20 best lusty books that spark romantic feelings

20 best lusty books that spark romantic feelings


Everyone with blood in their vein desire and clamor for love. The romantic novel is for those who value relationships and would want to build their personal romantic experience through reading.

So if you are not sure which of the romance novel to read, I have these 20 best lusty books that spark romantic feelings for your reading pleasure.

20 best lusty books that spark romantic feelings

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1. Wrecked

A book written by Lela Stone. The novel is about Harley (the main character) was torn between the men for her love. She got involved with Bryce at eighteen with all the pageantry of riches but the relationship was not to last.

Finding Ethan King, a man of the street whom she truly loves. Now she is between the devil and the deep blue sea. Hailey took her life in her hand to start a new life. It’s all about a young lady who against all old found real love not based on riches. The novel is emotion-laden, romance and suspense.

2. The Dugout

There is always a way nature weave situation together for a unique purpose. This is a story of an accident that brought two people together who ended up as the two lover birds.

Meghan Quinn deserves a five-star rating for this hilarious love story. The story will make having a second thought on how you look at perceived disaster or a bad guy.

3. Happy trial

This is one in the smart part series. It can be read as standalone or the series together. Olive known as the snowbird was on Appalachia Trail for hiking alone after she left her boyfriend.

Daniels Jay who was the park’s ranger was assigned to bring in the hikers in for safety as the storm approaches. By a share coincidence, they both got stranded in an abandoned cabin. This is where the love story began.

4. Weight Expectation

Your size and weight are inconsequential to your love and sex life if you know your game. Though there is a fewer sexual scene in the novel, it painted an active relationship between Carlos and Rian the main characters.

5. Devastated (Anger management)

Among the best lusty books that spark romantic feelings is this novel. The book is written by RC Mathewson. If you have a hard friend or spouse, this romantic would teach you the capacity of love to break through any resistance.

Kyle, the heroine, in this case, having gone through previous emotional trauma made her lover (an incurably angry man ) bow.

6. The beast in the winter

How do you explain when your abductor becomes your deliverer? Winter Rose and Yori were the two characters in the novel. Winter Rose had few but not funny sexual experiences in the story.

But the emotional part is the way she brought beauty out of the rejected Yori. She surely had a golden heart.

7. The Red Scot

Once beaten twice shy. This was Payton’s thought about Bradyn the current heavyweight champion. This was because she was almost raped by an athlete in her school days.

The novel tells a love story that grows slowly but steadily. Both Bradyn and Payton had an early youthful nasty experience that made them reserved for their relationship to the opposite sex. But with the help of Payton’s friends, they broke the jinx and a romantic relationship began. Turner did a good job in the novel.

8. Love through Pam

This book by Ancell is a demonstration of love overcoming hurt. It is sex loaded scene where the heroine had past her failure. Where there was suspicion on the truthfulness of their affection they overcame it.

This was the story of two battered people who eventually became a soothing balm to each other.

9. An America Marriage

This is the story of the effect of social ills in society picturing America’s justice system.

Do space and distance and separation affect trust and love? To what length can love to withstand pressure, denial, and injustice? The story confirms the saying a friend in need is a friend indeed.

10. The girl he used to know

Two lovers, Annika and Jonathan, who initially believed they have found true love in themselves, were suddenly separated by a tragedy. Returning after 10 years.

Should they pick their love life where they left off realizing now they are in different courses?

11. Surrender to a wicked spy

Celeste Bradley Crafted this strangely filled love story. The relationship that brought two unequal people together, though the hero plans the relationship to be for insurance.

But he found out too late that the wife he chooses was not good for the business. Now he has to choose between his spy business and his true love. If you want a romantic book, pick this as one of the 20 best lusty books that spark romantic feelings

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12. The pirate Prince

Willow in the novel was a charming lady with all the beauty a man will go for, abducted to be taken to Turkey, but a prince who fled from his brother became a pirate and eventually abducted willow again.

David eventually fell in love with willow. The love affair between the Duo is the saving grace for the abducted Willow.

13. Love under two Benedict

Kelsey has just gone through the tragedy of the loss of her husband and son. To put back her life on track, she opened up a restaurant in Lusty Texas.

Unknown to her, Mathew and Steven Benedicts had their eyes on her. This erotic novel is filled with suspense, experimental sex, and it is emotionally laden.

The two brothers proved to be loving. Though they had their negative past as well, they proved love can surmount mountains. Read and you’ll not drop it until you are done with reading.

14. Lusty little women

This is the tale of four young siblings raised by their mother after she was separated by war. Now they are of age surrounded by young men who are after them.

Naturally, it is their time to explore their sexuality. Will they find true love or be engrossed in lust. The book has enough sex scenes. It will surely raise your emotions.

15. Modern Romance

Aziz Ansari tries to bring to bear what the romantic life of the older people looks like in comparison with what is obtainable today.

Looking from both ends, young people can learn from the old folks while the old generation can see the modern ways of exploring love and sex.

16. The Duke and I

When a woman loves a man, she could go any length to get him. Daphne will do anything for the sake of love. A scheme both by her lover and her father’s scheme reveals she is the smarter of the two.

17. Hillbilly Rockstar

Lorelei James did excellently well in this novel. It is the love between rock music superstar Devin and Liberty. Initially, the relationship was meant to be a mere business relationship but one thing led to another a love affair that is emotion, affection and sex laden ended the story.

18. One Night Rodeo

Kyle and Celia met at a rodeo, circus and eventually got married. Afterward, Celia felt she had married the wrong guy. Kyle was not ready to lose his love bird and the support she had given him to keep up the ranch he inherited.

This novel is a game of wits between the two of them. Will Kyle be able to convince Celia with love to rescind her decision within the 6 months probation for divorce?

19. Double time

If you want a novel that has the combination of hot sex, romantic adventure laced with humor, then, read this one by Olivia Cunning.

Tray was a bisexual guitarist who is used to quick fixed sex. But when he met Reagan, his world took a new twist. The novel reveals another hot sexual experience and how much fun Tray has been missing. You’ll enjoy reading this piece.

20. Entrall

This is one of Veenessal Fewing’s U S Today bestselling novels. Glamorous Mia beauty was attractive to any man that comes across her. Now, she is faced with the rich and powerful who put up a sexual opportunity to their favor. Mia has an offer at Enrall she could not resist, so she uses her charming gift to her advantage.


This is not an exhaustive list of a romantic novel, these listed 20 best lusty books that spark romantic feelings. I think you’ll love and are steamy romantic novels

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