16 Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee

16 Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee


16 Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee

In this post we will review the best shock absorbers for jeep grand cherokee. Shock absorbers are usually installed in vehicles to ensure safety and smooth ride for both the driver and the passenger.

Grand Cherokee jeeps are made for rough terrain hence needs a good quality shock absorber.

The cost to replace shocks on jeep grand cherokee is affordable. There are numerous shock absorbers one can think of, the list is just endless. Below are list of best shock absorbers for your Jeep Cherokee on Amazon.

15 Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee

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1. Bilstein B6 4600

Do you wish to improve and upgrade the quality of your shock absorber so as to enjoy your ride by making it more comfortable?

I highly recommend Bilstein B6 4600series shock absorber. For it is made with the highest quality materials crafted mainly as a mono-tube.

The producer of this shock absorber makes really quality products; which bring about safer and more controlled drive on the roads.

Belstein B6 4600 series have a superb performance; has quite good duration, gives your jeep more traction and good strength.

And the price?  The price is not too high; it’s very affordable hence high price should not scare you away.

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2. Old Man Emu (OME) Nitrocharger

This is the best shock absorbers for jeep Grand Cherokee anyone who wishes for a thrilling journey should go for. OME comes with a good nitrocharger and affordable price of $44.4. It comes handy with a compatible lift kit, it is made with nitrogen.

Do you always ride on a rough terrain?  Old man Emu is just the best quality of shock absorber you can think of.


Rancho is quite a well known brand with respect to shock absorber, manufactured in North America.  This company produces good quality shock and suspension absorbers; which are durable and dynamic.

Want to experience what it feels to have a smooth journey?

4. Opt for Rachno RS7000MT shocker

Because it has an inbuilt deflective disk valve that robotically detects danger with a steering stabilizer for controlling the driver’s steer.

On purchase the producers provide the customer with a 90-day free trial for duration of three months with a certain time warranty.

The con of this shocker is that it does not have a mounting hardware and brackets.

5. King Off-Road Racing Shocks

This is one of the best best shock absorbers for jeep Grand Cherokee. Want to maintain a proper balance when riding? Check out this shocker,

King Off road racing shockers have different length and are produced by RCW4D. This type provides an excellence performance.  It has been reported to help in minimizing interior movement in vehicles.

Hence, a very safe shocker to choose, it is usually mounted on most vehicles.  King off road racing shock absorber has a manual for self installation.

The rigidity of the shocker can be amended if you wish to, because the makers made it possible for users to easily adjust it.

It does not come along with inbuilt oil that’s why I am suggesting you always apply grease of your choice.

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6. KYB Shocks

This is the best 2015 jeep grand cherokee shocks and struts. Do you have a Laredo, Limited, Overland, or Summit sub model of 2015 jeep grand Cherokee?

KYB will perfectly fit well on these sub models.  It has self leveling suspension.

It comes handy with a dried fit calibration; it can be used as an alternative to OE performance usually positioned on the rear.

7. Rough Country N2.0

Rough Country N2.0 is not expensive, but this does not mean the quality is low. Many riders have actually voted for this absorber to be the best for them. The producers added a lifetime warranty to it. So you can see, even if you do not want it; you can try it out if you are buoyant enough at the moment.  The price is $159.80.

8. API shock absorber

This absorber has a good performance and durability.

Do you want to enjoy your drive? Select API shock absorber. The price tag is at $31.98.

Quite cheap, isn’t it?

API absorber is usually position at the rear of your jeep. The producer provides a free ground shipping in case you are far away.

To make the installation easy and faster, it comes with a direct fit application along with calibration to reimburse for damaged suspension. The components of this absorber have different application.

9. Sachs Absorbers

It has load leveling suspension, along with a self leveling capacity in order to enhance safe ride by the user.  Likewise, it improves the performance of the vehicles that carries a lot of loads.

Therefore, if you always carry oodles of goods on your jeep; it will be worthwhile to opt for Sachs absorbers.

10. Mopar shock absorber

Sold at a price of $438.58 with a free shipping option from the manufacturers; depending on the one you purchased it can position either on the rear or front.

11. Monroe Shock Absorber – Rear

Do your vehicle has high center of gravity?

Go for this absorber, it will suit your vehicle best because it is a reflex shock absorber.

Monroe shock absorber gives a good handling and easy riding; this is possible because of high quality valving component it has.

More so, it is made with an all weather fluid that contains unique modifiers to reduce friction and provides the rider a rough free journey.

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12. Unity shock absorber

It has a chrome plate piston which helps in maintaining the balance of your jeep. Unity shock absorber is packaged alongside with instruction manual for ease of installation and a rear shock absorber.  It is sold at $34.98.

13. Detroit Axle – pair shock absorbers

This manufacturer is the leading supplier of this very shock absorber.  Detroit Axle – pair shock absorber is engineered to give you  a smooth and memorable ride.

14. SENSEN shocks struts

The Designers of this shock absorber had your ultimate safety in mind when it was produced; it provides you with a comfortable ride and improves the performance of your vehicle.

This producer grants a lifetime warranty to buyers.

15. AC Delco 520-35 Advantage Gas Charged Rear shock Absorber

Do you need an economical absorber for your jeep?

Opt for AC Delco 520-35 Advantage Gas Charged Rear shock Absorber. It comes with gas charge shocks like: piston rods, oil seal with a dirt remover and a drawn over mandrel (DOM) pressure cylinder.

16. Rubicon express SK010634RXT ‘3.5-4.5” twintube shock absorber for Jeep Xj

This is the best shock absorber ever. It has an excellently improved process, mechanism of operation, materials and tunes.

If you need a high quality shock absorber I don’t see the reason you will not go for this one.

You can find more Jeep Grand Cherokee features here.

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