20 Best Fantasy Anime of all time

20 Best Fantasy Anime of all time 2021 Review

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In this article, we review the 20 best Fantasy Anime of all time. If you are a lover of anime, you will certainly love these ones. Anime is the Japanese interpretation of animation. Thus all form of animation production from Japan is regarded as anime. This could be in the form of a novel, serial play or television series. With time some of the series has been turned into real action movies. The series has various genres that resonate with different age groups and audiences. The popularity of anime was as a result of the English version that has made it accepted internationally.

Japanese animation series began in the 20th century and many thanks to the likes and work of Ōten Shimokawa and Seitarou Kitayama.  Over time, it has developed to what we have today. Notwithstanding the series has come to terms with both the young and old. In the beginning, it was a short series of about five minutes. It involves controlling cardboard or paper images across a light beamed screen.

Today Japanese animation contributed about 60% of all animated production globally. It is also major earnings for the Japanese entertainment industry. To confirm the global acceptance of anime, president Barrack Obama in 2015 acknowledge the general acceptance of anime by most Americans irrespective of their age, gender, and class.

So wherever you are on the series page, I respect your choice because all the anime series are a thriller. Whether you are young or young at heart, you are in for an entertaining experience. Your pick of an anime series might be different from mine. The fact is not far-fetched because of the numerous of its editions.  So coming up with this list of top fantasy anime of all time is a difficult task since giving you the best is the aim of this post.

Not to waste your time, let us go over my list of 20 best fantasy anime of all time

20 Best Fantasy Anime of all time 2021 Review

Table of Contents

1. Death Note

This classical story of evil been used for the good. Though good guys have enemies also. This was the story of Light Yagami who found a notebook left behind by Ryuk who was initially used by the evil world to terminate the life of anyone who he wishes. All he needed is to write the name of his victim in the notebook. Soon, Light Yagami discovered how real the book is. So, he determined to rid the world of evil men by writing their names in the death notebook. Gradually these evil people were dying to the applause of the citizens. Though this made the work of the police easier, they became jealous because Light was becoming famous with the people. These trends remove the shine from the police.


2. Attack on Titan

This award-winning anime had the TV series edition as well as the novel. If you love adventure and action-packed series, then watch this thriller. It is a revenge story of Eden Jaeger on titans who invaded his town and kill his family. Will he succeed? I leave that to you.


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3. Full metal alchemists

Brotherhood. Love can make you do almost anything for your loved one. Alphonse and his brother Edward paid with their body when their alchemist’s program failed and leave them with a bastardized body. This was after Edward losses both his arms and legs in an aborted alchemist power to raise the dead. To continue in their quest, Edward turned into a metal body to be worn by his brother. Together, they are inching closer to their dreams of a full alchemist.


4. Infini-T Force

It is not easy coping with childhood parental loss. Such experience demands to take a decision and calculated risks. Since no one to guide her, Emi has to take her life in her hands to face the world squarely. Nature eventually smile on her when four heroes from another world came to her rescue. Though Emi finds it hard to trust others, their passion for her changed her beliefs.


5. Magical Girl Raising Project

Magical girl from the unset was a young people game Ank love the game as a young school girl. Luckily for her, the real magical girl game pitched her with another school mate. Unfortunately, the girls realized too late the game is more of deadly competition. Will they survive the onslaught?


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6. Love Me, Love Me Not

This episode must surely find a place among the best fantasy anime of all time. Yuna and Akari are two school girls’ friends, but they have a different perception of love. While Yuna believed in love at first sight, Akari opined there are more issues to contend with as a student than giving attention to lust called love. Watch this series to find out who was right between the two friends.


7. One-Punch Man

An enormous monster has invaded the city, destroying anyone and anything that comes their way. A rich citizen decides to salvage the city with his wealth. So he recruited the best hands to fight the monster. Among them is Samantha, a self-trained combatant. He is known as the one punch man because he could defeat any fie with a single punch. Getting recognition and a position to lead the group to depend on your status and level. Will Samantha emerge as the leader and win the enemy with other or internal supremacy divide their unity? Find out yourself.


8. The gamer

The plot revolves around Han Ji-Han, a student whose potential give him the control of those around him to be treated as he calls it the game. To increase his game and increase his power he needed to train harder. Well, he did that successfully only to discover he has to fight against forces stronger than him. Some of these include the abyss and the zombies. Unfortunately, his close ally was one of the people in charge of these being. Though he was able to defend himself several, how long can he do that remains a big question.


9. Lookism

I love this series because it paints the true picture of the reality of life. It proves the best of life is to be yourself. Trying to be like others will put strains on you. It also shows the discrimination by the society about their expectations from people. Daniel, a young schoolboy, was discriminated against and bullied by his peers because of his look and size. But now that he has the opportunity to switch between two bodies, he experiences the truth of the two worlds. In the day, he is the tall, lovely and handsome guy everybody wants to associate with, but at night the real self. With time Daniel realizes you are better off being yourself.


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10. Crying Freeman

Yō Hinomura was hypnotized to act like a murderer to hide the true identity of the Chinese mafia who actually committed the murder. Whenever he commits any murder he is aware of his real innocence and he shed tears. This is the reason for the title. On his last assignment, his target, a lady, who was an artist sketched his picture in readiness to be killed. However, she requested that Yo Hinomura made love to her before she died. He obliged and love relationship began. Though the lady suffered greatly for this it ended transforming the life of Yo Hinomura.


11. Angel Beats

It is a fictional series about the afterlife experience. In the afterlife, Yuri Nakamura recruited some other dead to fight against the invisible God for treating them unfairly while they were alive in the real world. She invited Yuzuru Otonashi to join her and her team. Together they fought and to a large extent, the defeated Angel believed is second to God. Later Otonashi befriended Angel and realized the true nature of the afterlife. In other to correct the wrong notion and deed he must help others to pass on to the level of incarnation. He was able to do this by defeating a shadow preventing the afterlife from becoming a paradise.


12. Tokyo Ghoul

Those who enjoy horror movies will find this series interesting as part of my selected top fantasy anime of all time. Ken Kaneki, dated Rize Kamishiro without knowing she is a ghoul. A ghoul is a being that looks like a human but feeds on human flesh to survive. By that relationship, Ken is now a half-ghoul and half-human. Though he was not happy with this development how far can he hide his true identity from his fellow human being?


13. The Devil Is a Part-Timer

This is a combination of comedy and fantasy. Satan, who disguise as Sadao Maō was dislodged when he attempted to conquer Ente Isla with his demonic cohort among whom was general Alciel. They escape to modern-day Japan for the sake of survival when they failed. Both Satan and Alciel took up a part-time job in a restaurant. They both began a new lifestyle. Find out how things unfold in their new world.


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14. Black Butler

This series has equally been produced into animated and action series. Revenge has a greater price than the injury that originally prompted revenge. Ciel Phantomhive was humiliated in all inconceivable manner after an attack by an unknown assailant that left his parents dead. When he was about to be initiated into the evil cult by his kidnappers, the demon they worshipped killed all his kidnappers instead. But this was at the cost of the demon possessing the soul is Ceil. Now that his enemies are dead and he has enormous power, will he use his newfound position for the benefit of society?


15. Future Diary

This anime is not for those who do not have a liver. It is a suspense-filled thriller series. The episode record attempted and the actual assassination of one person after the other. While the investigation goes on, new crime emerges. This is all about a recorded diary of daily events by Yukiteru Amano. A simple future diary becomes a tragedy.


16. Akame ga Kill

I love this episode. Tatsumi went into the world for survival. He lost contact with his other friends. Unknown to him the family that rescues him was the one who killed his friends and plans to kill him as well. As nature will smile on him, he joined forces with the band that killed his intended killer together, he made other exploits for the benefits of the nation.


17. Your Lie in April

This is a series of romance. Kōsei, a talented instrumentalist fell into depression after the death of her mother. But Kaori, an unequally talented violinist helped him regain his confidence. Though Kaori claimed to love other guys when indeed she secretly loved Kosei. In fact, she trained hard as a violinist to be able to gain access and play along Kosei.

Unfortunately, sickness and death never allowed her to show her true love for Kosei. But in death, her spirit helped Kosei excel in his concert.


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18. Code Geass

Lelouch while seeking to kill the murderer of his mother who also left her sister impotent as a result of that case has to disguise himself and join other gangs he perceived will help him accomplish his desire. Yes, he succeeded to a length. But now he has his half brother to contend with in a contest. Will he ever be able to bring the perpetrator to book? How easy will that be?


19. Yuri on ice

Love, passion, and determination played out in this anime series. Both Yuri P and Yuri K, two skating sensations became friends and lover after the initial competition loss by Yuri P. The duo were trained by the Russian skating champion. Though Victor initially decided to train any of the two that emerges champion at the junior level. Interestingly they both won the championship. After been tutored by Victor, they both won the grandmaster as the first and second runner up.


20. Clannad

No one is born useless. Finding what you are passionate about and following your dream is the beauty of life. Tomoya and Nagisa were able to find their purpose in life. Together they were able to wear the storm of life.

I have not given an exhaustive list of top anime. But I have to give you a taste of anime adventure for your viewing pleasure. Whether you want to read the novel, watch the video or the television series, you in for action, suspense, adventure, romance, thriller, and entertainment. At least this 20 best fantasy anime of all time will simplify your search on the best anime

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