How To Use Afterpay On Shein

How To Use Afterpay On Shein


What is Shein?

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Shein is an online fashion retailer primarily based in China.  The company was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in Nanjing, China. The company acts as an intermediary in clothing materials markets. They don’t manufacture or design clothing. They only act as the interaction platform between sellers and buyers.

Moreso, their operation is not limited to China as they also ship products on international waters. They currently ship goods to over 200 countries in the world. The company earned itself the name of the biggest fashion retailing company in the world in 2022. The company currently is valued at $100 billion.

The official website of Shein is As a user of Shein, you can sell, you can buy goods, pay for it, and get it shipped into your country if you are living outside China. They are one of the most reliable fashion companies in the world.

What is AfterPay?

AfterPay Limited is a financial technology company based in Australia. The company is well known for its policy of BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later). They offer the service of collecting the payment of the goods bought by their customers installmentally. They basically work like a short-term financial institution.

The company was founded in October, 2014 by Nick Molnar and Anthony Eisen. The company has its headquarters in Australia and their service only covers 5 countries which are Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand.  There are about 17million people using AfterPay.

The company has other subsidiaries of which the services some provide is a little different. AfterPay Holdings PTY Plc, Touchcop LTD, ClearPay Finance LTD etc are the company’s subsidiaries.

How to use AfterPay on Shein.

In this section, we will talk about how to use AfterPay on Shein. First, we need to know how this two work together. It should be brought to our awareness that AfterPay is seen as a means of payment on most of the sites that have payment functionalities. Shein is not an exclusion to this, as they allow their users to use AfterPay as a means of payment.  Let’s take the process in steps to make it more comprehensive for us.

* After Ordering on Shein and it’s time to pay for the product, navigate to the payment session.

* A list of payment options will be displayed of which AfterPay is one. Click on it.

* You will then be required to input your AfterPay details and your email address.

* You will need to log in to your afterPay account too to confirm the payment.

Note, you will be asked to pay 25% of the supposed payment of the good immediately during the order via AfterPay and the remaining 75% of the payment will be extended over a course of 6weeks.

An email with your payment schedule will be sent to you. AfterPay doesn’t charge extra charges for installmental payment. They only charge for late payment which is $10 for every 7days after the payment due date.

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