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20 Best Michael Crichton books to read 2020

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In this article, we review the 20 Best Michael Crichton books to read in 2020. Michael Crichton was an American writer par excellence. He writes under the pen name like John Lange, Michael Douglas, and Jeffery Hudson. As at the time of this post, over 200,000000 of his books have been sold. He writes both fiction and non-fictional novel.

His works are action thriller involving technology, medical and science-related stories. He died aged 66. The following 20 best Michael Crichton books are a few of his masterpieces.

20 Best Michael Crichton books

Table of Contents

1. Jurassic Park

The novel is a science fiction story. It is about a genetically produced dinosaur. An expert had postulated the danger of keeping such mammal for sightseeing. Eventually, a firm tries to steal the embryo for personal gain. While doing this many things went wrong and the original design turned a disaster with the animals attacking anyone that crosses their path.


2. The Andromedia strain

It is about an American satellite that crashed landed near New Mexico, killing all inhabitants except a 68-year-old alcoholic man and an infant. Research proved the satellite might have come back with an alien organism. Further investigation reveals the old man’s blood is acidic while that of the baby is Alkaline. This was why the survived. As a guard, they prepare a wildfire laboratory to contain the organism.

Eventually, the organism changed to melt the rubber protective guide used by the scientist. The final solution to contain this terrestrial being named Andromedia is to cause artificial rains that eventual flushed the organism into the alkaline seawater.


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3. The lost world

Ian Malcolm survived the disaster associated with the Jurassic Park saga. Not resting on his exploit he set out with another set of scientists and explorers to restore the near-extinct world of the dinosaurs. Unknown to them, the company responsible for the Jurassic disaster had sent their team to steal the eggs of the dinosaur.

The rival team was not lucky to escape these animals, but Malcolm made it with his partners.


4. State of fear

People can do anything because of money and position. This is the story of Morgan, heading the US environmental protection agency. Morton, philanthropy, uses his money to promote environmental protection awareness. Morgan aligned himself with an environmental terrorist to create an artificial disaster, so he could get more funding for the agency not for the good of the public but personal benefit.

Morton suspects a foul play assigned his lawyer, Evans and few other private investigators to do two things. One, track Morgan’s financial recklessness and destroy the planned disaster. This led them to Solomon Island, where they confronted Morgan’s evil team. Unfortunately, the’ prototype chemical by Morgan’s men destroyed their plane. In fact, it was the Evans’ team that saved the few survivors.


5. The prey

You either read the novel or watch the film. It was a combination of betrayal, manipulation, ignorance, and obsession. Ricky was obsessed with power and authority that made him lose his sense of reasoning.

Julie, on the other hand, was absorbed by work schedules and fame at the expense of her family. But thank God for Jack the hero with a die-hard heart for his family and nation. He risks his life warding off genetically developed bacteria that almost sniff life out of his family and aiming at destroying the ecosystem and humanity.


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6. Sphere

This is a fictional time travel novel. The American navy has just discovered a spacecraft buried deep in the belly of the ocean 350 years before its due time. Harry Adams, the lead scientist on finding the ship was willing to stay behind knowing full well they cannot all made it alive to the waiting ship. He gained entrance to the spherical shape object.

Adams encountered an unusual discovery which no one can explain because you would have lost the memory of all you saw or that happened to you but a device can interpret your unconscious state to the rest of the team. Many members of the team were killed by this teressial being.

Halpern, who had thought another member of the team Johnson has the power granted by the sphere laced the sphere and the ship with explosives. But Johnson’s bravery in using the available submarine saved the remaining member of the team.


7. Easy Go

Harold Barnaby, an exceptional Egyptologist and an expert in translating hieroglyphics. He came across these writings that pointed to the hidden tomb of one of the Pharaohs of Egypt that contains huge treasure. Since he is not an expert in the extraction or does he have the wherewithal financially, he needed other people. So he brought in Robert Piece though not for free. Using his influence as a journalist, Piece brought in other people he considered useful in this deal. Two problems I foresee in this operation. One of the people in the team is of a questionable character. Second, the possibility of getting through this without government involvement. Your guess is good as mine. Get a copy to know how it ended.


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8. Timeline

This is another time travel expedition by Michael Crichton. A couple on vacation in New Mexico found a sick man with a complicated blood and body deformity. A professor who was in charge of the research has to travel back in time to 1357. However, the students of this professor believed the company in charge of the research have an ulterior motive. To save their lecturer and get to the bottom of the matter, they also have to travel in time. True to their suspicion they met the professor tied down while the horsemen kill the military personnel assigned to guard them. The only way out is to repair the transit pad that can take them back to 1999. This they did in good time to return with the professor and the remaining survivors.


9. Airframe

I love the storyline. It is filled with conspiracy, technicality, deformation of character, and set up. An airline accident occurred, leaving two people dead and a few injured, but the plane was not destroyed. Casey Singleton, the vice president in charge of quality assurance at Norton Aircraft is to investigate the cause of the accident. She had a Herculean task defending the integrity of the company, the Transpacific airline maintenance, the trade unions, and the public

She found out Timothy, the son of the pilot was at the helm of affairs when the accident occurred. Though a pilot himself, he was not experienced enough to handle that flight couple with a maintenance flaw from the aircraft maintenance company. Further investigation, however, reveals two top management members were waiting when an accident would occur, they will oust the current company president so they could cancel their deal with China and move to South Korea with bigger investments once they are at the helm of affairs. With the help, of a news reporter Casey was able to foil the attempt, got a promotion and preserve the relationship among the stakeholders. Richman, one of the culprit was arrested and the second man left the company.


10. Rising Sun

The business and the technological principles of the Americans and the Japanese are put to test in the novel. A murder had occurred involving an American senator, a presidential hopeful, and a few Japanese. Two detectives, Smith and Connor were brought in to investigate the case. They discovered the tape in the security camera has been removed. The effort to recover it was met with stiff resistance from some Japanese.

Eddie, who was indicted in the doctored video, was killed because he witnessed the killing. The Japanese had offered the two detectives monetary and other benefits to conceal the evidence. The Japanese influence also gets to the police authority who conceded to halting the investigation.

Through technology, the video was reversed to show the American senator strangled the deceased, but it was Ishiguro, the Japanese security officer at Nakamoto Company that killed the woman. Once the Japanese executives saw the video, they all backed out in their defense. The two people instead of surrendering to the police commit suicide.


11. Disclosure

If ever wonder if women are powerful read this novel. Meredith uses her beauty and influence to seduced male workers and she does that well to her advantage. She was promoted instead of Tom her former boyfriend. She is treating to deal with Tom, who refuses her sexual advances. When her accusation of sexual harassment failed, she accuses Tom of responsibility for the poor quality of CD-ROM produced by their company Digicom.

With help from a friend in Malaysia, it was discovered Meredith had bargained with the Malaysian government to reduce cost by changing the quality of the specification. Eventually, Tom was reinstated while Meredith and her accomplice were sacked.


12. The great train robbery

Edward Pierce is a notorious, influential, a generous giver. This time, he planned the mother of all robberies to steal a train shipment of 12000 pounds of gold. Please do everything to read this novel. It took him over a year to plan his action. That is awesome. Through his contact, he found out the bank president and his manager are in the possession of two of the keys to securing the consignment.

The other keys are at the railway terminus. He succeeded in influencing those close to the two including befriending the daughter of the bank president and the cook. With the help of other crooks, he succeeded in breaking through the safe and stole away the gold. Unfortunately, he was not to enjoy his booty before nemesis caught up with him. As always he escaped on the way to court and became a fugitive here and there. The painful aspect was his accomplices were the ones enjoying the loot and the government was unable to recover the stolen gold.


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13. Micro

If you love cartoons and fairy tales like I do, this will be one of the best Michael Crichton books you will like. How funny it is to shrink a grown-up to a half an inch creature. Drake, who had murdered a student unknown to him, fellow students recorded the action and planned to plays it to the rest students.

When Drake grabbed Peter for planning to expose him, he treatings to kill him unknown to him other students are listening to their conversation through a microphone hidden in Peter’s pocket. To save his face he turned them into a miniature being. By a sheer coincidence, those he had turned to micro being eventually discovered a cure that helps some of them to become normal beings. Drake was eventually caught in his web and was also shrunk into a half-inch being.


14. A case of need

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Dr. Lee was accused of abortion, which was illegal at the time of writing the story. Dr. John Berry stood by his friend proving he is innocent. This he successfully achieved banking on the antecedents of the deceased to have committed three abortions earlier. Eventually, it was discovered her boyfriend was behind the abortion and another quack doctor.

Berry got to the bottom of the case, but not without a serious attack that almost claimed his life. Though Dr. Lee got out of the hook, his image has been damaged, especially because others in the medical knew him to be involved in illegal abortion in the past.


15. Pirate latitude

It is one of Michael Crichton’s deadliest historical fiction stories. The treasure hunter Captain Charles Hunter was on a voyage to recover some hidden treasures on an island in Montanceros. He has armed himself with the best of his men. Upon finding the treasure he became suspicious of one of his men.

Faced with several dangerous animals, rough terrain and multiple pirates looking for the same treasures he overcame them all. As a result of bad weather on the sea, he reluctantly divided the treasure into two of the ships. But when he arrived another person has taken over the rein of affairs. Hunter was eventually arrested and imprisoned to be sentenced to death because he suspected the captain betrayed him before the judge. He later escaped. Though he was unable to recover the treasure he killed all accomplices including his betrayer.


16. The binary

It took guts for John Grave, the hero in this novel to neutralize a near-perfect suicide bombing plan by John Wright. It became a hard nut to crack, bureaucracy and bottlenecks were in place from his superior officer.

The assassination attempt is targeted at the US president,  which could kill innocent people in their thousands during a UN conference. But taking his life in his hand Grave was able to detonate the bombs, though two officers lost their lives.


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17. Five patients

Different strokes for different folks. Michael Crichton painted the medical history over a certain period in history reflecting on the different ailments and the prescribed medication and the treatment. The crux of the book is on the political power play in the US on the health care system. It emphasizes the implication of technology, medical processes, government policies and the prices of drugs. In all, it x-rayed the implication of these variables on the common citizens.


18. The electronic life

Technology has come to stay. This book talk’s more about the reality of our changing world of electronics. The book is useful for both young and old. Their something for everybody. Whether you are a newbie or a guru, there is something for you. It narrates the development of the computer, explains the basic computer-based term. It when further to douse the fear or reservation, you might have as a result of using computers.


19. The venom business

Charles Raynaung was having his smuggling going well for him. Unknown to most people and the government he was smuggling Mexico’s artifacts covered with snakes. Like a snake charmer, he pretended to be exporting those snakes for medical and research purposes. But when stumbled on Richard, his old acquaintance, the equation changes. But with time he discovered his friend is no longer who he use to know. Now is a matter of the kettle calling the pot black? You need to read the book to know who is the mean man out if the two.


20. West world

It was not a funny experience when an assumed amusement turned into a disaster. The western world was an amusement park with three separate divisions called the worlds. Each has its specification revealing the different societies or dispensation of America, Europe, and Rome. It has various games like combat, shooting, etc. Peter Martin and John Blane were having fun when the table turns around as the android began to malfunction. Initially, the technician never knew the extent, of the danger until the robots began to kill the guest to the amusement. All attempts to shut the power down proved abortive. The technicians and the supervisor, died in the process. The gunslinger gave Martin and John a hot chase. In the end, Martin escaped destroying the Gunslinger but John was not that lucky.

Sincerely getting you these 20 books by Michael Crichton has not been that easy. My joy, however, is helping your search about which of the author’s book to read.

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