15 Best Batman Comics to Read Of All Time

15 Best Batman Comics to Read Of All Time


Here are the best Batman comics on the internet today. Comics have been a very interesting way of educating children and telling them stories that would like.

The Batman comic is a comic book series that has featured stories with Superhero Batman as its protagonist. The batman comic has become popular that it has numerous comics which we are going to consider it’s best.

These Are The 15 Best Batman Comics Of All Time;

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1. Batman Earth one

Batman Earth one was written by Geoff John and is a definitive batman for the new generation. It retells the origin of Batman and his attempts at fighting crime in Gotham.

It is this version of the comic that the Alfred from Fox’s Gotham was modeled after.  The penguin was the corrupt mayor of the city, and Batman has to take him down while investigating a series of murders that have taken place.

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2. The Joker

The Joker gives a tale that concerns the seemingly endless dance that the joke and batman are destined for. It is a superbly written tale of the twisted love that the joker has for batman. It is very much a prequel to the historic events that took place within.


3. Earth One vol. 2

Earth One vol. 2 is a rare comic that outdid its predecessors. It kept on with the same tone as vol. 1 and has Riddler, Killer Croc, and a gender-bended two faces. This comic earned immediate praise from critics, with even Chris Terrio giving it a rave review.


4. Batman Detective Comic

In Batman Detective Comic, Scarecrow has poisoned Gotham with this new toxin that makes people see the world in the best possible light in order to conduct horrific experimentation on its citizen.

Batman had to see Gotham as a utopia and Catwoman was both his new robin and his lover until he was made to see what’s actually happening through the help of poison Ivy. It scaled through with a bit of matured spin and had few fun easter eggs for batman lore.

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5. Batman Endgame

Batman Endgame Comic is the most recent batman story to come to completion but is definitely worth the top batman comics. It tells the story of what happens when joker stop to play with batman and trying to bring him to his end.

The story got to its climax when batman and joker laid dead next to each other. Though it received criticism for the death of its superhero, it is really worth reading and portrays a truly fitting end. Many see this as the best batman comics to collect.


6. The Black Mirror

The Black Mirror batman comic is narrated on Dick Grayson’s time after Bruce Wayne was presumed dead.  It dealt with the return of Gordon, Jr., but also has a lot of neat interactions between the new batman, Gordon, and oracle. This comic took a refreshing step on the Caped Crusader while all the while staying in step with the tone and core components of what really makes batman, batman.


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7. Under the Red Hood

Under the Red Hood Batman comic was made famous due to its creation of one of the most beloved Batman characters of all time and pulling off a big plot twist in DC comics’ history.

It became famous making the new Batman video game, Arkham Knight to be a loose adaptation of this book. This comic consist the best of Batman.

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8. Hush

Hush batman comic brought life to an entirely new Batman villain that has a personal history with Bruce Wayne. The comic attempted to bring to seeing Hush bring down the man that he perceives to be responsible for ruining his life. It featured a number of beloved villains and was famous because of the big fight that occurred between Batman and Superman. It has one of the most romantic moments between Batman and his lover Catwoman. Also featured the pretty artwork from the legendary Jim Lee


9. Zero Year

Zero Year batman comic spans through two volumes. It was a reimage of Batman’s first crime-fighting crime in Gotham. It showed his decisions to don the cape and cowl, his conflicts with the red hood gang, and even greater struggle when Riddler decided to take over the Gotham city. This became a definitive story of The Gotham’s dark knight making it gain a spot for the top comic.


10. Batman: Year One

You can call Batman: Year One a true batman classic. It was the original story of the Dark Knight and features maybe one of the grittiest show of Gotham city to ever come to a book of comic. This is a very fascinating comic that should have a position in your library or bookshelf.

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11. The court of Owls

The court of Owls batman comic gave a story that went on to feature on two volumes; the court of owls and the city of owls. This comic showed that Scott Synder was more than just an author. It described an arc that deals with the secret society of wealthy Gothamites, this comic is dark and gripping with too many twists and turns.


12. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was no doubt one of the most influential Batman stories of all time. Having featured one of the biggest fights between Superman and Batman in comic history it seemed to have given inspiration to the famous movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It took place in an alternative universe with Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement to fight the good fight.


13. The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke batman comic features Alan Moore’s the killing joke described the utter depravity of Batman’s greatest foe like never before. It tells the story of how the clown prince of crime had attempted to prove that one bad day can make the greatest men go insane. It is a comic you won’t want to miss.

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14. The Long Halloween

This is not your typical villain trying to overtake Gotham comics or rogue wanting revenge on Batman’s story. The Long Halloween tells about the attempt of Batman, Gordon, and district Attorney to catch a serial killer and bring down the biggest crime family in Gotham. Serving as the main inspiration for the dark knight, it features a long list of rogues that stop to make an appearance. It was perhaps amongst the greatest batman comics of all time.


15. Batman Impossible

Batman Impossible comic tells about Damian sending Bruce on a trip in part to patrol Gotham city on his own as the new superhero, Batman. He had to use his own custom costume as he launches his investigation on a case. It was just downright hilarious to see Gordon and a GCPD dealing with Batman. At last, Bruce and Damian got reunited in London just in time as Alfred performs on stage.

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