How Often Should You Do Window Replacement Mississauga?

How Often Should You Do Window Replacement Mississauga?

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Wondering how often you need to carry out window replacement Mississauga? This is what you need to do.

Window Replacement Mississauga; How Often You Should Do It

When it comes to increasing the efficiency and performance of the existing windows, there are many options that homeowner consider. For instance, some go for inexpensive DIY repairs like installing new window films or installing new weather-stripping. However, some go for window replacement Mississauga project, which is a more comprehensive option. This requires replacing the existing windows with new replacement units.

Often, some homeowners don’t evaluate what the new windows would bring to their homes in terms of energy efficiency, curb appeal and comfortability of their homes. Though you don’t always have to wait until your windows are damaged or drafty in order to consider window replacement Mississauga, it is essential to know how long those replacement windows will serve you before you need to replace them again.

1. How Long Do New Window Replacement Mississauga Last?

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According to window professionals such as WindowTech, new quality windows are supposed to serve you for 15 to 20 years. After these years, that is when you should consider replacing them with new Mississauga windows. However, this is just a standard lifespan. Windows made of vinyl windows last between 20-25 years, and you will find that in most cases, companies which provide these windows give a lifetime warranty. Windows manufactured following the Canadian Standards Association normally last for over twenty-five years.

So, from these figures, homeowners should replace their windows after 15-25 years. Alternatively, depending on the conditions of the windows, you can opt for repairs which normally will involve calking, weather-stripping and doing various temporary fixes.

When you see the following signs, you should carry out window replacement Mississauga;

2. Damaged Frame Or Window Panes

Not all window damages will necessitate window replacement Mississauga. Minor window damages should be solved through repairs such as hardware replacement or weather-stripping. However, there are extreme cases that will need window replacement. For instance, if your windows are warped or have sashes that are damaged, that will call for replacements, instead of repairs.

A damaged frame of the window has negative impacts on your home. It not only makes your home unattractive but also decreases the energy efficiency of your home. The cracks on the frame also allow insects and vermin to get into your home.

3. Fogged Glass

This is a common issue, especially to homeowners with triple or double-hung windows. Moisture gets trapped between the panes of the windows. When this happens, know that there is a hole that you cannot see that is allowing condensation to occur between the panes. The only effective solution is to get new replacement Mississauga windows.

4. Getting Stuck

Windows are continuously opened and closed, and this usually creates small divots and grooves. Over time, the stress as a result of the opening and closing of the window causes the window to start sticking. When your door is sticking when opening or closing, that shows it is experiencing a lot of wear and tear, and therefore you should opt for window replacement Mississauga as soon as possible.

5. High Energy Bills

A large percentage of household costs usually goes to paying cooling and heating bills. So, if for the last two months your home heating and cooling bills have been increasing and you cannot explain this trend, the probable culprit is your windows.

As such, you need to remove your old and drafty windows and replace them with the new units that are more energy efficient. That way, you will be able to save on energy costs.

6. Soft Frame

If your Mississauga windows are wooden, excessive moisture, especially during the winter, can cause the frame to rot. If when you touch the window frame, it feels so soft, you should think about replacing the whole window sill as soon as possible.

Sometimes there may be no other signs of damage, especially inside, but don’t be fooled by that; it would be just a matter of time before the entire frame come crumbling down, alongside the concrete.

7. Drafty Rooms

If your windows are functioning well, there shouldn’t be the cases of letting air in. So, if you feel cold air getting into your home when you stand close to your windows, that means they are letting in cold air. You can opt for weather-stripping or replace the Mississauga windows altogether.

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