15 Best Nose Hair Trimmers 2020 | What is the best nose hair trimmer on the market?

15 Best Nose Hair Trimmers 2020 | What is the best nose hair trimmer on the market?

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What is the best nose hair trimmer on the market?  – In this article, we review the 15 Best Nose Hair Trimmers 2020. Here, you will find the very best nose hair trimmer for men and women.

Hairs are integral to the human body, and each part to its own. Hairs in the nostrils trap harmful objects that could possibly cause adverse reactions from gaining access into the nostrils by carrying out moistening of oxygen flowing into the nasal openings.

Overgrown nose hair definitely defaces a man’s face. And it deserves every attention no matter however small hairs may be.

Having hairs grow in the nose is not out of place, except for the small burden of overgrown stretches that are very quick to tickle the delicate skin around that area. For a lot of folks, long hairs sulk, tapering down from the nostrils to full public glare creating a sight of shame for many.

To remove nose hairs is an issue to be taken with utmost care considering sensitive tissues in that body location. There are various ways of getting hair out of the nose but not all is safe to think of let alone indulge in.

Enter nose hair trimmers – devices that guarantee removal of nose hair.

Nose hair trimmers come in two variants – the manual nose hair trimmers – small scissors with blunt or rounded ends. And the electric nose hair trimmer produced with safety precautions at heart, so it could go in and fish out hair timely and safely.

Electric trimmers are handheld battery-powered or rechargeable devices built with small rotating cutting blades at one end. The blades sit inside a plastic or metal guard, which stops them from contacting the skin. Small slits in the guard allow longer hairs to enter the cutting mechanism below. The tip that goes into the nose is usually smaller than a fingertip.

Over the shelf in the mall, beauty shops and pharmacy, nose hair trimmers are displayed. Nose hair trimmers are very easy to use. Users have to take note of the following simple rules while using nose hair trimmers:

  • First wiping mucus off the nostrils
  • tilt the head a bit backward to align with the shape of the nostrils
  • target the longest nose hair with the trimmer close to the skin
  • blowing the nose again afterward to remove any loose hairs

The beauty of nose hair trimmers is its selective nature. Only longer hairs get trimmed. Subsequently, a well-trimmed level of hair is left.

Having seen how indispensable trimmers are let’s take a look at the best 15 on the world’s renowned e-commerce store Amazon.

15 Nest Nose Hair Trimmer 2020

Table of Contents

Based on buyers’ preference overtime, we curated the following list of the best nose hair trimmer.

1. FlePow Nose Hair Trimmer

 Top of the chart is the FlePow battery-powered Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer that goes for FlePow gives the liberty to detach the waterproof IPX 7 for thorough cleaning. Made of a dual-edge spinning blade system, FlePow stands out with a larger diameter than other trimmers, a uniform touch in trimming off excess hair from the nose. Its IPX7 is waterproof and detachable, so you can go ahead to open it up for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The set of high-quality stainless steel dual-edge spinning blades easily trim hairs from the nose without fuss.

The double edge spinning blades welcomes hair into the trimmer head from the top and sides, and smoothly engaging in precise removal of the hair from target parts. FlePow Nose hair trimmer was crafted with both sexes at heart. It remains in vogue, never going out of style. Possessing that unique high quality and excellent packaging drives it straight to the first on our list.


2. Philips Norelco NT3000/49 series 3000

The Philip Norelco powerful trimmer is assembled for high performance for the ideal angle in the ear, and capped with the advanced ProtecTube technology innovative safeguard system covered by an ultra thin foil, soft-touch ideal angle rubber grip flexible to control, ultra sharp and precise cutter slots to prevent hairs from getting caught and powered byAA lithium batteries.

A 100% waterproof use, wash, and dry support. The advanced trimming system shields the blades from nicking the sensitive skin. The trimmer comes with a battery for immediate use after purchase. And a 2-year worldwide guarantee.


3. Philips Norelco 5100 NT5175/42  

The Philips Norelco Nose trimmer 5100 advanced dual cut technology is a promise of accuracy, ease and distinction delivered in one package. Endowed with power and speed, the nose trimmer quickly and painless trims unwanted nose hairs.

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Using Advanced ProtecTube technology, ultra-thin foil guard, powered by a lithium AA battery, the Nose trimmer 5100 provides sharp and precise trimming while remaining gentle on the skin, and angled design top for internal curves in the nose. It suits also trimming hairs in the ears, and eyebrows.

It has a powerful cutting system that makes quick work of trimming. The Nose trimmer 5100 is water-resistant for easy cleaning in the sink, and its textured grip provides superior hold on the trimmer even when wet. With no need to oil the blades and a warranty of 24months keeps the mind at rest. The Philips Norelco Nose trimmer 5100 is a reliable trimmer for long-term use.


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4. Panasonic ER430K Nose Hair Trimmer  

Panasonic ER430K is a Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer, Battery-Operated, and ready to use switching from wet or dry use. The Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer ER430K beats the competition with a novel in-built vacuum system set on a double-edged blade for efficient trimming. The trimmer is water friendly and can be washed after use.

The safety cone bends hairs into the blades, shielding the skin from direct contact with the blades. Panasonic ER430K blends comfort and portability together.


5. Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

Egging the grooming envelope a bit, Panasonic ER-GN30-K comes in a Dual edge hypoallergenic 60-degree stainless steel blades for even trimming, curved uniquely for and detailing and eliminating hidden hairs while remaining suitable for regular grooming. The trimmer’s blade precise nature allows an amount of hair favorable for nasal hygiene.

Its hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades add another plus to this array – flexibility, the freedom to trim in wet or dry modes.

Its powerful vortex cleaning system is a distinction that gives room for thorough cleanup after use by activating the switch, inside water the trimmer draws and water and flushes hairs lagging inside.

Portability is when you know the Panasonic ER-GN30-K nose hair trimmer can be used on the rocking chair, in the living room or bathroom and still fit in to the tightest of spaces in your luggage.

Subsequent clean water rinsing can be done in less than a minute

It can run for 90minutes on a single AA-size alkaline battery and 2years life span.


6. Laxcare Nose Trimmer

Laxcare nose trimmer is one of the best manual nose hair trimmer currently in the market today. From the box to the trimmer, Laxcare calls out to everyone to care for a suave nose hair trim.

Its dual-edge blades grab and trim hairs from the top and sides. With curved, hypoallergenic, stainless steel dual-edge.

Laxcare trimmer doesn’t skin-pinch and pulls hair strands unnecessarily. The efficient power of lax care trims nose, eyebrows and ear hairs, leaving no scratch or mark on the skin.

The Laxcare nose hair trimmer is enabled by a precise well molded rotary blade system with circular blade action for efficient nose and ear hair trimming. To ignite this trimmer, it takes just one AA battery. You have no reason to worry about charging or a bad charger. Have a spare battery at hand instead. Within one year and five months you must consider buying another one. So says Laxcare.


7. ConairMAN Nose Hair Trimmer

The ConairMAN battery-operated, ear and nose hair trimmer is a portable crafted high quality handheld, designed with a detailer and shaver attachment. A 3-sloping diamond angle blade for precise trimming, aimed at that perfect line and edge. No need for fear of pulling of hairs.

After every use, you can separate and wash under the faucet. ConairMAN believes all are equals, a kind of way of saying it trims hair clean to equal level.


8. Wahl 5545-400 Nose Hair Trimmer

On the eight spot is the modest Wahl 5545-400 triple purpose ear, nose and eyebrow hair trimmer with professional quality stainless steel cutting blades immersible in running water for clean rinsing.

The rotary trimming heads best for nose trimming have durable blades carved from steel easily maintained. Light-weight and cordless, a rotary head for hairs in the nose and ears, this trimmer self sharpens and is easily detachable for all other detailing and thorough cleanup after trimming.

Enjoy hygienic grooming coming from the famed Wahl family series; this nose hair trimmer has the lowest price on our list for you to save money for AA batteries.


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9. AMAES Professional painless Nose Hair Remover

Arguably, the newest addition in the nose hair trimming list; AMAES Professional advanced painless Nose Hair personal groomer easily and neatly collects and deposit trimmed hairs into a collection chamber. Every corner is trimmed with the double-edged blades. The cordless precision trims on both sides and top.

Powerful, yet noiseless, the outer 60 degrees beveled protective head covers the precise 360 degrees rotating dual-edge blades from shaving the skin. The head is detachable for washing off hair, compatible with AA battery; it’s economic to the pocket.

The high-end ABS plastic body guarantees lasting performance as the custom ergonomic handle allows for alternate handling in either palm.  AMAES, how about an ideal inclusion in a hamper for that special someone.


10. Touch Beauty hair trimmer

The slim and slicky Touch Beauty nose hair trimmer in pink and white from afar appeals to the ladies the more. Thoughtfully made of ever sharp stainless steel, the curved blades in the Touch Beauty trimmer reduce the likelihood of allergy of any kind.

The reason for infusing a IPX6 water-resistant configuration in this device is to allow you rinse off bits of hair simply in no time. Use the pen-look Touch Beauty on the couch, in the bathtub, that’s the essence behind the lightweight design makes it ideal for that small space in your handbag for that trip.


1. ToiletTree Nose Hair Trimmer

ToiletTree nose heavy duty trimmer is coated unlike plastic trimmers with stainless steel also used for making the interior blades set for a smooth clean-cut, to allay fears of painful hair gripping. The rotary system feeds the trimmer with hair from both top and sides so no hair is left behind.

Made with in-built LED light so you can see on the mirror the streamlined cut as it happens to hidden hairs. Toilet Tree prides high-end and cordless, water-resistant, and runs on 2AA batteries.

The vision was to make a high-quality statement in the body grooming space, the embedded ergonomic design and rubber texture proved just that. This is one of the best rechargeable nose hair trimmers in the market at this time.


12. Ceenwes Nose Hair Trimmer   

Ceenwes nose hair professional mute painless trimmer is fashionable for both and women designed in excellence for that smooth trim, perfect and without pains. The LED light was built into scout hairs in difficult to reach corners.

With ease and quick, the blades can be immersed in water to wash off bacterial accumulation. No more nose fingering with the handy Ceenwes trimmer, just take off the cap and trim the airways to freer flow of air.

The rotary system serves the trimmer from sides and the top so hairs are well leveled. Cleaning Ceenwes after use is simpler than ABC, oiling is not needed. Replace the protective cap. Keep the two AA batteries that are included on purchase (don’t forget to buy another) at hand in the device pouch you may need it sometime in the later.


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 13. CleanFly Ear and Nose hair trimmer

CleanFly was designed with the solution to avoiding power failure during use either by USB recharge or the built-in battery. Do get your nose hair trimming to a clean fly.

The protective layer covers dual-edge spinning blades set up, on an interior 360° spinning design, which precisely trims the nose hairs avoiding hair tugging and causing subtle pain.

One standout feature of Clean Fly is the mute mechanism on the trimmer reducing the buzzing sound streaming into your neighbor’s ear while trimming. Never worry of disturbing your partner as you trim in bed. A dual-sided knife head dipped in durability ensures accuracy and long use.

The manufacturer assures you excellent customer service with a 24 hours professional service center, 30 days money back warranty, 12 months quality guaranteed, and 365 days technical support in case you need one.

Be sure you don’t forget the USB cable while packing even at that be rest assured the batteries do not wear out easily.


14. JYSW Nose Trimmer

JYSW nose trimmer is produced with eco-friendly quality ABS material. The white main body gives it a chick, urbane and trendy outlook. Made in three-dimensional rotary knife heads, the electric nose trimmer is simple to install, use, and maintain.

A single button push sets the device trimming on 1 AAA battery for more than half a year when operated once at a time of 5 minutes. The manufacturer offers a 12month warranty and 24hours full after customer service. Lightweight and convenient to slip into the pocket for a trim on the road.


15. Microtouch Max Hair trimmer

The green marks out Micro Touch MAX Hair Trimmer. Its features are a set of German stainless steel, suitable for personal use; the three in one handheld has a rubber non-slip grip.

Rugged on sliding hairs an in-built super bright light aids for trimming the nose hair ways. To fully enjoy this glossy and compact village Microtouch Max trimmer, slide in two AA batteries into at the back and watch its longer blade deliver 50 percent more power.

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