Review, is Crotorrents safe to download? Review, is Crotorrents safe to download?


Are you looking for Review? If yes, you are in the right place. You might want to ask, is Crotorrents safe to download games and other files? Is crotorrents legit? The answer is “NO” and “YES”.

It’s a two-sided coin, and it all depends on how you look at it.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain it in detail below.

What is Crotorrents and How Does Crotorrents Work?

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For those who know Crotorrents, simply move on…

For those who don’t know, Crotorrents is just another Torrent website. Here, they have all sorts of downloadable items for free. Crotorrents pirate and crack some file (PDF, games, Rar files etc.) and give you the links to download for free without buying them from the original authors or authorized vendors.

If you want to download files from Crotorrents, you have to download and install Utorrent downloader client on your device. The Utorrent client will be able to download the torrent magnetic links.

Let’s go to the main reason for this article.

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Is Crotorrents safe to download?

Let’s look at the “NO” side of it first.

Here, I will explain the reasons why Crotorrents is not safe for downloading.

Crotorrents is a Torrent website.

Being a torrent website, you’ll probably want to download games that are pirated (cracked from the original version). When you download cracked (pirated) games or files, you have to consider the following;

1. Copyright Issue.

You know quite well that piracy is a crime in the USA and in other countries.

Almost all the games and documents sold are copyrighted. Making or using unauthorized copies of copyrighted products is against the US law, and you may be subjected to civil and criminal liability.

In the US, a Criminal charge may leave you with a felony record, years of jail time may follow up and fines up to $250,000.

For even using the torrent site, you might be jailed for a couple of months.

2. Security Issues.

I how you know how torrent files work!

Torrent games, software work using cracks. These cracks allow you to play the game or install the software for free without buying them.

In most cases, before you do that, you will have to disable your device antivirus and firewalls. If you don’t, your anti-viruses will detect these cracks as virus and tend to delete them automatically.

If you eventually disable your antivirus, your device will be exposed to threats and malicious attacks.

That’s not all.

You might want to ask, does crotorrents has virus? The answert is also “YES” and “NO”.

Remember, Torrent websites don’t offer money for their services. But you should ask, how do torrent website make money to maintain the website resources? Well, they achieve this via various means. You will be exposed to a lot of annoying ads, some exotic images, and so on. You could mistakenly download unwanted software into your devices.

Some of the files you download could be infected with viruses, malware, spywares etc. These software could spy on you or steal valuable and personal information from you. The software can even harm your device.

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In addition to this, some torrent website has the ability to use your CPU resources to mine Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The game you download may even contain Bitcoin mining script.

I know you probably don’t know about this, but its true.

Is Crotorrents safe to download Games and Files?

Let’s look at the “YES” side of it first.

Here, I will explain the reasons why Crotorrents is safe for downloading.

Everything that have disadvantages also have advantages. So it’s up to you to weigh up the gains against the risk.

In this life, some people don’t have money at all, but they have to live a life. These people need things to support their living. For these sets of people, they can’t afford to buy some things, but they need it.

For these people, Crotorrents is good for them, no matter the risk involved (I am not encouraging piracy). According to the owners of the site, all torrent files are carefully checked and ensured to be working and virus free (no guarantees).

There are so many users who have download files many times on Crotorrents and nothing goes wrong. Even if things go wrong it’s unnoticed.

So, make a decision yourself if you want to use Crotorrents or not.

Tips to Stay Safe when using or any Torrent Site

If after all the warnings, you still want to use or any other torrent website, follow these tips to stay safe.

1. Always use VPN. We recommend NordVPN

2. Open the site using incognito windows

2. read the reviews and comments before downloading

4. Ultimately, buy the game from the authorized vendors (recommended).

Hope this helps!

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