Valentine’s Day Food Delivery Trends in the US

Valentine’s Day Food Delivery Trends in the US


Valentine’s Day is a global holiday that has changed society’s perception of showing love as a whole. We now associate the day with material items like teddy bears, champagne and rose bouquets along with a candlelight dinner at the new restaurant downtown. While fancy dinners and having a lavish evening might be the best option for some, this might not necessarily be the route others take to celebrate with loved ones.

The team at Postmates has taken an internal look at their food and drink delivery trends for February 14th. Keep reading for an inside look at how the expectation differs from the reality of Valentine’s Day in the United States.

The Most Money-Spending States

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Depending on the state, the amount of money spent on delivering food and drinks varied; with Vermont taking the crown. This reflects the places that spent the night in, but made sure to make it memorable by going all out. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the states that spend the absolute most money on Valentine’s Day.

One reason may be that they are the most budget-friendly, ordering in instead of going to a restaurant. Another could be that the specific states are ordering for more people, spending the holiday with friends or family instead of just a romantic partner. Or, the restaurants in their area just were not filling enough, and they ordered fast food after their romantic meal.

Whatever the reason being, the list below ranks the top 5 states, in order of money spent on Valentine’s Day delivery. The list also includes the top restaurants the state ordered from, with all of the options from fast food.

Top Spending States and The Places They Ordered From: 

  1. Vermont: McDonald’s
  2. Wyoming: Chick Fil A
  3. New York: Shake Shack
  4. D.C: Shake Shack
  5. Iowa: Chipotle

Ditching the Fancy Stereotype

In America, it seems as though several people that are celebrating are reluctant to spend a lot of money on themselves or their significant others on Valentine’s Day. Instead they often cap the amount they choose to spend on food and drink throughout the evening.

The once lavish holiday seems to be slightly stressful for consumers, with the extreme temptation of shopping. Places like grocery stores become decked out in pink and red from the moment Christmas is over, with larger-than-life teddy bears, and artificially colored flowers. Advertisements are altered to focus on gift-giving to show your affection and appreciation for your partner.

However, spending money going to a restaurant for two seems to be less and less appealing to consumers, as more people are opting out in favor of delivery services. Dodging the temptation on the day-of festivities and saving money by ordering from delivery service apps is a great way to still make the night fun without breaking the bank.

The Most Frugal States

Just for fun, let’s look at the top 5 states that spent the least amount of money on Valentine’s Day 2019, with West Virginia spending the smallest amount. Now, this could either mean they didn’t spend a lot on Valentine’s Day or they went the traditional route by going to a restaurant to spend their evening. One thing that stays consistent is the fact that the most dominant places that people ordered from were fast food chains.

Least Spending States and The Places They Ordered From: 

  1. West Virginia: Chipotle
  2. Nebraska: Raising Canes
  3. South Dakota: Starbucks
  4. Michigan: Little Caesars Pizza
  5. Idaho: Panda Express

Ditching the Corkage Fee

Ordering in isn’t limited to food on Valentine’s Day, it also includes alcoholic drinks. People all around the United States chose to bring fun into their own homes, ordering booze including beer, whiskey, wine and champagne. The fact that beer is ranked at the top with 37% shows further the casual take on the holiday; delivering a case of beer with a side of Raising Canes to your door seems to be the new trend for this romantic holiday. In second place, wine and champagne were delivered, which doesn’t come to much of a surprise as they are classic Valentine’s Day drinks.


The order of the top three alcoholic drinks ordered from Postmates:

  1. Beer
  2. Wine/Champagne
  3. Vodka

It’s no secret that in today’s society, convenience is key. You can order your groceries to your doorstep, have access to thousands of movies and shows right from your laptop, and not have to step foot in your car for your next meal. With Valentine’s Day, it has evolved due to the availability of delivery apps. Having the ability to spend the holiday with your friends, partner, or family without the headache of getting a reservation has changed the game. The more relaxed take on the day doesn’t necessarily mean that people care any less than they did previously, but the expectation of the day might have changed. It makes the feeling of having a successful holiday more accessible and affordable.

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