Is Malwarebytes safe for Mac and Windows - User Reviews on Reddit, Quora, Apple Forum, Tom's Guide Forum

Is Malwarebytes safe for Mac and Windows – User Reviews on Reddit, Quora, Apple Forum, Tom’s Guide Forum


You might ask, is Malwarebytes safe to download and use on my Mac or Windows device?

I was sceptical about the answer until I threw the questions on multiple users of Malwarebytes on Reddit and on popular forums.

That is the reason why I call this Malwarebytes Reddit review. That means you can land on this post If you also searched on “is Malwarebytes safe reddit.”

Reddit is a viral social media. So, it’s easier to get opinions from so many people about a particular product or service.

Apart from information gotten from reddit users, we also added opinions from users on other platforms such as Apple community, Tom’s Guide forum and quora.

That means you will have the opportunity to read what other users are saying about Malwarebytes.

Let’s see what we’ve got!

Is Malwarebytes safe Reddit Reviews?

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Let’s start on the Malwarebytes user reviews on Reddit.

A certain user, posted “Is Malwarebytes Anti-Virus good/safe/a scam?”

From the responses, We found out that Malwarebytes is safe for both Windows and Mac.

Although many users misconstrue the functions of Malwarebytes. Some users think that Malwarebytes is an anti-virus.

It functions as sort of it, but Malwarebytes is a scanner with a paid anti-malware suite. What it does it, scan your computer, search for a virus or malicious programs and tears it out.

Warning! While deleting the virus from your computer, Malwarebytes can also delete the infected files or files that look suspicious from your device.

On Reddit, there is one user who complained bitterly how Malwarebytes accidentally deleted something critical from his computer? Although this is a sad experience, this is not enough reason for negative Malwarebytes reviews. It could be that the virus has already damaged the file and conceal it while Malwarebytes reveals the file after removal.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that Malwarebytes be used along with an Antivirus program.

Malwarebytes should be used as a second-line defence next to your leading antivirus software.

The verdict from Reddit users:

Malwarebytes is an excellent virus removal program for your device, but you must have a regular antivirus running.

Is Malwarebytes safe? Quora Reviews

Let’s head on Quora and see what users are saying about Malwarebytes.

According to Malwarebytes reviews on Quora, the software is safe to us. I checked on all the 24 posters on this topic and did not find any negative review about Malwarebytes.

According to Giedrius Majauskas, a web security expert, Malwarebytes is safe for you. Other posters recommend that you use the premium version. For me, there’s nothing wrong about the free version except you have money to upgrade. Of course, as expected, the paid version have more features and benefits than the free version.

Is Malwarebytes safe? – Apple Forum Reviews

On Apple Forum, uses also tend to recommend Malwarebytes.

One mac user said…

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Apple Support reps use Malwarebytes themselves. It is not an Anti-Virus but rather a malware removal app. Macs are susceptible to malware, mostly adware and some other exploits that are not viruses. Virus is a very specific category of malware that is self-replicating.

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Malwarebytes is beneficial on Mac devices. Macs can and do get malware, and not all malware is viruses.

It is a handy anti-malware scanner against that wretched SafeFinder and MacKeeper program

Tom’s Guide Forum User Reviews

An finally, we head over to Tom’s Guide forum for Malwarebytes user reviews. I consider this place the busiest technology forum in the world. We are sure to get the correct information from them.

According to the majority of users, Malwarebytes is an excellent anti-malware program.

One user Agera One, with over 4K points on Tom’s Guide Forum said…

It’s good enough to use, but it must be used alongside a proactive antivirus software; Doesn’t have quick scan or scan scheduler; Doesn’t inspect emails or websites; Malware definition updates must be manually initiated..

From other members review, Malwarebytes does not have any harmful impact on the system’s performance. It crushes malware and restores confidence.

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My Verdict!

is malwarebytes safe to download? Or is malwarebytes safe to use? Yes answer is YES. All these users from these popular forums such as Reddit, Quora, Apple Forum, Tom’s Guide Forum cannot lie. They unanimously said Malwarebytes is safe for windows and MAC, so who am I to say otherwise?

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