PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End, Meaning, Reasons And How To Fix It

PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End, Meaning, Reasons [SOLVED]


PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End, Meaning, Reasons [SOLVED]. Paypal is an online payment platform that operates in a very complex and secure way around the globe. Despite this, PayPal provides a fast, convenient and safe method to send and receive money, to make an online payment and its most important operation is that it allows merchants to set up a well-functioning merchant account.

Using Paypal sometimes can be discouraging when customers or users encounter a problem that comes directly from the website. On some occasions, users encounter problems like “Paypal something went wrong on our end“. This problem gives several Paypal users a real-time headache because such a problem could disrupt the progress of one’s transactions.

Don’t be disturbed when you see “Paypal something went wrong on our end” on your PayPal again because this article provides a piece of detailed information about it.

Meaning of “Paypal something went wrong on our end”

     Seeing this problem on one’s Paypal account suggests that the attempted transactions or activities were uncompleted. On some occasions, this problem is accompanied by a notification about PayPal having some issues while trying to complete your transactions. Though it is just a hitch that could be corrected in minutes many users don’t know how to deal with it. Let’s explore the possible reasons in the below paragraphs.

       Reasons of “Paypal something went wrong on our end”

    Users who use Paypal on frequent basics should have come across this issue either once or on several occasions. The first reason that could trigger this issue is when there are lots of saved passwords and saved pages in one’s browser history. Besides that, accumulated cookies on the browser history can slow down one’s browsing software.

      Besides, another possible reason that may result to “Paypal something went wrong on our end” is the browser strength. When you are using a browser that has low or less effective strength to carry out your activities on PayPal, it may affect your activities and result in “PayPal, something went wrong on our end. 

     Besides, users may experience this issue when trying to login into their Paypal account and it also happens on some occasions when users are trying to set up a new password on their Paypal account. Now that we have discussed the possible root causes or rather say the reasons, let’s shield more on how to fix this issue in the below paragraphs.

          How to fix “Paypal Something went wrong from our End”

      1. Refresh and Try Again After One Minute Wait

        As I have said earlier, the error may be caused by service, accumulated browsing history, too many saved passwords on the browser. When you experience this error, the first thing to do is to refresh and try again after a minute’s wait. This step should be able to fix the error but if you still come across the same error again, don’t be bothered because there are other possible ways to fix the error.

     2. Clear Your Browser History and Cookies

   The second possible way to fix this error is to clear the stored browsing history, cache, and accumulated passwords on the browser. This set of information can slow down the browsing software and it can lead to “Paypal something went wrong on our end”. Here is how to clear your cache.

For chrome: Login to your chrome and click on “more” at the top right corner then click on “select tools”. Once you click on “select tools”, you will see “Clear browsing history”; you should select “All time” or choose a range. You can now proceed to the boxes next to “Cookies and other sites data” as well as “cached images and files” then click on clear data.

 For Firefox: Log in and select “privacy and security panel”, once you do this, under the “Clear cookies and site data”, click on clear data, And also with the “Caught web content”, check_ mark them and click on clear button.

3. Change your Browser

     Your browser could be malfunctioning due to the storage of faulty plugins, malware, accumulated browsing history, and other browsing information that may slow down the strength of your browser. The next step is to change your browser either to chrome or Firefox and re_ login to your Paypal account. If the issue persists then proceed to the below tips.

        4. Try to login from another Phone or Computer

     If you login to your PayPal account from a different phone or computer, the probability is very low that you will encounter “Paypal something went wrong on our end“. When you’re logged in to your account, always refresh your page to prevent this issue and you may also need to pause your antivirus because it might interfere with your Paypal gateway.

If you tried all these methods yet you find it difficult to deal with the error, the final option for you is to contact the Paypal support team. Login to your account, click on the “contact us” at the bottom of the page and write your complaint or question in the available space then click on “find“. In section 2, click on “Email Us” and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

In case you’ve tried all the above fixes yet problem is not solved you can put through a call to PayPal customer service on 00014029352050. There you’ll have to follow instructions to speak with an agent.

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