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20 Best Manga of All Time 2020 Review | What is the best manga to read?

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What is the best manga to read? In the article, we review the 20 best manga of all time. Manga is comics or graphic novels originating from Japan and made in a unique style very different from Western comic books. While comics are seen as nerdy or childish in the West, Manga is read by people of all ages and all backgrounds in Japan.

Have you been looking for the top best Manga to read but all to no avail? Relax and keep reading as we delve into twenty of the best manga you should be reading below.

20 Best Manga of All Time

Table of Contents

1. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone presents two high school boys, Senku and Taiju, wake up from a 1,000-year slumber to a world completely petrified in stone after an unknown event happened. Taiju is athletic and Senku must use his knowledge on science to develop a potion that can cure people of their petrification. See other volumes of Dr. Stone manga. The comic sees the two protagonists utilize the seemingly boring school subjects of human history and science to save the world.


2. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul takes readers into a world of dark and twisted horrors. It follows Ken Kaneki, who goes on a date with a monster disguised as a beautiful woman. A strange accident saves him from certain death, but when he wakes up Ken discovers he’s become half-monster himself. Much like horror comics, this comics explains the psychological conflicts that arise between humanity and the monsters while reaching different conclusions.

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3. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an action thriller comic based on a post-apocalyptic faltering human race besieged by man-eating giants. See other Volumes of Attack on Titan. The plot has evolved since the initial volume; with the recent volumes filled with conspiracies, exploration of oppression, and even more similarities to real-life history, but its early volumes remain some of the best manga portrayals of action-packed survival and adventure.


4. Iris Zero

Iris Zero is a manga about supernatural abilities, where Ninety-Nine percent of infants are born with a special ability known as “Iris.” See other volumes of Iris Zero. From the ability to detect when people are lying to seeing multiple visions, everyone has a unique Iris. But Toru, a high school student falls among the one percent of children born without an Iris. People without the special Iris ability are known as ‘Iris Zeroes’ and live through ridicule by their peers. Toru lived in the shadows and built his intellect but everything changes when a girl from his high school asks him to be her boyfriend.


5. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a manga that explores the idea of a world where humans are cattle and at the bottom of the food chain. It follows how human children are raised by powerful demons ruling the land. See other volumes of  The Promised Neverland. These children are bred to become super-intelligent and highly knowledgeable because the demon rulers believed the smarter the human the more delicious they would taste.

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6. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is manga push into the superhero genre. Izuku Midoriya is a normal kid born without powers in a world where everyone has superpowers, crushing his dreams of becoming a superhero. See other volumes of My Hero Academia manga. But due to an unexpected turn of events, he gains a set of super abilities called the “All for One” from his biggest role model Allmight.


7. One Piece

One Piece Manga is one of the biggest manga series of our generation. It holds numerous records and has topped Japanese bestseller lists since it first debuted in 1997. It tells the story about a young boy on his quest to become the pirate king. See other volumes of One Piece Manga.  Full of funny special characters, hilarious moments, and family love, One Piece is a tale of a magical journey that reminds everyone to go after their dreams.


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8. One Punch Man

Also one of the manga books to dabble into the superhero genre, One-Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, a normal man who trains himself to become a superhero. In the process, he becomes so overwhelmingly strong that he defeats everyone with a single punch. See other volumes of One Punch Man Manga. After meeting numerous villains and meeting no match, Saitama now faces existential weariness, and joins a superhero organization to protect the world from super villains.


9. Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball is about a group of incredible middle school basketball players, who after having a misunderstanding now face each other in high school basketball competitions. The series focuses on strong emotional, interpersonal and friendship drama based on the love of basketball. See other volumes of Kuroko’s Basketball Manga.

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10. Goblin Slayer

Published by YenPress, Goblin Slayer is an action-thriller, having a humorous nature with a mature storyline. It follows a man known as the Goblin Slayer, and his quest to eradicate the world of goblins. After witnessing his entire village and family get massacred by a goblins, he grows up to become a high-ranked adventurer accepting only quests based on eliminating goblins. See other volumes of Goblin Slayer manga.


11. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a story about wizards and witches inside the Kingdom of Fiore set in the magical world of Earth Land. In this kingdom are magical guilds made up of witches and wizards who take on job requests to earn money and become famous. The story presents us to Natsu, who is searching for his dragon foster father and meets Lucy Heartfilia, whose dream is to be part of the famous magical guild, Fairy Tail.


12. Akame Ga Kill

Young Tatsumi goes to the Capital to earn money for his village. But there he finds corruption, and things he cannot begin to comprehend. Because of this, he joins the Night Raid, a group of assassins whose sole mission is to eradicate the corruption in the Capital. See other volumes of Young Tatsumi manga.


13. Naruto

Naruto Manga is one of the most read manga of our generation, it tells the story of how a nine tailed fox attacked the Village Hidden in the Leaves years ago. Which claimed the life of the village leader, the Hokage, and many others. Today, the village is at peace and Naruto a troublemaker is struggling to graduate from Ninja Academy. See other volumes of Naruto manga.  His goal is to become the next leader, but his true destiny is much more complicated.


14. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma story focuses on Soma the son of a food restaurant owner in Japan. For his age, Soma is a very talented young boy able to come up with new dishes; sometimes using weird combinations of the ingredients no one would use.

After some time, Soma’s father leaves the family business to work with his friend. See other volumes of Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma Manga.  Leaving Soma to improve his cooking skills and save the restaurant, Soma begins studying in Engetsu Teahouse Culinary Academy, which is the topmost culinary academy in Japan.


15. Death Note

Death Note tells the tale of a brilliant high school student who obtains a notebook which grants him the ability to kill anyone whose name and face he knows. With these newfound abilities, his plans was to create a utopian world free of any crime, but the path led him to a dark fate.


16. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Manga features Tanjiro’s family is attacked by demons, who killed all his family members leaving only him and his sister as survivors. Tanjiro sets out to become a demon slayer to avenge his family death and find a cure for his sister Nezuko, who is slowly becoming a demon. See other volumes of Demon Slayer manga.


17. Full Metal Alchemist

Full metal Alchemist is also one of the top manga to read, as it follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who are trying to restore their bodies after failing to bring their mother back to life. If you are a manga fan and are looking for a plot revolving around moral right and wrong, love of family, and the lengths we will go to in order to save them, then this is for you.  See other volumes of Full metal Alchemist Manga.


18. Bleach

Bleach tells the tales and adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student with the ability to see ghosts. The early parts of the story focus mainly on the main characters. But as events unfold, the story delves deeper into the world of these gods of death and the mysteries behind them. The basic story utilizes very loosely various elements of Greek and Japanese mythology. The protagonist is a young man named Ichigo who is an odd duck, from an odd family. He is a young high school student with strawberry hair, who lives with his father and two younger sisters. As if being teased about his weird (for Japan) hair color isn’t bad enough, he has some weird spirit sense abilities. See other volumes of Bleach manga.


19. Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita manga tells the story of shamed cyber-doctor Daisuke Ido, who finds the detached head of a cyborg woman who has lost all her memories, in a scrapyard dump underneath the space city of Zalem.

He takes her to his lab and equips her with a powerful new body, then names her Alita. Seeing how the poor and powerless gets treated, Alita decides to become a hunter-killer, tracking down and taking out oppressors preying on the weak. In the process, Alita begins to lose her humanity as she revels in her own bloodlust. See other volumes of Battle Angel Alita manga.


20. Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins Manga tells the story of Princess Elizabeth Liones who finds the Seven Deadly Sins’ leader Meliodas, who together with Elizabeth searches for his other comrades in other to clear their names and liberate Liones from the Holy Knights, who were being controlled and manipulated by a demon called Fraudrin, in unsealing the demon race from their eternal prison. See other volumes of Seven Deadly Sins manga.


With the above list, we hope you now have a better knowledge of the top 20 best manga to read on Amazon.

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