20 best GRE Prep Books on amazon and their prices

20 best GRE Prep Books 2020 for GRE Practice Test


20 best GRE Prep Books 2020 – Across the world, every year, more than half a million person sit for the GRE. The dreams of many of them advancing their academic pursuit beyond the first degree have often met brick walls because they have failed to get good scores at the GRE.

Maybe you are one of those who have failed or you are hoping to give your best shot and get it right the first time trying, the following books are necessary to give you the GRE edge.

You don’t have to be frustrated through your academic journey, you need the right book. Be wise. Here are some of the best you can get and they promise to give you the edge you need to get that GRE test done and dusted next time around.

20 best GRE Prep Books 2020 for GRE Practice Test

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1. The Vocabulary Builder Workbook

Price: $8.59 – Buy on Amazon

Looking for an interactive one stop vocabulary builder to help with your GRE preparations, this vocabulary builder workbook is a goldmine. It is interactive and activity filled lessons enables long lasting retention of the material and subsequently, your success. No matter your proficiency level, learning style or commitment level, there is something in it for you, from children to adults and teachers as well.


2. Book of GRE Practice Problems

Price: $19.89 – Buy on Amazon

With over 1800 practice problems covering every topic tested on GRE, your GRE examinations would be an easy ride. Expertly designed, this book takes the user through a step by step application and understanding of concepts. Looking to develop skills in mathematics and verbal, you certainly will find this book helpful. Plus, you can take you learning to another level with Interact for GRE, the revolutionary online learning platform that the publisher of the book.


3. Official GRE Super Power Pack, Second Edition

Price: $36.49 – Buy on Amazon

Are you that student who cares so much about the source of material for your GRE? Perhaps you are afraid there are many materials out there. Well, your fears can be kept aside with this official guide from the GRE test makers. It comes in a 3-book bundle format including quantitative reasoning questions and verbal reasoning questions. You are certain to get key information and the practice sessions to prepare for the GRE general test with insider tips to answering the test.


4. GRE Prep Plus 2020

Price: $21.99 – Buy on Amazon

This GRE prep book from Kaplan has been a resource for thousands who have had successes at the GRE test. You will certainly join the number with a guarantee. Its expert strategies, practice tests, content review, mathematics skill review will put you at prime position to pass with excellent colours. It comes with over 1700 questions and well detailed explanations, the type of question you should be expecting. Whatever is your plan, no matter your studying plan, there is something in this book for you.


5. GRE Prep 2020 & 2021

Price: $20.89 – Buy on Amazon

Have you been trying to better your GRE scores and you’ve not met with good success? This comprehensive study guide will help you. Covering verbal, quantitative and analytical reasoning, this book promises the perfect practice book. Each section comes with a comprehensive review that covers every area of the test and its practice test question is followed by detailed answer explanations. This way, you can know why you missed a question. It is to your success.


6. The Official Guide to the GRE General Test

Price: $23.99 – Buy on Amazon

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Imagine trying to cross a road blindfolded. That’s how many students try to take their GRE, without a study guide. The test makers have taken time out to offer an official and authoritative guide. It’s packed with all the information you need to be your best at the test. You are at an advantage knowing how the test makers mark and what they expect from you plus this guide arrives with hundreds of authentic and verified questions so you have no doubts. You can be rest assured you are in safe company.


7. 1,027 GRE Practice Questions, 5th Edition

Price: $16.78 – Buy on Amazon

It is often said, Practice makes perfect. You don’t sleep to an examination hall and expect success. You work your way to success. Your GRE test will be a work over only if you will pay the price with this book. With tons of questions, tips and strategies for writing GRE, you will come through smarter than you thought you were. Whether its mathematics, verbal, quantitative, you will come across in this book the right techniques and approaches for every type of question. This book will help not only help you to pass your GRE but inprove your personality test score.


8. GRE Algebra Strategy Guide

Price: $20.00 – Buy on Amazon

There’s nothing as great as having a book written with your weakness in mind. With an updated content and practice problems, you will certainly find it as the richest and best content driven GRE material. Written by renowned GRE instructors, this book covers adequately Algebra and it focuses on the way Algebra is tested in the GRE. It’s a specialized Algebra package to give you the algebra edge.


9. Cracking the GRE 2020 Edition

Price: $15.19 – Buy on Amazon

Be the actor in your GRE movie. No matter what GRE presents, you can masterly and tactically beat them without much ado. This book is a book of strategies, If you follow, you are good. Looking for that edge in Verbal reasoning, Mathematics, and Analytical Writing, you are in for an experience. There are thorough reviews for every section of the examination with valuable practice sessions you will cherish.


10. GRE Complete Test Prep

Price: $22.99 – Buy on Amazon

Success at examination shouldn’t be too difficult. Especially at your GRE, you should have a smooth ride. Here’s why this book is your advantage. It has testing tips that you won’t find elsewhere with straightforward instruction, practice questions and detailed answer explanations. No more the brouhaha of wondering how the test is going to end. You have this book, you have success.


11. Master Key to the GRE

Price: $36.99 – Buy on Amazon

Mathematics has always been a herculean subject. Perhaps your fear is rife, you are wondering how you will come around the GRE mathematics test, you’ve found the right book. You will find more than a thousand practice questions and hundreds of tricks that you won’t find elsewhere. Every advance concept is adequately discussed and you have firsthand knowledge of the common topics generally tested by the GRE. It doesn’t have to be better.


12. GRE Word Problems (Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides)

Price: $16.47 – Buy on Amazon

GRE mathematics shouldn’t be an issue when you have the right tool. This GRE word problems strategy guide breaks down complex mathematical word problems with techniques on how to answer them. You can learn to transform your word problems into numerical data, you can check your skills and undertake a mixed drill to build your speed and accuracy. You will certainly be a top scorer


13. GRE Prep 2019 & 2020: GRE Secrets Study Book & Test Prep Questions for the Graduate Record Examination

Price: $9.99 – Buy on Amazon

Your GRE test needs no stress when you are at it with this book. Though extremely challenging, you can overcome its hurdles with its practice questions, tips and techniques for answering questions, as well as video tutorials to help you master difficult concepts. You can have no fear as your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing tests will prove too easy.


14. Essential Words for the GRE (Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE)

Price: $11.32 – Buy on Amazon

English language isn’t easy. Those who think it is are wrong. You need an extensive working vocabulary to successfully take the GRE. This book contains more than 800 graduate level words that often show up in GRE with their definitions. You can also diagnose your weakness with its extensive practice sessions so that you don’t have to worry when you get into the test hall.


15. McGraw-Hill Education GRE 2020

Price: $14.59 – Buy on Amazon

There are a few companies in the education business and McGraw-Hill stands out. You will also get a GRE standout performance with this guide that thoroughly explains mathematical concepts, deals with verbal and quantitative problems, helps you with your analytical writing challenges and shows you the techniques to apply to interpret data questions. Get the shortcuts to answering questions so that you will waste no time in the exams.


16. McGraw-Hill Education Conquering GRE Math, Third Edition

Price: $12.99 – Buy on Amazon

This book, especially written for those whose challenge is at mathematics, is your one stop resources. Its progressive problem solving techniques means you grow with the challenges. Authored by a professional GRE mathematics teacher, you will discover the tricks, tips and techniques on getting a high maths score. By the time you are through with this book, you will thank God your GRE mathematics challenges are gone.


17. GRE by ArgoPrep

Price: $27.80 – Buy on Amazon

Conquering GRE shouldn’t be warfare. You certainly should advance your academic career with ease. This book will help especially the self-motivated and career-minded applicant with the knowledge and necessary skills to pass GRE putting you in prime position for advanced admission opportunities at any university of your choice. Don’t go too far; this will certainly be a good buy.


18. Barron’s 6 GRE Practice Tests

Price: $12.71 – Buy on Amazon

Looking for plenty of hands-on-test questions to kick start your GRE success dreams? You’ve found the right package. You will get plenty of questions to try your mind plus detailed answer and explanations for every question. Its best to have backdoor tips and strategies before jumping at GRE and you certainly will find useful ones in this book.


19. GRE For Dummies

Price: $8.51 – Buy on Amazon

Does the thought of preparing for the GRE give you goose bumps? You can throw your fear aside. As its title implies, GRE for Dummies will give you the push you want no matter how low your intelligence quotient is. You will get study helps and find questions you expect to see with easy solutions that will stick with your brain. You will also develop fast thinking skills so that on test day, you can have a smooth ride.


20. 3861 GRE Words For High GRE Verbal Score

Price: $7.77 – Buy on Amazon

Have you been searching for the best GRE vocabulary prep book? Your search is finally over. This package comes with all 3861 words, their meanings, and for most words, memorable sentence examples and application. You shouldn’t struggle with your vocabulary needs, you will find this book a great help.

Amazon Best Sellers GRE Prep Books

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