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20 Best Brandon Sanderson books [best order to read]

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In the post, I will be listing 20 best Brandon Sanderson books to read for your pleasure. If you love fictional novels and books, then you are home with Brandon Sanderson. You are missing a lot of fun if you are yet to read this author’s collection of fantasy serial stories. It is best to read his book in the series. Notwithstanding we have a couple of his standalone novels as well. Whichever way you intend to start, you will have a lot of fun all the same.

Let me take you through my list of Brandon Sanderson’s best books.

20 Best Brandon Sanderson books

Table of Contents

1. Skyward

Price: $13.76 – Buy on Amazon

The novel is one of Bradon Sanderson’s novels for young adults. It revolved around a young girl fighting prejudice to redeem a family image. Her father had abandoned the war flight team when the alien invaded their planet. Though she had planned to be a pilot, her father’s action makes her chances of enrolling in the aviation school a mirage. She was resolute against all odds. Find out if Sandr was able to fulfill her dream in this adventurous novel


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2. The Brands of Mourning

Price: $8.38 – Buy on Amazon

As with the other series by Brandon Sanderson, he presented an imaginary band known as the Set. Legend has it that the band has a garment that whosoever puts it on will have the same magical power as the ancient. Though this is doubtful yet there is a need to find out. This is where Waxillium Landrian comes. Since the recent discovery in writings, images show they may exist after all. Will he discover this faceless organization? Read the novel to find out.


3. Shadow of Self

Price: $8.79 – Buy on Amazon

This is one of Sanderson’s. Mistborn series. After 3 centuries, Scadrial is torn between modernization and tradition. Today new development is taking place everywhere. The modern system of transportation, improved economy, and new structure adorned the capital, Elendel. As expected, a new wave of crime, terrorism, and religious intolerance filled the city. Before the situation gets out of hand, Wayne and Marasi must step in to stop this ugly trend. The question of whether the duo will succeed is the reason for the adventure.


4. The Alloy of law

Price: $8.26 – Buy on Amazon

In his usual manner, Sanderson’s Mistborn series culminates in another three hundred years of Scandrial new experience.

With modern development, will magic and orthodoxy have a place? Though Waxillium Ladrian tries to reinvent the wheel as he traveled to a distant land (Roughs) for a solution but a tragedy at home truncated the lofty idea. Now, he has to choose between two evils. The better of the two is to come to terms with the reality on the ground.


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5. The Well of Ascension

Price: $11.49 – Buy on Amazon

Sometimes it is easier getting power than maintaining that power. This is what this second book in the Mistborn series all about. Both Elend Venture and Vin have ousted the evil warlord and intending to build the ruin of the city.

But before they could heave a sigh of relief, an insurgency arose from three different quarters. This adventure novel is about how to deal with political and military enemies within society.


6. The Emperor’s Soul

Price: $11.99 – Buy on Amazon

If you harbor resentment again a friend or a perceived enemy who hit you, then read this novel. Shay has been condemned for being a serial criminal. She is a forger that has no equal. Nothing seems to be impossible for her to duplicate. But now she is held for attempting to steal the king’s scepter.

Now, this enemy of the state has what it takes to heal the dying emperor. The only obstacle is the king’s trusted counselor. Would he trust Shai enough to allow her to do the magic? Explore the book to find out.


7. Firefighter

Price: Free Audiobook – Get it on Amazon

An eye for an eye will only make the city the city of the blind. David kills the almost and dreaded steel heart. Only to discover his anger and resentment is far from been over. How many yet will David kill to be satisfied? Only time will tell.


8. Arcanum Unbounded

Price: $8.82 – Buy on Amazon

If you will miss any of Brandon Sanderson’s fiction novels, don’t miss this. It is one of his Cosmere series. You know how he creates that imaginary world. Each of those stories is weaved together. In total, Sanderson Cosmere world totaling six worlds in one place comprising nine-book. You can have all of those experiences of each world in one place.


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9. Final empire

Price: $9.40 – Buy on Amazon

Call it the battle of the Titan and you will be right. If you choose to call it the battle between light and darkness you’ll be correct also. Two powers ruling an empire, which of the two will stand the test of time? The battle is between the Mists who rule the night and the Lord ruler. For over a thousand years, every attempt to challenge the power of the night has failed. Who will deliver the empire from the grip of the tyrant? This is what you will unravel as you go through the novel.


10. Elantris

Price: $7.29 – Buy on Amazon

This is the first in the Elantris sequence. Elantris, a city once bubbling with life and good people was endowed with unusual power for the benefit of their people. They were mere people deified by Shaod mystical power.

Suddenly the power failed and they became strange-looking beings, loss their beauty and the city became a shadow of itself. Sarene, the princess of Teod who came to marry the Prince Raoden met the shock of her life. The prince has died, the city lies in waste and by tradition, she is now widow. Will she be able to defend the city against a new scheme by Hrathen who wanted to overrun the city after she discovered the price has not died as earlier announced but banished to the dark world because of the ailment that deformed other members of the community.


11. Calamity

Price: $7.79 – Buy on Amazon

What happens to you is not as important as your reaction to it. This is the story of David. He succeeded in killing steelheart only to discover there is more to killing your perceived enemy than he thought. David is now on the crossroad as to what to do. Read the novel maybe you can advise him correctly if possible.


12. Redemption – Infinite Blade Awakening

This is a fictional novel you will come to understand your perceived enemy may not be your enemy. Sometimes the best thing to do is fight a common enemy for the good of the society.


13. Skin Deep

Price: $4.99 – Buy on Amazon

The way terrorists use human as a shield and a weapon of mass destruction is the picture Sanderson painted in this thriller. Stephen Leeds and his partners are assigned to recover a stolen corpse. Unknown to them it was the body of the renowned experiment biotechnologist. He is renowned for using the human body for various purposes as a storage device. Their fear was he could have done the same to his body before he died. Will their fear be justified at the end of the day or will they find out something positive.


14. Perfect State

Price: $2.99 – Buy on Amazon

Everybody has a degree of pride and nobody wants his or her ego injured. This is what happens when God Emperor Kairominas is made to dine with another ruler from another word. But this time she is a woman.


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15. Snapshot

Price: $2.99 – Buy on Amazon

Once again Brandon proves his mastery in fictional writing with this masterpiece. This detective fictional novel among 20 Brandon Sanderson’s novel is a New York bestseller. It is about a detective David, whose job is to investigate the regular cases recorded in snapshots. But this time he is to unravel a crime not lodged in the snapshots.


16. The Rithmatist

Price: $10.99 – Buy on Amazon

Having ravage the Nebraska community, the Wild Chalklings now moves to the American isles. The young Rithmatists are now using this magical power on fellow students. Joel, a young Chalkling was helplessly watching students disappearing without a trace. Now Joel and his friend, Melody were assigned to unravel this mystery. Their findings were shocking!


17. Variable stars

Joel Johnston was happy Jinny agreed to marry him. But when he knew she was the granddaughter of the wealthiest man in their world, he declined. But instead, plunged himself into the world of uncertainty among the stars to raise enough money to keep his family. Unfortunately, a cosmic disaster struck that makes it near impossible to attain that feat. Will he meet that goal?


18. Mitosis

Price: $12.02 – Buy on Amazon

This is part of the Reckoner series. The era of Steelheart might have gone, but a new attack is been launched. This is the dispensation of a colossal attack by the Epics. With their little firepower, David and the Reckoner will stop at nothing to launch a reprisal for freedom.


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19. Awakening

Price: $14.95 – Buy on Amazon

Life is full of mystery. When you seem to have conquered the most severe war, then appear another one. Siris is best among his equals when it comes to combat. He gained his mastery courtesy of his training from childhood. Siris broke the record his generation had failed to achieve by killing the wicked ruler, God-king.

Unknown to him, that is just the beginning. He is now confronted with an in-house battle and crime in community bedeviled with a mixture of technology and magic. Finding the mystical being called the workers of secrets appears to be the way out. But wouldn’t that  take an eternity for Siris to find that?


20. The Dark Talent

Price: $11.63 – Buy on Amazon

To have defeated the wicked Librarians was considered a great feat by Alcatraz Smedry. This means a safer world for the Mokians. But this was at the expense of the Smedry talents.

Unknown to him, his father was putting in place a mechanism that will bring a calamity to the kingdom of Mokia. How does he now save the kingdom and his friend Bastille who is now in a coma without the Smedry talents?

Any of the listed 20 books by Brandon Sanderson will make the fantasy world. Please, forgive me for not mentioning Sanderson also have adventurous and fictional books for the young people as well. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old there is something for you.

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