20 best Neil Gaiman books you must read before you die

20 best Neil Gaiman books you must read before you die


20 best Neil Gaiman books you must read before you die

Neil Gaiman is one of the greatest writers of all time. He has authored so many works of fiction. His style of writing is very unique and compelling.

He once said that “there is a magic waiting and you can find it. You just have to go and look for it”. His works do not only evoke curiosity but also take you to the very depth of your soul.

This is why you are meant to read the following Neil Gaiman’s books before the end of your time here on earth. These novels will dazzle your imagination; it is intrigue filled, classical, daring and wonderfully crafted.

Therefore, tighten your seat belt as I take you to this journey of exploration!

20 best Neil Gaiman books you must read before you die

Table of Contents

1. Good omen: the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter witch

This is a novel based on the accurate prophesy of a witch, Agnes; about the end of the world. According to Agnes the world will end next Saturday, just before dinner. The good await rapture but the wicked ones are not expectant of the prophesied rapture. It’s one of the best Neil Gaiman books of all time.

Why? They have grown use to the world, doting of the life and earthly enjoyment.

It was a really horrible condition for the living, ever since that prophesy was proclaimed.

Fear engulfed the earth it was obvious the anti-Christ were coming to power.

Pick it and read it’s brimmed with wit and suspense.

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2. The fragile things: short fictions and wonders

A fragile thing is compilation of short fiction stories by all time castle in the sky writer. Like the name implies it tells of how fragile the peoples mind are.

This offshoot story is a must read for everyone; the collection will widen your imagination and take you to the very depth of your innermost being. This is an intelligent, powerful novel collection that you must check out.

3. Dream country

Dream country is the third series of Sandman collection with a minor character. I love this novel; the setting and the plot are amazing. Just like every other Neil’s novel, Dream country is skillfully written.

4. Coralline

It’s a story told about coralline that started exploring around a new neighborhood immediately they moved.

Coralline a smart, idiosyncratic, inquisitive, courageous and strong-minded and reckless being; who can never be afraid of anything, led by curiosity made her way into unlocked rooms.

In her wildest imagination, there were numerous houses and doors inside the big house; she must open the 14th door in order to find her way out of the entrapment.

Read and find out what later happened to her, would she find a way out, or will she be entrapped forever

Find out in this overwhelming but short eerie work of art by Neil Gaiman.

5. America God 1

The American Gos is one of the best Neil Gaiman books you need to read. It is about the story of Shadow whose wife died a day before his release from prison in an auto crash; dazedly he set out to go back home, on his way home he met a mysterious man on a plane called Mr. Wednesday, Mr. Wednesday told shadow of his predicament as a refugee, being a former god and the king of America.

The duo set out on an overwhelmingly weird voyage across the very heart of America; it was a really tough journey, along the line a great storm of difficulty threatened to break on them.

America God had a long look into the souls of America.

You will be dazzled on who he found there!

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6. Neverwhere

This is a fabulous novel in which Neil Gaimen captured the essence fantasy perfectly.  His language captivate the reader; scary, charming and ticklish.

Neverwhere is a city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, knight in armor and pale girl in red velvet; city of people, who have fallen between the underworlds, filled with sewer people tearing women. And in there live, worst possible creature you can think of.

A well crafted novel it is, he illustrates a part of Londo where nobody would ever dream of visiting. Not even you?

A young business man becomes a victim of this outright strange city as a result of his act of kindness towards a bleeding girl.

Read this book to find out the fate of this innocent young man.

Will he be lost or destroyed forever.

7. Murder mysteries

This is one of the best Neil Gaiman books. A captivating stories of a forlorn Los Angeles Man and a stranger; the latter begs the man for two sticks of cigarette in exchange for a story. The tale about murders mystery: woven with vengeance, fear, death, love, murder and memory, it illustrates the true reason of Lucifer’s fall.

This novel sheds light on the events that took place before the existence of man how god ditched out duties to different angels, then came a murder.

Yes! The first recorded murder in creation on which Lucifer was ordered to investigate.

Find out what happen on this classic novel.

8. Norse mythology

A classical work of art in which Neil displayed the rendition of the Norse god and their worse challenges; it stars Odin; a wise  and cunning being along with his son who although strong but not really wise.

9. Smoke and mirror

Smoke and mirror published in 1998 is magically based, full of illusion and imagination. Neil was able to transform a mundane world into a place of wonders; a place where evil is publicly advertised for all to see. The characters obscured by smoke and darkness; excellently interwoven with these elements.

This work will dazzle your imagination, touch your heart and haunt your dream.

10. Snow glass, and apple

This is a retelling of the snow white fairy tale which features a wicked step mother. Sure she is pure and innocent no doubt.

Well, better read this novel to find out by yourself.  The closer you get the dodgier it becomes.

A twisted, dark and creepy fable indeed!

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11. Trigger warning: short fiction and disturbances

This is an outstanding collection of short stories, about a man who remembered Ray Bradbury. Neil Gaiman just like his other novels specially crafted this one.  You will sure be thrilled.

12. Graveyard

This is one of Neil Gaiman all time seller, it told a story of a teenage boy who was raised and sponsored to school by a ghost. Read this book and you will see how he wandered off into the land of the dead.

13. Star dust

This is a romantic timeout story Nail Gaiman crafted, it tells the story of an adolescent boy who fall in love with a young girl with an intension of marrying her, his love was challenged by the parent of the maiden. He was set on a journey to find the star. The borderline is it’s not just about finding a star but the trip he must undertake beyond dark and scary walls of the city.

14. Anansi Boys

A well told story of Charlie, whose weight status gave people around him concern but to him it was the least of his troubles. Unbeknownst to him his father was a spider God.

15. Black Dogs

This story feature a man called shadow, shadows friend had an accident that claimed his life. This novel is followed the storyline of America God.

16. The Monarch of the Glen

This novel still follows the predicament of Shadow who was doing every things possible to maintain his sanity after the death of his wife and best friend. Will Shadow come out of this challenge? Check it out on this novel to find out.

17. The wolves in the walls

This is a story of Lucy who believes wolves live in the walls of her house. She continuously hear strange and eerie disturbance in the wall.

18. Odd  and the frost Giants (2008)

A children’s best-selling book by Neil Gaiman about a Norse boy who met with eagles, fox, and a bear after being abandon by his parents.  This book teaches the reader about the mythology and history of Scandinavian. But the animals were later cursed by the forest giants and the boy figures a way to outwit this god.

19. The book of magic

Here the major characters John Constantine, The phantom stranger, Dr

Occult and Mister E take Hunter on a magical tour to a strange world, he was introduced to a magic practitioner during this tour and he was faced with decision of choosing whether to join their cult or not.

20. The endless night

A gem and remarkable piece; involving seven siblings whose destinies interwoven with one another; as the names of these siblings implies; the endless night is woven in dreams, destiny, despair, delirium, delight among others. This is very special piece is a must read for everyone.

Handpicked for you!

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