How To Survive Two Trainer

10 Ways To Survive Two Trainer| How To Survive Two Trainer

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So, in today’s article, I am going to show some of the methods you can use, not just to survive and beat one trainer but even two at the same time. Because sometimes your trainer can bring in an assistant trainer to taste your skills. Today’s article will help you in such a predicament.

This is How To Survive Two Trainer;

1. Using Zanshin (Situational Awareness)

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This is a concept of martial arts which refers to a state of awareness, it is also similar to the western concept of situational awareness. As you progress in your fighting the more your situational awareness grows. The more you build your ZANSHIN the easier it will be for you to take in your environment and the more it will be easier to shift your attention back and fort, and the easier and faster you fight. Steps include

  • Harness your ZANSHIN daily using your surroundings and physical combat.
  • With daily practice you might even be able to take down two trainers.

2. Do Not Position Yourself In The Middle Of The Two Trainers

      If you have been utilizing your ZANSHIN, then you would have already mastered your surrounding, so that you would be able to maneuver through tactical methods to distract them in order to avoid standing in between the two opponents. Because if you are caught in the middle you won’t be able to attack and defend attacks from the two trainers at the same time, as they could easily attack from both sides and even prevent you from inflicting damage on either of them.

3. Neutralize AMD Take Them Down One At A Time

Yes, you can only effectively fight one person at a time, and like I said before positioning matters, so try to keep each opponent in front of you with each opponent following the other. Now for you to be even fighting two trainers in the first place you must have had some fighting experience, so try and put them in front of each other, with each opponent following immediately after the first one, to achieve this you need to use the circle method. This is done by circling around your attacker so that if the opponent at the back tries to attack you can easily circle away from the person.

4. Don’t Let Yourself Fall To The Ground

Another thing you should know is that you shouldn’t let yourself fall to the ground. This isn’t so easy to do while concentrating and also fighting the two trainees but it should be noted. This is because if you are taken down then you can be easily beaten by your opponents, so you have zero advantage on the floor. So, avoid being taken down by being observant of your opponent. But if you are somehow taken down, get up immediately and continue the circling method I’m ordered to take down your opponent.

5. Go After The Leader

When taking on two trainers or even regular attackers you can easily get around fighting without taking much damage by taking out their leader. This might not be easy, it might even be very difficult as he is your trainer. Nevertheless, surprise your trainer by taking him out and then proceeding to tale out his assistant. But also know you have to look at their movement, observe their pattern and so be strategic in how you plan your defense in order to take them out. Because if you have a floppy defense you can be easily taken down

6. Keep Moving

This is another good way to be able to fight off your opponent and even your trainers because if you are fixed at a point it would be somewhat easy to take you down, as they can plan a very accurate angle of the strike. So, with the help of continual circular movement and agile movement, you would be able to create fast openings in their defense and create decisive and even fatal blows. As a true martial artist or even a fighter, you should be able to be swift and also give fats blows, not just fast blows but also hard ones and at good locations too. With that, you can even take down multiple opponents.

7. Attack First

When in a fight between you and two other fighters or even more than that you should be able to strike fast. Because striking first gives you an upper hand for example when fighting two trainers you can easily attack a leader and immobilize him or her and giving yourself an opportunity or opening to take put the lesser threats that can cause a distraction to the bigger one. You can use an eye slap or a groin hit to buy yourself enough time to take out the lesser problems by knocking them out. Attacking first doesn’t just buy you time to take out other the lesser threat and create distractions, it also helps you to create an opening and gives you fluid movements in attack and defense.

8. Using A Weapon

Using your ZANSHIN as earlier mentioned gives you a feel of your surrounding with both animate and inanimate objects available out there. If you properly use it you should be able to use and equipment as a weapon. You should also know the range of the weapon you use because if you are not on the right range or you use the wrong angle, you can be subdued or the weapon even taken from you and thereby increasing their already great advantage over you and reducing yours.

9. Avoid Being Flanked

If you’re in a fighting situation between two opponents, don’t allow them to get their hands on you because if they do, you are done for, as once you are subdued you won’t be able to defend yourself and you might be injured

So try to avoid being flanked and at she time landing powerful and decisive blows too. But if you are already held and in the process of being steadied to their advantage, try making a quick counter and escape, you can even use their failed subdue method and land a knockout and decisive blow on your opponent.

10. Target Weak Spots

When in a fight between two opponents you can use what I call a quick and speedy attack. This is performed by first gathering your opponents in a line before using the circular method. Once in an advantageous position and angle quickly strike a weak spot to get an advantage. You can do this by striking weak spots like the temples, groin, knees, and even the solar plexus, you can also strike the nose or use pressure points to your advantage.

With that we have come to the end of this article, I hope I have been able to not just show you how to survive two trainers but also how to take them down, thank you.

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