15 must-have football training equipment for both juniors and adults

15 must-have football training equipment for both juniors and adults

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Football has always been a widely known team sport of all time which started hundreds of years ago. Millions of football enthusiasts and players around the world are associated with football today.

Hundreds of kids and adults seriously want to get associated with professional football one day. Thousands are trying to speed up with the race of professional football playing. Many have joined local and state football clubs for day-to-day training and skill improvement session.

To expertise their skills and shape up like a pro player one day there are notable football training equipment that is very essential to have. Desiring to play for first division clubs would take you a lot of effort and the right gear.

This is all about guiding you to get the essential and right football training equipment. It isn’t a long list like few other sports. There are a few must-have football gear that will change your mindset of playing. The compilation of the essential gears used in various football academies in the world.

15 must-have football training equipment for both juniors and adults

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Starting with the basic training equipment would establish discipline and ethics that you would need throughout the game. Gear up yourself with the equipment expert players need while training.



A T-shirt is a must-have piece of your jourseys. It is the one which will represent your name. The T-shirt you pick for training should be an athlete type. Make sure that your T-shirt allows a full range of motion while practicing or playing in the field.


2. Shin Guards 

Protective shin guards are one of the most essential gears that every football player (juniors or adults) are used to have. Shin guards are used to protecting your shin from random kicks or fast moving-balls.


3. Football Shoes

Leading football players in the world wear the most dynamic and well-designed football shoes. Football shoes are specifically built for good grip, speed, good strike, mobility, and skills. You have to pick the pair that suits you perfectly while playing. It is the most necessary equipment for both training and professional leagues.


4. Grip Socks

These are performance-enhancing socks that most of the players prefer while hardcore training. It maximizes the grip you can get within your shoes and it comes with a range of lengths, sizes, and colors.


5. Equipment Bags

A backpack is definitely a must-have while hitting the field for training because it is the one that will carry other important training gears. The modern gear bags hs the space to carry a football and all other essentials that you might need.


6. Practise Shorts

Practise shorts are basically thermal shorts made completely of polyester which is tailored to keep your sweat away despite heavy practice sessions. Modern shorts are being made with revolutionary climate technology by giant sportswear companies.


7. Football

The club you are playing in may provide football for practices, but it is always convenient to have a quality football of your own so that you can practice both at home and in your club. Make sure you have a good quality football to get used to pro-football tackling.


8. Ball Pump 

It is necessary if you own a football of our own. It is a small hand-pump that will help you to pump the ball with proper air pressure.


9.Water Bottle 

Having a bottle of water while going for practice is always a prerequisite. Players have to run a lot of time going up and down the field. And it increases the need to have water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

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10. Arm Sleeve

Arm sleeve is an essential gear for both junior and adult footballers. These sleeves are used to add extra protection for football players by soft padding that reduces the risk of elbow injuries during hard hits and ground tackles.


11. Cones

You could have your own set of cones and it is a very economical way to improve agility and ball control. It can be useful both while playing in your club or practicing in your locality.


12. Goalkeeping gloves

Everybody might not need it apart from the ones playing a goalkeeper. These gloves are designed to defend the wrist and allow all the fingers to move in the gloves. So, get the best gloves to save the best goals.


13. Premier Sock Tape (PST)

It is used by many players for an extra layer of protection against your shins. It is very lightweight and easy to tear. Premier sock tape comes with a low adhesive that leaves no residues and it is easy to remove.


14. Boot Bag

Using a boot bag would be the right choice to carry your football boots on your way to training. It is just an extra bag of 10-liter capacity that can be used to keep a little extra stuff apart from your boots.


15. Blister Tape

Blister is a common issue while playing football. You can make good use of blister tape to prevent your skin from getting blisters or to stabilize an open blister. Micropore or Leukotape are the best choices when it comes to blister tapes.

What about your must have?

This compilation of 15 must-have football training equipment for juniors and adult football players was written with the intention to guide you to choose the essential training gears.

Now when you know what to choose for your football practice session, do not waste any more time and get what your must-have training equipment.

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  • Awesome, have a nephew interested in this sport and i have no idea what to buy him for starters as i never been part of this sport. I also promised him i would get him the stuff needed. This is a great starting point for me.


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