Why Do You Need Proxies for Video Streaming?


With video streaming services being popular now more than ever, people would rather stream than download videos, TV shows, or movies. So seeing that you can’t stream a certain video or movie just because it’s not available in your country or region can be really disappointing and frustrating.

That’s why many people have started using proxies.

The Importance of Proxies for Video Streaming

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The use of proxy servers in the modern area of video streaming can’t be overemphasized. With billions of video streaming platform users, you can say it’s the media of the future. One of the many roles of proxies is to ensure a hitch-free video-streaming experience for all users, no matter their geographical location.

Before we explain how proxies can improve your video streaming experience, we need to make sure you know what proxies are. So, let’s start with that.

What Are Proxies?

Proxies are servers that function as a middleman between you and other servers on the internet. Their primary goal is to give you a new identity online by masking your IP address with a different one. In other words, they help you hide your real IP address and therefore visit sites and apps anonymously.

Proxy servers work by taking your web requests, processing them, and sending them to the destination server via their own IP address. They also take the responses from the sites and apps you try to visit and forward them back to you. You can say they work on your behalf when browsing the internet.

Reasons to Use Proxies for Video Streaming

Most video streaming platforms are geo-restricted mostly because of copyright laws. They use geo-blocking technology that can reveal your geographical location thanks to your IP address.

Once they find out your location identified by your IP address and see whether it’s restricted or not, they can either allow or deny you access to their services. Or, they can limit the content you can see based on your location.

Take Netflix, HBO Go, or Hulu, for example, which show different lists of movies and TV shows depending on your country. So, if you’re a subscriber in Germany, you’ll have different options to watch than subscribers in the US.

Streaming services like YouTube, for example, offer video owners an option to restrict access to their content to specific countries only, for reasons such as rights issues. Simply put, you may not be able to watch a video on YouTube just because of your current geographical location.

Luckily, proxies can help you get around geo-restrictions and stream your favorite movies, TV shows, or videos from anywhere. Since they have their own IP addresses and IP addresses identify the user’s location, you can use them to spoof your location.

You should use a proxy with an IP address from a supported location, so when it channels your data request to the desired streaming platform service, it’ll show the location of the proxy. This way, the streaming service will think you’re located in the country identified by the proxy’s IP, thus allowing you to stream videos and movies outside of the supported region.

On top of that, some proxies can help you reduce lag and enjoy an uninterrupted video-streaming experience. Of course, you need to choose quality proxies to get all of these benefits, such as the ones found at ipoyal.com.

What Are the Best Proxies for Video Streaming?

The best proxies for streaming videos are datacenter proxies because of their high upload/download speed when located close to the video streaming servers. Trustworthy providers offer unlimited bandwidth usage to their users which helps avoid lag issues.

Plus, you can easily find cheap datacenter proxies that will do the work just fine, as opposed to the residential ones which are often rather expensive. You’ll also find free proxies, but you may want to avoid them as they are not reliable or safe.

The best option is to use private datacenter proxies from reliable providers as they have servers in multiple countries around the world and offer unlimited bandwidth.

In Conclusion

Proxies can improve your video-streaming experience by allowing you to access more content than the streaming services offer in your region. They can also help you reduce lag while streaming which means no more annoying interruptions.

However, you need to use the right type of proxy to enjoy these benefits, and that is private datacenter proxies from reputable providers.

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