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10 Ways To Get Out Of Hughesnet Contract


Are you looking for ways to To Get Out Of Hughesnet Contract? If yes, you are in the right place.  Hughesnet is one of the most popular high-speed internet services providers in the USA. In one way or the other, there might be genuine personal reasons to cancel your current contract with Hughesnet.  If you really want to do this, then read on.

Hughesnet was founded in 1971 by Digital communications and with over 4,000 employees. It also offers devices worldwide. As of 2017, it controlled 60% of the markets for residential satellite-based internet connections, which are mostly used by rural customers. Now that I have given you a brief history of Hughesnet.

10 Ways To Get Out Of Hughesnet Contract

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Here are 10 Different Ways to get out of a Hughesnet contract.

1. Using The Customer Care Line

To cancel your Hughes net plan at any time you can contact the customer care line, but also know that you might have to pay a termination fee. The only time one can be exempted from paying a termination fee is if the primary contract holder dies, or if there is a transfer to a new account. Some of the steps to follow are

  • Contact the customer care line which is (888) 667-5537 but make sure you check on the website just to be sure.
  • After that, you will have to explain why you need to cancel like I said before you might be exempted or excluded from paying the termination fee, it all depends on your reason.
  • Ask for a return mailing label. They will email you a label for you to print out.
  • After which you should package your equipment and send back to Hughes Net.

2. Using A Digital Method

Besides calling the customer care lines, you can also cancel a Hughes net contract by using a digital method, thus done by engaging in a conversation with the appropriate personnel on their website. To do this, simply follow the following steps

  • Simply visit the official website, at
  • Here you can simply contact them and chat with them, you can so ask for different supports like checking how much you have used. You can also use the avenue to even check your internet speed, or you can browse their online help files. But you can also contact them to help you to terminate your contract with them too. I hope this helps you in order to get out of your Hughes net contract.

3. Using Trim

This is also a completely free service that helps not just to cancel any unwanted service or subscription but they also help to lower your cable and internet bills too. Yes, you heard me right, it is completely free as you don’t need to pay for any of their services. To use this, simply download the all or visit their website. To do that follow these steps

  • Once you reach their website click the sign up for free button.
  • Then input the j formation that is necessary such as your full name, your Email address, and your password which you will use to open the app.
  • Then enter your phone number to receive a code that will be used to secure your account. From there you can continue to follow the instructions on the screen.

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4. Using Billfixers

This is  another awesome site just like the Trim website which can help you cancel your contract, not just with your Hughes net service provider, but also other service providers too

But you also have to provide them with a copy of your bill. This is very nice if you like your privacy, but they charge about $25 Flat fee for cancellation of your services, steps to follow include

  • Firstly, go to their website and locate their dashboard.
  • Secondly, click on the get started icon and input your information like your name and email address and even password, or if you want you can log in using your Facebook account, as the option is also there.
  • After that choose from the drop-down menu Hughes net.
  • From there follow the onscreen instructions.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee

This can be used of you have recently purchased your internet service, you can use the satisfaction guarantee to back out of the contract or plan without any penalties in most cases. I am not 100% sure that Hughes’s net offers this service but you can try as there is no harm in trying. But also note that this plans have a limit. I think Hughes’s net limit is about 24 days/months am not really sure, so just check it out and find out how you get your contract or your subscription canceled easily. I hope this helps you read more incase if this first five yields no result, but it’s most likely to solve the problem.

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6. True Bill

This also helps you to find out and also help you to track your subscription fees and other charges, they also help to cancel unwanted payments. Thus service can so be used as an alternative to Trim, in case you don’t like Trim or the services they offer. To sign up simply head over to their official website at here and follow these steps

  • Enter your name, Email address, and password of your choice in the corresponding spaces provided and click on the create account.
  • Head over to the dashboard and connect to your bank or credit card statements to find your subscription.
  • Then follow the instructions on your screen.

7. Consider Changing Your Internet Service Provider

Yes, you might ask how changing your internet service provider is a way to get you out of your Hughes net contract but let me ask you this, what made you try to get out of the contract in the first place, it might just be an unfulfilled expectation, so you might just want to entirely change your internet service provider. Some of the vest internet service providers are cyberspace limited which offers about 11.00mb per second, you also have Netcom Africa limited.

8. You Can Also Use Prism Money

This is another website that helps you keep track of your subscription, it is also another alternative to trim, this is amazing as it helps you manage your subscriptions and notifies you when a bill is due. You can also use the app to pay bills for free all you have to do is to download it and follow these steps

  • Head to play store and look for the AOL if you are using an Android device.
  • After download, you will be asked to choose all of your billers and present them to you directly in a prism.
  • From there you can cancel your subscription and contract.

9. Bobby

You might say that I like the app’s method, well you can say that again because they are very easy and efficient to use when it comes to monitoring and recording some of your subscriptions. But this particular app is mainly for IOS devices but you can check and see on the android play store, or just visit their official page.

  • Just simply download the app from your google play store or your app store.
  • After that follow the onscreen instructions. I hope this app also helps you in your search to end, terminate, or get out of your Hughes net contract and subscription.

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10. Using Your Email

This is the most unsure method on our list today. Maybe you are tired of your Hughes net internet service provider because maybe they are not delivering up to your expectations and you are looking to just opt-out or even totally get out of your contract. Then you can contact them through E-mail if you don’t want to use their customer care line. You have to do is simply go to your Email or the one which was provided to you by them, informing them that you want to end your contract. They might refer you to their customer care line or do something else like I said am not really sure. And also know that you might pay the termination fee and the Email that was given to you might also be taken.

With that we have finally arrived at the end of today’s article, I hope it helps you in every way possible and also in all your endeavors, Thank you. 

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