155 Dean Koontz books [FULL LIST] + 20 Best Dean Koontz books of all times - in order

155 Dean Koontz books [FULL LIST] + 20 Best Dean Koontz books of all times – in order


In this post, you will see the full list of  155 Dean Koontz books. Here, we review the 20 Best Dean Koontz books of all times – in order. Dean Koontz is an American author whose pen names include David Axton, Deanna Dwyer, Leigh Nichols, and Brian Coffey. His books are suspense thriller with a flavor of horror, magic, and a few with comedy extra. If you ask me, I will say the following are 20 best Dean Koontz books in order list.

20 Best Dean Koontz books of all times – in order

Table of Contents

1. Watchers

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This is one of Kootz’s earlier books. It is about two genetically created beings from a government laboratory. One that looks like a monster and the other, a golden retriever. The former a deep hatred of the latter and another human being. Two other depressed and near frustrated persons, Travis Cornell and Nora Devon met and their lives turned around for the better. The duo met the golden retriever now named Einstein because of his near-human intelligence and they became friends. Escaping from the government agents, they are faced with the threat of assassination from a professional killer. How far can they run, only time will tell? This book is ranked number 1 in the Dean Koontz books in order list.

2. Odd Thomas

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This s one of the best Dean Koontz books ranked by readers. The main character is a young twenty-year short-order cook named Odd Thomas. He has a special ability to see and communicate with the dead. This ability allows him to see bodachs (the shadow of death) which is a mark of a disaster or the next person to die. Odd kept this secret from his father. He knew his father would want to use the gift to enrich himself. In the novel, Thomas uses this weird ability to trace the murderer and avert disaster where possible.

3. Phantoms

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This is one of Kootz’s thriller-horror novel. Jenny returned with her sister, Lisa, to her hometown, Snowfield where she works as a doctor. They discovered a horrible sight. The town’s people either disappeared or are dead. Even those who died had their bodies mutilated by an unknown creature.

It took the combined efforts of the military, the police, and Jenny to solve the mystery. One of the dead, manages to write his name on a mirror before the unknown being killed him. He is Timothy Flyte, an author who had written a book named Ancient enemy. The book highlighted various disappearances and strange death over the years. Incidentally, the city is built on one of the sites of such an enemy. You need a lot of guts to come to terms with this thriller. As you know, no problem without a solution. Get on board to find out.

4. Intensity

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The novel was produced in 1995. Chyna, who had earlier been abused as a child felt a relief to spend her long school break in her friend’s family house. Unfortunately, Edgler Vee, a serial killer visited the house to kill everyone. Using her previous escape tactics, she escaped, but her friend was raped and killed by Vee. Determined to take her pound of flesh for the sake of her friend, she secretly followed Edgler to her motor home. Unknown to her Vee is aware of her antics. He eventually got her and chained her to be killed later when he returned from his next rendezvous.

Chyna got herself free and set Ariel, another captive, free before killing all Vee’s guard dogs. It was sweet revenge when Vee returns home to gasoline laced home. Before he knew what was going on, he was in the middle of the fire. I don’t think you will pity him as both Chyna Ariel watches him roasted into ashes.

5. Lightning

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This is one of the best Dean Koontz books made into movies. Laura Shane by what she believed was her angel saved her at birth. During an attempted robbery in her father’s shop, the stranger also appear to save both of them. In the better part of her life in the story, she lived in several orphanages and face different challenges. But in all, Shane’s assumed guardian angel involves in time travel always come around to save her.

6. Hideaway

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It is a fusion of thriller and mystery. It shows Kootz as a master of the game. If you believe in spirituality, this novel may appeal to you. It is a tale of two spiritual worlds. The love between Hatch Harrison and his wife Lindsay took a new turn for the better after his motor accident. This happened after the death of their son. After been dead for 80 minutes he began to see a strange being who was later known as Jeremy who called himself Vassago.

He claimed to have come from the kingdom of Satan. His primary assignment was to kill as many as possible to both appease his master Satan and gain promotion to the second position in the devil’s kingdom. He attempted the lives of Harrison’s family by kidnapping their adopted daughter, Regina. Jeremy took her to his hideaway, a place he committed the first murder. Here, Hatch appeared who also calls himself Uriel, an arc angel and killed Jeremy. Eventually, Regina was delivered and the family began a new life.

7. The eyes of darkness

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This is one of Dean Kootz’s suspense-filled novels, which also has the television adaptation series. The writer wrote under the pen name Leigh Nichols.

An experienced tour and camp leader with years of experience under his belt disappeared with all the young campers and his team in a mysterious. One of the mothers of these kids became suspicious of the situation surrounding this unusual incident. Joining her is her two friends to unravel this mystery. This became necessary as she began to receive some signs that the kid may be alive after all. She soon finds out the truth.

8. Fear Nothing

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Where many are afraid of the dark, Christopher is not. He has an unusual genetic complication to see better in the night than the regular people. While in the sun, he has to use a sunshade to protect his eyes. The title “ fear not” is the departing words of Christopher dying father. It is a mystery and suspense novel. Instead of cremating his father, his body was switched with that of another person. Christopher plans to unearth the truth was met with stiff opposition. This time, not only by men, but rhesus monkeys and a strange half-human and half being. To worsen the case, everywhere and everyone Christopher turns to for help also gets into trouble. These include his dosg, friend, and his girlfriend. Will the chase ever end? Read the series to get the detail

9. The Good Guy

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A stranger approached Timothy Carrier with a picture of the person to be killed and $10,000 thinking he is the assassin. Shortly after that, the real assassin arrived. Timothy then pretends to be the client handed over the money and the picture to him claiming he is no longer interested in the deal, but a settlement that the victim should no longer be killed. On further investigation, Tim discovered there was a great conspiracy and mutiny in the American government. An influential politician was trying to take over the government. Therefore, he would take everyone down that might prevent his ambition. On the list of those to be killed is a writer, Linda Paquette. Despite several attempts on Timothy and Linda’s life, including the kidnapping of Timothy’s mother, the conspiracy was aborted and the culprit arrested.

10. Darkness comes

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More than ever before Jack Dawson, a New York detective has to contend with the death of his wife and the custody of his two sons. Now he has to deal with the killer of the leader of the city mafia group. Something unusual about the death was the way the body was torn to shreds without any portion of the body eating. Jack later discovered it was a creature from the pit of hell responsible for the death. Having tried the Holy water without success to the growth for greater disaster, he has to use the blood from his injury to do that. With that, he ended up turning the creature to mud and prevents the worse disaster.

11. Seize the night

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It is the continuation of fear nothing. The son of Christopher’s ex-girlfriend is missing and he promises to help her find the boy. Chris brought his friend, Bobby, along with his dog, Orson. While on the search Christopher sends his current girlfriend Sasha to Lilly’s place to console her.

Shortly after Chris met some rhesus monkeys on their trail, but he evaded them. The acting police chief never the search as he seized Bobby and Chris gun. Bobby was eventually shot, but Chris recovered his body a saved others. Jimmy and other kids that were kidnapped including his dog were set free.

12. Shadowfires

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Rachael and Ben had three enemies on their trail. One, Eric, who turned into a killing monster as a result of the failed experiment. Two, Anson Sharp, who was disgraced from the military as a result of corruption and other crimes exposed by Ben. Third, are Eric’s collaborators in the botched experiment that destroyed Eric? In the end, Eric was set on fire by Ben and Rachael while Anson Sharp was shot by one of his partners who discovers his evil intentions.

13. The vision

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Mary’s ability to see beyond the ordinary is adding value to the police. It helps in identifying suspects in murder cases. However, the downside of this ability is she can only see a fraction of the case. The worse now is her vision of her childhood molester who threatening to come after her, though the person died twenty years ago. Now, how. Can she handle her own case and continue to help the police force? Would the person who hunts hers in her vision eventually come? Read the book to find out

14. Midnight

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Sometimes the craze for technology and its complication can drive a person into thinking and doing things that may affect not only him but the community adversely. Three different people were being chased by a beast-like being. Thomas Shadack, a computer expert has turned people of Moonlight Cove into being that has no emotion, they would not be sick or tired. They were called superhuman beings. But when the thing turned negative they became a weapon of destruction. The worse was the police department was covering the many of the murder cases recorded as a result of the activities of this beast. Each of the victims has lost a relative. However, fate smiled on them and they all escaped. When it became clear to the police chief that the whole town had become something else, he killed Shadack and the entire beast died off.

15. Ticktock

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This is one of the few books by Dean Kootz that depart from the usual horror novel. It is a thriller of a mixture of comedy and suspense. Tommy Phan, who was of Vietnam origin, but wanted to live the American life. Tommy was so occupied with his new life that he wouldn’t want to have a thing to do with his mother. On arrival one day, he found a doll at his entrance and a mail telling him he has till dawn. The writing was in Vietnam. Before long the doll began to grow larger with a small demon appearing. In the long run, it was a plan by Tommy’s mother’s friend to scare him to come to see his mother.

16. The voice of the night

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The novel teaches morals and the way the parent handles the young people. Roy became cynical as a result of his childhood experience of his foster parent. Collins was well brought up, but became a friend with Collins when the family moved to California. Unknown to Collins, Roy had this negative emotional feeling that involves murder, rape and other vices. Roy invited Collins to join him to push a truck in front of a moving train so as to cause an accident. Collins refuses and a fight broke out between them. Collins narrowly escaped being killed by Roy. Now Collins set up Roy by telling him they both will rape heathen (Collins girlfriend). With the girl approver, Roy got there first and Collins aimed to kill him with the gun he stole from his mum. Though they had a great fight, Roy was shot in the leg and Collins eventually brought in the police, though the night voice was asking him to kill Roy.

17. The Taking

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If you’ve ever read the story of Noah, the Ark, and the deluge this novel will interest you. Molly and Neil woke up in the middle of the night with unusual torrential rain. After several hours of rain, it was clear the rain was not normal as the coyote was found around. They later realized the rain was worldwide. Quickly Molly and Neil moved to a nearby town to meet a few other people still alive including children. Shortly after the rain, lives, and properties were destroyed. Those alive were having unexplainable fungi growing on them. The people alive concluded the rain might have been caused by the alien that wants to destroy the earth so they occupy their place. The couple decided to search and save some children that may be alive with the assistance cats and dogs that can identify their hideout. Following after this is a fresh, clean rain that removed the fungi upon, man and animal. It was after this that they realized it was the biblical deluge they have just experienced.

18. The Husband

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It is a story of a man who was ready to do anything because of the woman he loved so dearly. Mitch wife, Holly has just been kidnapped. The kidnappers are demanding $2,000,000 ransom to free her. By all indicators, Mitch is under surveillance and is warned not to inform the police. Afraid his wife might be killed, Mitch, never reported the case to the police. He even denies the incident when a police officer questioned him about the killing he witnessed that was carried out by the kidnappers to send a signal to him that they were serious about their treat.

Mitch took his life in his hand went after the criminals only to discover his own brother was part of the gang. Though he never finds it easy, yet, he killed all the criminals and the police officer who interrogates him earlier eventually became a family friend.

19. Cold Fire

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Jim will always arrive in the nick of time to save people in danger. But when he met holly, a reporter, who began to wonder how he got the power and how he would arrive at the scene of danger to save a person. Jim responded he was sent by God and usually receives his inspiration for what to do and who to help. As both of them got along, they began to experience nightmares and strange happenings. Holly became inquisitive, which led both them to Jim’s father’s ranch. This is where they met a strange being who call it a friend. After a long dialogue, it was discovered Jim was both the savior and the one causing the evils. In the long run, it was discovered Jim began to read books about an alien who lived in a pond near the windmills after his father’s death when he was years old. This had affected his reasoning, emotions, and decisions over time. In the end, Holly helped Jim to recover from his childhood past.

20. The Servants of the Twilight

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Joey and her single mother were attacked by a notorious religious group tagged the servants of the twilight. This cult group believed Joey is the anti-Christ that will bring disaster to the world. Despite police protection, they were still attacked and a few people lost their lives while Charlie Harrison, a private detective sustains a shoulder injury in a gun encounter with the group. Grace Spivey, the leader of this cult has only one purpose and that is to kill Joey. When she had the last opportunity to blow up Joey’s head, she was surrounded by a barrage of strange bats which ended in her death. Charlie, the private detective ended marrying the Joey’s mother.

These listed 20 best Dean Kootz books of all times are just some of his over 450 publications from one of American’s finest author and a New York bestseller.

Full List of 155 Dean Koontz books

  1. Devoted
  2. Nameless
  3. The Night Window
  4. The Forbidden Door
  5. The Crooked Staircase
  6. The Whispering Room
  7. The Silent Corner
  8. Ashley Bell
  9. “Final Hour (Novella)”
  10. “Last Light (Novella)”
  11. The City
  12. Saint Odd
  13. “The Neighbor (Novella)”
  14. Ask Anna: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn
  15. “You Are Destined to Be Together Forever (Novella)”
  16. Innocence
  17. Wilderness
  18. Deeply Odd
  19. Odd Interlude
  20. Odd Apocalypse
  21. Trixie and Jinx (iPad App) with artwork by Janet Cleland
  22. Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas 4-Book Bundle
  23. The Frankenstein Series 5-Book Bundle
  24. Oddkins
  25. House of Odd (Graphic Novel)
  26. Nevermore
  27. Dean Koontz’s Nevermore (comic book)
  28. 77 Shadow Street
  29. “The Moonlit Mind (Novella)”
  30. I, Trixie who is dog (iPad App) with artwork by Janet Cleland
  31. Frankenstein: The Dead Town
  32. What the Night Knows
  33. “Darkness Under the Sun (Novella)”
  34. Trixie & Jinx
  35. Fear Nothing, Volume 1 (Graphic Novel)
  36. Odd is On Our Side (Graphic Novel)
  37. Frankenstein: Lost Souls
  38. A Big Little Life
  39. Breathless
  40. Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (Graphic Novel)
  41. Frankenstein Book 3: Dead and Alive
  42. Relentless
  43. I Trixie, Who Is Dog
  44. Your Heart Belongs to Me
  45. Bliss to You
  46. In Odd We Trust
  47. Odd Hours
  48. The Darkest Evening of the Year
  49. The Good Guy
  50. Brother Odd
  51. The Husband
  52. Forever Odd
  53. Frankenstein Book 1: Prodigal Son
  54. Frankenstein Book 2: City of Night
  55. Velocity
  56. Christmas is Good
  57. Life Expectancy
  58. Robot Santa
  59. The Taking
  60. Life is Good (with Trixie Koontz)
  61. Odd Thomas
  62. The Face
  63. By the Light of the Moon
  64. One Door Away From Heaven
  65. The Paper Doorway
  66. From the Corner of His Eye
  67. Seize the Night
  68. False Memory
  69. Fear Nothing
  70. Sole Survivor
  71. Demon Seed (Revised Version)
  72. Santa’s Twin
  73. The Eyes of Darkness
  74. Leigh Nichols*
  75. Tick Tock
  76. Intensity
  77. Strange Highways
  78. Chase (Revised Version) R. Dwyer
  79. Icebound
  80. David Axton*
  81. Winter Moon
  82. Murder
  83. Dragon Tears
  84. Hideaway
  85. Cold Fire
  86. Shadowfires
  87. Leigh Nichols*
  88. The Servants of Twilight
  89. Leigh Nichols*
  90. The Bad Place
  91. Midnight
  92. Oddkins
  93. Lightning
  94. Watchers
  95. Twilight Eyes (Expanded Version)
  96. Strangers
  97. The Door to December
  98. Richard Paige*
  99. Twilight Eyes (Original Version)
  100. Twilight (Later: The Servants of Twilight) Leigh Nichols*
  101. Darkfall
  102. Phantoms
  103. The House of Thunder
  104. Leigh Nichols*
  105. The Mask
  106. Owen West*
  107. Whispers
  108. The Funhouse
  109. Owen West*
  110. The Voice of the Night Brian Coffey*
  111. The Key to Midnight
  112. Leigh Nichols*
  113. The Vision
  114. Face of Fear
  115. Brian Coffey*
  116. Night Chills
  117. Prison of Ice (later Icebound) David Axton*
  118. Invasion (inspiration for Winter Moon 1994) Aaron Wolfe
  119. Dragonfly R. Dwyer
  120. The Long Sleep John Hill
  121. Nightmare Journey
  122. The Wall of Masks Brian Coffey
  123. After the Last Race
  124. Strike Deep Anthony North
  125. Surrounded Brian Coffey
  126. Hanging On
  127. Shattered
  128. R. Dwyer*
  129. A Werewolf Among Us
  130. Dark Rivers of the Heart
  131. Blood Risk Brian Coffey
  132. Demon Seed (Original Version)
  133. The Haunted Earth
  134. The Dark of Summer Deana Dwyer
  135. Dance With the Devil Deana Dwyer
  136. Children of the Storm Deana Dwyer
  137. Chase (Original Version) R. Dwyer*
  138. A Darkness in My Soul
  139. The Flesh in the Furnace
  140. Starblood
  141. Every Day’s a Holiday
  142. Time Thieves
  143. Warlock
  144. Legacy of Terror Deana Dwyer
  145. The Crimson Witch
  146. Demon Child Deana Dwyer
  147. Anti-Man
  148. Beastchild
  149. Dark of the Woods
  150. Soft Come the Dragons
  151. Hell’s Gate
  152. The Dark Symphony
  153. The Fall of the Dream Machine
  154. Fear That Man
  155. Star Quest


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