award-winning author Inglath Cooper. It has a central theme of true love never leaving the heart. It centers on the main character Becca Miller who discovers that the path of love is not always straightforward. She gives up on her true love to help her sister through a tragedy only to have that love reappear to her life after 18 years. It is an emotional heartfelt fiction novel suited for the romantic at heart.


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7. The Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife is a psychological suspense thriller by Blake Pierce. It’s one of the love best romance novels to read. It features a 29-year-old criminal profiler in training Jessica Hunt who uncovers secrets in her new suburban town. She however finds herself caught in the mix between her new friends, her new husband’s secrets, her serial killer caseload, and her own dark past.


8. Lovesbillionaires and Dogs: A Feel Good Romance

Loves billionaires and Dogs is a fictional romance novel by Gina Robinson. It features Shelby who has ill luck in relationship with men and has just recently run away at the altar. She meets Dex an inexperienced billionaire who helps her escape after a failed wedding in Vegas. Two years later their dogs bring them together and a sizzling romance blossoms.


9. Meant To Be

Meant To Be by Lauren Morril follows the story of Julia who finds herself in an unexpected romance. She is paired with a class clown Jason on a London school trip and suddenly starts receiving texts from a strange number. This is one of the best historical romance novels to read. Jason agrees to help her find out who is behind the text message and together they begin a surprise love adventure. This book is fun and irresistibly romantic with star crossed characters. It’s once of the funny contemporary romance novels to read.


10. Summer At Firefly Beach: The Perfect Feel Good Summer Romance

Summer At Firefly Beach remains one of the hottest contemporary romance novels currently. It’s an emotional and absolutely delightful novel by bestselling author Jenny Hale. It is a best friend turned lover story. It stars the main protagonist Hallie and her childhood friend Ben who has always been there for her. They spend a summer together reminiscing on their experiences and from there the magic begins. It is a book centered on family, positivity, love, and a happy ending.


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11. The Notebook

The Notebook is a good romance novel by Nicholas Sparks which leaves readers on the edge. It centers on Noah Calhoun who returns after World War II to seek the girl- Allie Nelson who captured his heart more than a decade ago. Allie Nelson who is from a wealthy family is about to be married to a wealthy lawyer but cannot stop thinking of Noah the love of her life. The story is one of an enduring love that stays true to the end.


12. Crazy Little Thing (A Bell Harbor Novel)

Crazy Little Thing is a part of the one-million copy bestselling Bell Harbor series by Tracy Borgan. This is a funny, sexy, and humorous novel. It revolves around the main protagonist Sadie Turner who at the hills of divorce goes with her kids to spend some time for the summer at her esoteric Aunt Dody’s lake house. What she planned as a quiet getaway turned to be more of a romantic vacation as a fling begins with Desmond, Aunt Dody’s handsome neighbor whom she finds irresistible.


13. Thursday At Eight

Thursday At Eight is a romance novel by Debbie Macomber. It revolves around the lives of 4 different women residents of Willow Creek, California. These women are of different age groups and at different stages of their lives. It is a novel of everyday women dealing with extraordinary situations in their lives. The characters are engaging and the author provides an insightful relation story through the interaction of four women.


14. Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry is a heart-warming romance novel by Sophie Raland. The novel is fun-filled and packed with humor to make even the stone heart laugh. It revolves around the main character Charlotte who is a single good girl and in need of love. She stumbles on a podcast advising women to be bold, expressive, and find their inner bad girl. Charlotte embraces this and decides to spice things up in her life.


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15. If You Were Mine

If You Were Mine is a passionate love story by K.S. Marshall. It is an intriguing and forbidden tale of friends who push limits and play with fire. The story revolves around Ryan and Melody who have been friends for a while and Ryan gets married and leaves Melody heartbroken. Melody cannot help her feelings, then one thing led to another that changed everything. This story is full of twists and totally unpredictable. Each chapter leaves the reader desiring more.

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