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How to Delete a Trello Board


Trello is a Kanban-style project management tool that provides a visual way to see all the tasks you or your team need to complete, making it easy to see what everyone is doing at a given time on the team. It’s also free, which means it’s suitable for small and large groups as well as individuals running businesses or tracking personal tasks. Among project management tools, Trello is one of the easiest to use and implement, but its blank-slate interface can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you and your team get the most out of Trello, no matter what you’re using to track.

So how does this manage project management? Software like Trello takes this idea of ​​getting close to cards and puts it in a visual interface, where tasks are laid out on a board and a team’s work capabilities are matched. At its most basic, a board will have three parts, as shown in the image above: working, (or in process), and done. However, teams can use these tools in any way that works for them. Some teams may prefer a physical board, while others want the convenience of a virtual solution, such as Trello.

How to use Trello

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Trello uses boards, which are made up of cards. Boards can contain projects (website design, tile sizes, and colors), tasks (graphics, tiling), and sub-tasks or options on cards.

Once you’ve decided to organize your list, you can start adding cards, which can then contain checklists and labels. Checklists are a way to break tasks into sub-tasks. For example, if you’re using Trello to plan a vacation, you might have a card for a restaurant you want to add to a checklist that includes making a reservation, finding the best food, and if it’s kid-friendly. Labels can be used to represent a card’s status (approved, submitted, etc.) or category (science, technology, industry, etc.), or any tag you want. Then you can do a search that should bring up all science-related cards or all approved cards, for example. You don’t have to add a title to a label, though;

Now, suppose that a board has already completed its cycle or you want to start a project from scratch and you want to clean up the view of your Trello workspace a bit, then it is time to delete or archive that board that is left over or that you no longer use.

How to Delete a Trello board

Note: If this is a shared board, you have to be an admin of a board to close it. In enterprise-class teams, team admins can also close meetings.

When it comes to deleting existing boards in Trello, you first have to close the board which is similar to archiving cards. Once a board is closed, it will no longer be visible in your list of Boards. You can only access it by clicking the “Boards” button located in the upper left of the Trello desktop. Then select “View closed boards…”

But if you insist on permanently deleting the board then:

Open your “Closed Boards” list. There you will see a list of your closed boards. You will see a list of your closed boards, with a “Remove” button next to the “Reopen” button on all boards you are an admin of. Clicking the “Delete” button will permanently remove the board.

Warning: Deleting a Trello board is permanent and cannot be recovered once deleted.

What is Trello and what is it used for?

Trello is a tool so you can manage projects and daily tasks. This can be your personal project or team project. You can arrange it to your way of seeing the execution process, and you can also combine it with other tools such as slack or Gmail so that it is easier to track.

Who Created Trello?

The creator was Joel Spolsky through Fog Creek Software a subsidiary of At l assian

What is Trello Gold?

Trello Gold is the advanced Trello plan, you pay $5 per month and you have access to more unique features, usually recommended for work teams and companies. You can access It for free by sharing a personal link when someone creates your account through and subscribe to Trello Gold.

Can Trello boards be linked?

Linking per board to get a link to your Trello board, open the board menu, then click “More” and copy the link to your board. List of boards from a board to a link.

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