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20 best criminal minds episodes to Watch 2021

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The show “Criminal Minds”, had its first episode was released in September 2005 and since then has gotten over 15 seasons to date with over 299 episodes; a movie that revolves around an elite team of FBI agent who analyzes and investigates behavioral patterns of criminals, to anticipate and their next move.

If you’re a fan of this show, you’ll agree that it’s really a hard-nut to try and figure out the best episode from this thrilling movie, a lot of fans have different episodes has their favorites for different reasons.

Through its 14 sessions “Criminal Minds” has delivered some of the most twisted plots we’ve ever seen in a movie so, we’ve gathered a list of the best 20 episodes of “Criminal Minds”.

20 best criminal minds episodes to Watch 2021

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1. Season 4; Episode 8: MASTERPIECE

This episode produced one of the most memorable twists in Criminal Minds, with Jason Alexander (as Henry Grace) a serial psychopath, putt in a chilling stone-cold act of what a true villain of the state is like. Henry believed he was born to be King serial killer, who became determined to destroy Rossi after his brother was captured; While BAU agents knew what Henry was up to all along but they had to play along with him to get the location of the victims without him suspecting.

2. Season 2 Episode 1: THE FISHER KING

 This episode was a twin; its first part was the season finale of season 1, while it was the opening episode for season 2. The BAU agents were used as a pawn in the quest of a serial killer, while they were all on vacation at separate locations they each got clues from Randal Garner a former, a man who was released from the mental home. Randal shot Elle in season 1’s finale but she survived, while he was later caught by Reid and Randal Garner rather than being imprisoned, he blew himself up. Season 2 remains my best criminal minds season.

3. Season 2 Episode 14:THE BIG GAME

A two-part episode, where the agency investigated a wealthy couple’s murder in the home during a Super Bowl party. The team dealt with a serial killer who used a webcam to record is murders and then upload on the internet, which in turn began to threaten the life of the BAU agent when he felt the wall closing in on him.

4. Season 2 Episode 15: REVELATIONS

A whirlwind of events in a two-part episode that sees Reid captured and tortured by a serial killer and shown on the internet, where a lot of the captured BAU agent troubled past reveals itself in a flashback sequence as Reid struggles for his life.

5. Season 2 Episode 18: JONES

A serial killer who takes after “Jack the Ripper” kills three of his victim with their throats cut out. But he was thought to have died in a hurricane, but it was proven to be alive when he killed his fourth victim with his signature kill. Events turned when evidence thought to have been lost was found with an inscription with the name “Jones”

6. Season 3 Episode 8: LUCKY

Another two-part story where the BAU agent where on the trail of a serial killer this time a cannibalistic killer based out in Florida. One of his victim Morgan who had a faith crisis encounters him, believing him to be her dream man, becomes her biggest nightmare.

7. Season 3 Episode 9: PENELOPE

Bailey Chase a guest star on this episode where a serial killer who was closer to home than thought had Garcia who was struggling for her life. With leads found by the BAU showing that the killer could just be next door.

8. Season 5 Episode 1: FACELESS NAMELESS

A crime hid in a crime kind of scenario, an episode that has the BAU team investigating a serial killer who is on the hunt for a doctor in the emergency room, then realizes that another person is missing while at the scene, Rossi, Morgan and JJ begin to put clues together to find the missing link.

9. Season 5 Episode 9: 100

An intense episode that shows that return of the reaper from Season two, the team comes together to catch him before he gets to his intended target the Hotchner’s family.

10. Season 1 Episode 1: EXTREME AGRESSOR

This episode comes in at number ten, an investigation that involves the case of four missing women in Seattle within four months; BAU is brought on board to track the criminal before he gets to his next victims.

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11. Season 1 Episode 9: DERAILED

A paranoid schizophrenic holds a train hostage in Texas; he claims the government is monitoring him. The BAU team is called into action when they had to play along with his fantasy to save the life of people on the train.

12. Season 1 Episode 10: THE POPULAR KIDS

A small town in Virginia witnesses the killing of two of its high school students; suspected to have been carried out by cult members. But when the team is called in to investigate the killing, they believe the murder wasn’t done by a cultist.

13. Season 2 Episode 8: EMPTY PLANET

In this explosive episode, the team is called into Seattle to investigate a serial bomber; whose agenda is motivated by a science fiction novel, which includes a guide for bombers. The team is given the task to determine how the bomber picks is targeted locations.

14. Season 3 Episode 10: TRUE NIGHT

Another episode that involves serial killers and books; a serial killer goes on a rampage killing one of the most famous comic book authors in Los Angeles, California.

15. Season 4 Episode 3: MINIMAL LOSS

Two of the BAU undercover agents get caught while a raid is going on by the federal agents, the investigation was to reveal the shady deals of a cult group that specializes in child abuse.

16. Season 3 Episode 16: ELEPHANT MEMORY

An episode where personal relationship clashes with professional interest; Reid is faced with the possibility of endangering the people around him due to his personal relationship with a serial killer, which could put his own life at risk.

17. Season 4 Episode 17: DEMONOLOGY

Prentiss is told of the death of an old friend, who was said to have died from a heart attack, but things don’t smell the way they are when medical finding states otherwise when another person dies in the area of a similar case. The family doesn’t want a public show but Prentiss decides to go on a solo mission to find out who the killer is.

18. Season 5 Episode 5: CRADLE TO GRAVE

A really emotional episode that shows the investigation of a serial killer who impregnates female victims before killing them once they give birth;  cruel and horror episode which sees the BAU team travel to Albuquerque.

19. Season 5 Episode 7: THE PERFORMER

A rock star’s tour schedule is seen as a perfect stage by a serial killer, who picks his victim according to the date of a rock star’s tour, the BAU team is forced to follow the trail of the tour schedule to put an end to the menace.

20. Season 5 Episode 21: EXIT WOUNDS

A top pick in the season 5 of Criminal Minds, the BAU is called into action in far-away Alaska to help solve a criminal mastermind who is giving the town of Franklin a hard time, while the locals are set to carry out their own justice on the killer.

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