15 Best Agatha Christie Books

15 Best Agatha Christie Books to Read 2021


Here is a collection of Best Agatha Christie Books.  If there was anything the British writer, Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa was good at, it surely is crime and detective novels. She was a great writer who was very good at what she does. She was born on September 15 1890 in Torquay, United Kingdom. She is an English writer known for her sixty-six detective novels and 14 short stories collection. Her works were based on murder, mystery, detective stories, and crime fiction amongst others.

Agatha Mary Clarissa was one of the world’s top best-selling authors. She was known as the reigning queen of crime. Surprisingly, she began writing detective fiction while working as a nurse during World War 1. She got married to Archie Christie in 1914 and got divorced in 1928. Two years later, she got married to Sir Max Mallowan.

She was the world’s famous mystery writer. Her works are only outsold by Shakespeare and the Bible. Though she died on January 12 1976 at the age of 85, her legacies and works still live on. These are some of her works which cannot be forgotten:

15 Best Agatha Christie Books to Read 2021

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1. Mystery of The Blue Train

Ruth Kettering, an American heiress who boarded Le Train Bleu with Poirot and Katherine Grey and was leaving her unhappy marriage to meet her lover was found dead in her compartment. This beautiful and intriguing work was published in the UK and in the US in the year 1928. Undoubtedly one of the best Agatha christie books for beginners.


2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

After losing his fiancé, widowed Mrs. Ferrars to suicide, (she claimed she was being blackmailed over the murder of her husband so she resulted in suicide), Roger Ackroyd was later found dead in his study. He was stabbed to death. It was one of the writer’s best of her crime novels. This novel was believed to have changed Agatha’s career. It’s also the third novel featuring Hercule Poirot as the lead detective. The novel was published in 1925.


3. Deaths in The Cloud

In a plane boarded by Hercule Poirot, a French moneylender, Madame Giselle was murdered. It was a quick, unnoticed murder and a well-planned one as there was almost no clue to find out the truth. When Poirot was suspected of the murder, he was angry and this triggered the urge to find out who the real murderer is in order to clear his name. The hanging question was how she was killed unnoticed which was later revealed at the end. A mysterious and suspense series published in the year 1935.


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4. Death on The Nile

Linnet Doyle, a successful socialite requested Hercule Poirot to help her in deterring her friend, Jacqueline from stalking her. Jacqueline was the ex-lover of Linnet’s husband. Simon Doyle. While the couple secretly board a steamer, the following morning, Linnet was found dead as a result of being shot in her head. A mystery fiction published in 1937 &1938 in the UK and the US respectively.


5. Mysterious Affair at Styles

One morning, a wealthy Emily Inglethorp, owner of Styles court was found dead, being poisoned with strychnine. Arthur Hastings who was staying there as a guest requested a helping hand from his friend, Hercule Poirot. This piece of work was coincidentally written during the first war in 1916 and was published in 1920 in the US and 1921 in the UK.


6. The Five little pigs

Carla Lemerchant, daughter of Caroline Crale requested Hercule Poirot to help her mother who was accused of murdering her husband, Amyas. For some reason, she believed her mother, Caroline, was innocent. Again, Hercule Poirot didn’t disappoint us as he got to the root of the matter and found out who the real murderer was. Though the title of the novel didn’t sound like one, it was a novel based on mystery and crime. It was published in the UK and the US in the years 1942 and 1943 respectively.


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7. Death Comes As The End

This novel stars Reinsenb, daughter of Imhotep. Her father, Imhotep, to his own satisfaction, brought in Nofret, his new wife into their lives. Nofret intimated Imhotep sons and their wives. The housekeeper Henet, disliked Reinsenb and her long dead mother. Sooner than expected, Nofret was found dead. Her death was mysterious. The novel entails mystery as well as crime. It was published in the US in 1944 and in the UK in the year 1945.


8. Murder in The Mesopotamia

A novel featuring deceit and obsession. It all started with Nurse Amy Leatheran who arrived at Iraq to assist the Swedish American archaeologist, Dr. Eric Leidner to care for Louise his wife. A week later, Louise is found dead. She was murdered. Before her death, she had told Amy about her late ex-husband, Frederick Bosner who was arrested and sentenced to death. Though he was lucky enough to escape his death sentence, he later died in a train crash. After a series of investigations, Frederick Bosner was discovered to be Eric Leidner. A mystery it was! It was published in the UK and the US in 1936.


9. Evil under the Sun

This novel published in the year 1941 both in the UK and the US. Hercule Poirot (Our fictional detective) decided to take a quiet holiday at a hotel in Devon. During his stay, he came to know about the remaining guest members who had something in common or were somewhat related; Arlena Marshall, stepmother to Linda, and wife to Kenneth. Arlena was a flirtatious woman who flirted with Patrick Redfern, husband to Christine, a former teacher. Linda never liked her step mom, Arlena. On a beautiful morning, Arlena was found dead. It was indeed an intriguing and shocking revelation when the murderer(s) was/were found.


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10. Crooked House

A business tycoon, Aristide Leonides was killed by the addition of serine from his eye drop into his insulin injection which resulted in a heart attack. His granddaughter located a private investigator who turned out to be her ex-lover, Charles Hayward to help investigate who was behind the act because it looked like it was more than just an accident. Greed and selfishness. It was published in both the UK and the US in 1949.


11. Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case

In five cases of murder, four suspects of the murder had died. Poirot again is introduced as he invited his widowed friend, Hastings to lend a helping hand but this time, he was using a wheelchair due to arthritis but Poirot wasn’t much the hero we expected as he ended up killing the single murderer of all five cases and refused to take his amyl nitrate heart medicine since he had a heart issue and later died of a heart attack. This novel was published in the UK in 1975 and in the US in 1976.


12. The murder at Vicarage

A wealthy Colonel, Lucius Protheroe who was as well active in church and a magistrate, was found dead in the Vicar’s study. Now, the Vicar, Rev Leonard Clement had called for a meeting with Lucius. He had left an instruction note in which he requested Lucius to wait for him while he went out. Upon his return, he found Lucius dead in his study. It was published in 1938 and 1939 in the UK and the US respectively.


13. Endless Night

This novel, published in 1967 and 1968 in the UK and US, tells about a wealthy heiress, Ellie who was murdered. It was well planned as the murderer diverted all minds away from the real truth. Many thought she died of shock, whereas it was not so. Greed, deceit, and murder were entailed in this novel by Agatha Christie.


14. The ABC Murder

Although given a warning through a letter, Hercule Poirot even with the help of his old friend, Arthur Hastings who just arrived from South America, couldn’t stop the murder of Alice Ascher who was murdered in her tobacco shop in Andover, Betty Bernard who was murdered on the beach at Bexhill, and wealthy Sir Carmichael Clarke in his house in Churchston. They were killed in alphabetical order. A common thing which was more than just a coincidence was that on each day of the murder, a man selling silk stockings appeared at or near the crime scene. Poirot wondered why the letter was sent to him and not the police. It was published in 1936.


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15. Murder on The Orient Express

This work which was originally published in the UK on January 1 1934 tells about Hercule Poirot who received a message to return to London. He wanted a first-class compartment on the Simpleton route Orient Express but as the train was booked up, he settled for a second class with the help of a friend, M Bouc. Ratchett, a businessman upon knowing that Poirot was a detective demanded Poirot’s help which he refused. The next morning. Ratchett was found dead. He was determined to find the truth which he succeeded in doing.

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