20 best Jack Reacher books ranked 2020 | What is the best order to read the Jack Reacher books?

20 best Jack Reacher books ranked 2020 | What is the best order to read the Jack Reacher books?

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What is the best order to read the Jack Reacher books? In this post, we review the 20 best Jack Reacher books ranked 2020. Jack Reacher is the name of the known character in the series of a fictional novel written by the grandmaster himself, Jim Grant.

He is a British novelist who wrote under the pen name, Lee Child.  If you love fictional novels, these are 20 best Lee Child jack reacher books to read. They could be read as a stand-alone or is a series.

Lots of people usually ask, in what order should I read the Jack Reacher books? well, we have arranged Jack Reacher books in reading order right here for you. So, this article here serves as Jack Reacher books checklist as well.

20 best Jack Reacher books ranked 2020

Table of Contents

1. Gone Tomorrow

Gone tomorrow ranks among the best Jack Reacher books. Reacher was on a New York train when he observes a strange-looking woman. He knew by observation that she is up to something.

By experience, the woman had displayed some disposition a kind the suicide bomber displayed. Before Jack approached her, she pulls out a gun and shot herself, as expected Jack Reacher became the main target. How much explanation can suffice the question from the FBI and the NYPD to unravel this attempted suicide?


2. Killing floor

Killing floor is one of the best rated jack reacher books to read. This is an award-winning novel featuring Jack Reacher, an ex-military police officer. The book has been named Smart and Breathless by the New York Times while Newsweek Christened it as “subtle and advance with seductive writing and irresistible plot twist.

Jack Reacher found himself amid a controversial murder case. Out of ingenuity, he got off the bus to know more about the murder of Blind Blake. Not long after his arrival he was arrested for the murder with the assistant of Roscoe a female officer Jack discovered the murdered man was his brother who was killed for attempting to foil a counterfeit group under the cover of Sheriff Morrison. Read this novel you can’t have it any better.


3. The affair

The Affair is one of the jack reacher best books to read. This edition of Jack Reacher was simultaneously published in the UK and the US in 2011 as the sixteenth in Reacher’s series. It was a prelude to “kill the floor”.

Multiple investigators were assigned to investigate the murder of three women. Unfortunately, a senior military officer was fingered in the murder. To complicate the matter, the man in question has a senior senator as his father.

Now Reacher is torn between protecting the military, which was his primary assignment, and challenging the power that is. The novel is filled with conspiracy, betrayal, sex, and actions.


4. Night School

Night School is ranked No. 4 in the best jack reacher books in order. As you know Jack Reacher’s novel is an investigative masterpiece. What is referred to as the night school is an investigation that revolves around highly connected syndicate among the military?

It is a serial murder case that involved a highly placed military officer backed by a high ranking senator father. To complicate the issue several undercover were sent to unravel the mystery between them is Reacher. Luckily against all odds, he got the result.


5. Die trying

Die trying was one of the best selling jack reacher books when it was released. While Jack Reacher was trying to rescue Holly Johnson he was abducted along with her by a group of separatists.

These militias were seeking independence from the US and taken the daughter of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of staff as a hostage was a good idea. Mrs. Johnson is also an FBI special agent. Though Reacher could have prevented her abduction if not his consideration for the civilian around that could be injured.

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By training, Holly Johnson could also have defended herself if not for the knee injury she had. Nonetheless, the duo did a good job to dismantle this ugly trend.


6. Tripwire

Tripwire is ranked among the top ten best jack reacher books based on its genre. Reacher could not get to his old friend and mentor investigating a classified case before he died. The only clue he has is the daughter’s willingness to help.

Reacher succeeded in unraveling the mysterious death of Hobie who died in a helicopter crash. However, the con man, Carl Allen, who specializes in duping people of their inheritance, especially the vulnerable and bankrupt companies with the promise to bail them out.

With Reacher, he was unfortunate with the attempt to forcefully take Chester and Marilyn stone hostage and take over their company.


7. The Visitor

The Visitor is one of the best jack reacher books to read. Perhaps this is one of the toughest of Reacher’s investigation. What is absurd about the whole case is the criminal is one of the lead investigators.

It takes the ingenuity of Jack Reacher to uncover this serial killer. The killer’s target is his stepsister. His reason for killing other women is to cover up because he wants to take over the family inheritance.


8. The Enemy

As the name implies, The Enemy is a story is filled with one assassination and the order. The story begins with the death of Major Gen. Kenneth Kramer, his wife, and the disappearance of his briefcase.

In an attempt to conceal their hideous crime many lives were lost. Eventually, the brave Jack Reacher discovered the essence of the countless conspiracy and murder is about the plan to eliminate young prominent military officers. Though Jack got the expected result, but at the expense of his promotion.


9. Echo Burning

Echo Burning is one of the amazon best jack reacher books to buy. Sometimes the real enemy may not be the one you suspect. Jack got into trouble by fighting a local police officer without known.

Later he was wrongly accused of intruding into another family’s affairs. Before he knew it, he was dragged into a complex murder case. Through his doggedness, he unveils the brain behind those illegal immigrants killed. It was Hack Walker, who was behind this crime for his political ambition.


10. Persuader

Persuader is one of the best price on audio books, Jack Reacher to buy. Jack Reacher was originally on a mission to rescue Richard Beck the son of Zachary Beck an assumed member of smuggling syndicate.

By coincidence ran into Francis Quinn, a one-time military intelligence who was presumed dead. It revealed Quinn has forced Beck into the evil deal by terrorizing his family.

The new encounter between Reacher and Quinne opened the old wound between two of them. Quinn had ten years ago killed a colleague of Reacher. This is sweet revenge for Reacher.


11. One shot

One Shot is one of the lee best jack reacher books to read. Reacher had once saved James Barr from a murder case in their military days. He told him he would not be that lucky next time he gets into trouble. This time Barr was caught in the middle of a shoot out, leaving five people dead from six gunshots. Convince he was not the killer, Barr sent for Reacher.

On hearing it was Barr again Reacher made his mind, he would nail him this time finally. But on an investigation, he knew Barr a sniper of no rival couldn’t have missed the sixth person in the shootout. As usual, Reacher did his groundwork and discovered Barr was set up. With other undercover agents, he was able to bring the criminal to book and Barr was once again left off the hook.


12. A Wanted Man

A Wanted Man is the follow up to Reacher’s earlier book “worth dying for”. This time the only free car that can take Jack out of town is that of the kidnappers. The two men it the car had kidnapped the third person, a woman, as a shield to escape arrest.

They had committed murder and to make the matter worse, they ask Reacher to drive the car.  Jack Reacher’s image was picked by the surveillance camera.

Though Sorenson, an FBI agent was directed to arrest Reacher but chose instead to work with him.  Later it was discovered these guys are agents of a terrorist group who had threatened to poison the public water system with chemicals. Together, they neutralize the effort of the syndicates.


13. Make Me

Make Me is ranked 13 among the list of best Jack Reacher books. Chang and Reacher met at Mother’s rest town for a different reason. Chang came looking for her friend, Keever while Reacher wanted to find out the meaning of the city’s name.

Eventually, they discovered Keever has been killed. Further investigation reveals Michael, the son of a Los Angeles reporter who is suffering from a high degree of depression is considering suicide.

Lastly, Chang and Reacher discover a pig farm in mother’s rest is been used to produce a snuff film where people are murdered. The scene is recorded and sold out for money. The victims are usually promised a painless death. Both Reacher and Chang kill all members of the group.


14. Never Go Back

Never Go Back is ranked 14 among the jack reacher books best reading order. When Reacher visited his former military base to see his erstwhile commander, he discovered she has been replaced on a suspicious circumstance. The worst is Reacher was accused of homicide that happened sixteen years earlier.

Apart from that, a woman had also claimed to have a daughter for him through an affair they had sixteen years ago. Curious about the whole plot he did all he could to locate Major Susan Turner his former boss, but not without confrontation with the authority.

Eventually, it was discovered the new military leader and a few others were into contraband deals. This was why Major Turner was dismissed.  Cardice’s claim she had a daughter for Reacher was a false claim so she could receive child support from him.


15. Deep Down, Second Son, High Heat

Deep Down, Second Son, High Heat is the best Jack Reacher books from Lee Child. This is the heroic childhood of Jack Reacher. He was the grandson of a war veteran and has Captain Stan Reacher as a father.

By implication, the military runs in the family. At age 13, he defeated the neighborhood bully and clears his brother who was accused of examination malpractice.

Above all, he helped recover the missing codebook of his father’s regimen that could have affected his career. He was truly the second son to the ailing General.


16. Personal

Out of the 20 best Jack Reacher books to read, the book Personal is a classical one. Reacher will be contending with the most sophisticated and ruthless gang based in central London. It has one of the finest snipers as the hitman.

The sniper has missed killing France president by a whisker. This time Reacher has to find this sniper to avert an assassination during the next G8 meeting in London. Fortunately, Reacher and his mate Casey Nice dislodged the criminal and killed their arrowhead, John Kott. What is worrisome however was General Tom O’Day who assigned Raecher to do the job was behind the plot to kill the France President.


17. Bad Luck and Trouble 

Bad Luck and Trouble is one of the best reviewed jack reacher books. Here, four out of five investigative teams are gone missing. Franz, Reacher’s friend was one of them. The combined effort of Reacher and Neagley led to the discovery of an organization selling air missiles to a terrorist organization.

This company is operated by a former police officer Lamaison. Before he could kill a new set of the detective he was captured and killed along with his accomplices.


18. The Midnight Line

The Midnight Line is one of the best books in Jack Reacher series. Over the years Arthur Scorpio has evaded arrest because there was no concrete evidence against him.

Jack was curious that some items sold in a pawnshop must have been stolen. His investigation led him to a police detective Gloria Nakamura, and a private investigator Terrence Bramall, who has been investigating the disappearance of a woman.

In their search, Reacher got rid of Scorpio men and led them to Seymour Porterfield, who stole the ring and was also involved in illegal opioid trade. Some of the gangs were arrested while others killed.


19. 61 Hours 

61 Hours is the fourteenth in Reacher’s series.  His job is to protect the vulnerable. This time he has to protect Janet Salter the crown witness to the outlawed biker’s gang leader arrested for drug trafficking.

But behind the scene is Plato, a drug Lord from Mexico who had seized an abandoned military base to perpetuate this crime. However, he was succeeding with the help of the local police chief.

The trial went smoothly because Reacher was able to dislodge the criminals and the police chief with her old college mate, Susan Turner.


20. Without Fail 

Without Fail is about revenge. Jack Reacher was determined to revenge the death of his colleague, Mary Ellen Froelich, a U S secret service agent who died in the line of duty. The duo was assigned to foil the assassination attempt of the vice president-elect. One way to accomplish this is to act as an assassin as well. If you a fan of Jack you’ll know he is a master at this.

Pick of the listed 20 books by Jack Reacher and you’re in for a thriller.

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