20 best books for 1 year old US child 2020

20 best books for 1 year old US child 2020

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20 best books for 1 year old US child 2020 – Before I list out books for 1-year-old American children, the salient point to consider before choosing any particular book.

As a motivational speaker, I know speaking to a child in the womb is a way of preparing the unborn. So when you read books to children, you are already molding them for the future.

The earlier you begin to read to your children the better they cultivate reading culture. These few tips will help you choose rightly books for your kids. This includes thick paged paper, colored books, few and bold lettered books.

Any rhythmic book will be a good fit for your child. I should not forget to mention you should consider the age, situation and your home environment when considering the type of books for your children.

20 best books for 1 year old US child

Table of Contents

1. We’re all wonders

This book by R.J Palacio painted the pictures of bullies, unlike other kids, the main character of the book Auggie was born with only one eye. His peers make a mockery of him and most times bully him.

However, he found solace in his mother’s care and his dog. His creative mind coupled with this love made him wear out his handicap. Pacio in this interesting book how we can find meaning in a troubled world and achieve our goal despite all hurdles.

2. 100 first words

With big flaps to lift. One of the easiest ways you can help kids start forming his vocabulary is through this book. It features practicable and relatable content.

This revolves our day to day activities, hence the regular use of those words. This includes homes, schools, animals, and workplaces and bedtimes. It is a colorful book the children will readily relate to.

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3. Baby’s first words

This is the combination of the efforts of Tessa Strickland and Kate DE Palma. The craftiness of Charismatic Engel is celebrated in the given illustration that reflects the professionalism of these child development experts.

The book is written in the language suitable for age 1 and below. It contains over ten dozens of words that cover daily home experience around the home and for family.

The book is dotted with some American spellings that are good for the natives. Where this book takes the shine off others in that category is the inclusion of various types of family and culture.

4. Goodnight moon

The children’s book child used to say goodnight to everything in his room including a kitten, clock, beans, etc. This one in the series of Margret wise Brown three books.

It is one of the classic bedtime storybooks for children published in 1947. It is also a rhythmic book. Baby Joe was ready to eliminate all other man-made creatures he considers the problem of the earth with his weapon of mass destruction. Can a creature make the world? The book makes any child inquisitive.

5. The runaway Bunny

This is another Margret Wise Brown collection. It showcases a Bunny who threatens the mother to run away. The mother assures she will go after him.

Severally the Bunny will turn to different things like stone, fish and other things. Sometimes he goes into hiding. Eventually, Bunny’s mother’s consistency who appears in various forms as a tree, fisherman and a cloud, made the Bunny stay with his mother.

6. Sally at the farm

it is an animal adventurous book published and written in 2014. It is the experience of a dog called Sally in the farm. Children who love dogs will find this small book interesting.

It is about the dog sally following a friend to the farm. Here she meets friends among them is molly. While on the farm she became adventurous that she works harder than her peers. The design was colorful, bold prints good for any kid.

7. The very hungry caterpillar

The book won the 2012 survey of the school library journal. It is a fictional development of the caterpillar larva metamorphoses from one stage of growth to another.

The book teaches numerals of the caterpillar’s growth. It helps children understand the developmental stages of caterpillar, its food chain through the week eating anything edible daily.

Unlike the scientific nature of caterpillar the very hungry caterpillar. This is a caterpillar that got stomach upset as a result of gluttony.

Are you my mother? This book was among the top 100 books for children in 2007 by the national education association if America.

This children’s storybook is about a mother hen who out of excitement left the hatching before it eventually hatched. Before it returned, the chick had left in search of her mother. She met the kitten cow car plane and other animal and inanimate object asking them if they were her mother. All of them responded they were not. Eventually, the chick came across the snort and ask if her mother to which it answers in the negative. The snort eventually lifted the chick into her nest just as when the mother returned. They were both reunited. The adult will equally find the book interesting.

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9. Little blue truck

Alice Schertle did a good job teaching children morals, friendship, and love for others. The summary if this book reiterates the principle of one good turn deserves another.

Little blue truck. Blue never knew what it was bargaining with when he ventured into a muddy road with his tiny truck.

Blue’s best effort could not get the truck out on his own. A friend in need is a friend indeed they say. Because he was good to everyone he came across. It was payback time for him. They gather around him to pull out the truck. This book will surely help your kids understand the importance of friendship and good deeds.

10. Hop on pop

The rhythmic presentation by Dr. Seus makes learning and teaching easier for the teachers, parents, and the children themselves. It helps children relate words that are familiar with similar in their rhythm and sound.

Some rhythmic fun word includes words like up and top, key and king, cup and pup

11. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

One of the best ways to attract children is color. The book features several animals, birds, and fishes in different colors. The question and response lead the children to know the name of the next animal. On the final note, the golding fish now says he can see the teacher looking at him.

12. Guess how much I love you?

This a bedtime book for kids. The mother hare and the baby hare were chatting before bedtime. The baby asks if his mother how much he loves her? The mother reply, she didn’t know.

To this, the baby hare stretches her to show the length of her love for the mother. The mother stretching her arm obviously longer than her daughters said I love this much.

Severally in the book, the baby tries to prove how much he loves her mother in size, length, depth, and height. To all these, the mother outwits him. Finally, the baby slips into a deep. It is surely a book about love between a mother and a child.

13. Harry the dirty dog

Harry is a family dog. It is a white dog with black spots. Harry loves everything but bathing. In an attempt to put an end to bathing, he went to hide the bathing brush and ran away.

Now at liberty, he became so dirty that when he eventually returned home, he could not be recognized because of the dirts. He was only reabsorbed into the family when he returned the brush and had a good birth.

Children will learn some hygiene rule and the need to keep the family rule

14. Where do the diggers sleep?

This colorful, rhythmic book is admirable for kids who love trucks and vehicles. The book uses various trucks or Earthmovers as illustrations. Kids wonder where the truck sleeps after the day’s job. Do they sleep alone or with their mother? It is surely a good bedtime storybook.

15. Where’s the spot

This children’s book by Eric Hill has been the preschool teachers and parents for three decades. This one of the top lift flap books on shelves in U.S bookshops.

It creates inquisition in children and develops their critical thinking capacity. The spot is a yellow puppy dog with brown spot round his body. Both spot’s parents have the same resemblance.

In all various other animals are members of the big family. The children’s intelligence is tested by looking for where spot is hidden in each of the colorful pages.

16. Silly Sally

The book by Audrey Wood’s book is about the woman Sally playing the fool. On her way to town, she was walking upside down and backward with some animals like the dog, pig doing the same with her.

The illustrator created and inquisition for the children about the next animal’s sally will meet on her way. Wood’s illustration with a big-picture makes it fun for the reader and the children listening.

17. Mr. Brown can Moo! Can You?

Dr. Seuss gave parents and the teacher the first introduction of kids to various animal sounds. Kids lean-to mimic the animal sound as the parent or teacher demonstrates. You can call the author’s authority in sound making.

The bee buzz, the cow moo, and the hippopotamus grunts. As an adult, I don’t know how many of the animal sounds you know?

18. Chicka Chika Boom Boom

This is a new and funny way of teaching your 1-year-old child the alphabet. Letters A to Z will climb a Coconut tree promising to meet each other along the way. Eventually, they crumble and will start all over again Bill Martin uses song to teach the kids alphabet. Each section ends with the chorus chicka chicka boom boom.

19. Fetch

It is a fictional story about the dog’s world. This dog’s planet is nine sunsets away from ours. The dogs can do whatever they like. But when a dog broke the norms and fly to our world, this where the story begins.

20. Waiting

This children’s book was published in was New York’s best seller. Any adult reading this children book will agree it teaches one profound problem of our world today, patience. The author showcases five friends (owl, pig, bear, puppy, and rabbit) waiting patiently for their favorite season. Just as babies cannot Fastrack their growth adults also must wait for their turn in life.

One good you can do for yourself and your child is to making reading with them an integral part of your schedule. This will not only prepare them for a lifetime of reading but increases your intimacy with your kids.

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