How to change NAT type on AT&T hotspot (From NAT 3 to NAT 2 and Vice Versa)

How to change NAT type on AT&T hotspot (From NAT 3 to NAT 2 and Vice Versa)


In this post, I will show you how to change nat type on mobile hotspot on iPhone, Android and PS4.

AT&T has an unlimited data plan where you can use it on your mobile devices and on your AT&T mobile  hotspot. Being an unlimited subscription, you can use it to do virtually anything online. You can watch movies, play games, do live streams, etc. But unfortunately, AT&T NAT 3 has some limitations being a strict NAT type and you may have the need to change it to NAT 2.

How to change NAT type on AT&T hotspot

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The only way to achieve this is port forwarding.

AT&T’s Port Forwarding Tool allows you to manage your Internet connectible devices or media at home or remotely. Their Port Forwarding Tool lets you manage pet or security cameras, play multi-player games online, or use streaming devices or applications on your home network.

To use AT&T port forwarding too, follow the instructions below;

Step 1: Visit the Port Forwarding tool here

Step 2: Enter your myAT&T sign-in info.

Step 3: CLick the sign-in button

Step 4: Follow the port forwarding instructions to troubleshoot and connect your device.

Most mobile hotspots, and smartphones, do not support a UPnP routing option. However, the option to update UpnP recently became available on the AT&T Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot Router.

  1. From a computer that is connected to the Nighthawk router, launch a web browser.
    • To view the mobile router Wi-Fi network name, press the router Power button to navigate through screens until the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) displays.
  2. Enter http://attwifimanager in the web browser.
  3. A login page displays; enter the administrator login password.
  4. The dashboard displays; select Settings > Router > Basic.
  5. Turn on UPnP.

Note: This is only an option on the Nighthawk because of its ability to route.

You have a regular Hotspot router, tethering a computer may be an option and use the Internet Sharing option from the laptop itself. My understanding of this method is that the connection ends up slowing down though since it’s going through a tertiary device. The option for internet sharing will vary depending on your computer’s operating system.

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