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Kareo App Download Guide 2022 – How to Download Kareo App for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows

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Telemedicine is an evolving technology that allows doctors and other qualified medical personnel to conduct consultations with patients via video and voice for a kind of “Virtual Call.” Done correctly, this is fully reimbursed by private payers. Kareo is one of the leading platforms of technology such as its Kareo telemedicine module that provides the tools for this type of visit.

Kareo is an Irvine, CA Software as a Service (SaaS)-based medical software platform focused on independent practices. The company offers a cloud suite of products and services for electronic health record management (health EHR), medical practice management software, medical billing services (revenue cycle management), and software to help practices with their patients

Kareo EHR is a more recent entry than some other HER platforms, going back to 2004 when Dan Rodrigues, a family medicine physician, set out to build a better platform.

Kareo EHR has grown massively and today, more than 50,000 current benefactors use Kareo, and a total of 75,000 active users. With over 545 employees, at five US locations. Kareo processes $18 billion in insurance claims and secures 60 million patient records across 45 different specialties. Kareo helps to transform a paper-based medical office into a digital enterprise for medical consultation.

In this article, we have listed the procedures for how you can download the Kareo app for your Android, iPhone, iPad, mac, and windows. Follow the steps below carefully to download the Kareo app for any of your devices.

How to Download Kareo App for Android

Table of Contents

        Open the Google Play store app on your android phone.

        Tap the search bar at the top and enter “Kareo

        Tap the green INSTALL button.

How to Download Kareo App for IOS (iPhone, iPad)

        Launch the app store from your iPhone or iPad home screen.

        At the bottom of the screen, tap the search icon.

        Enter “Kareo” in the text box.

        Tap the download icon to the right. If you have downloaded Kareo before, click the iCloud icon.

        Then enter your fingerprint and iCloud passcode.

How to Download Kareo App for Desktop (Windows, Mac)

Kareo app is only available for windows PC. You can download the Kareo desktop app from the Microsoft store or click here. Alternatively, windows users can run the apk version of this app using the bluestack app.

The above procedures are the ways you can download Kareo app for any of your devices.

Features of Kareo

        Kareo focuses its efforts on independent practices and not large hospitals and institutions and is even now managed by a team of doctors, with an emphasis on ease of use.

        At the core of any EHR is the EMR, and at the core of that is electronic charting, an onerous task for clinicians, weighing down the flow of patients in a busy office. Kareo is configured to simplify and speed up the creation of these notes and return to patient care. This is also supported by a robust Patient Portal, to share important medical and billing information with patients at any time, for secure communication, which is automatically integrated into the electronic chart.

        The workflow is also improved. The Agenda Overview serves as a to-do list, keeping track of items that need to be completed each day. Staff is also supported, with features for uploading documents and transmitting secure messages.

        Billing is another core mission of Kareo, and it is ICD-10 compliant. There is a module that supports electronic supermills that can be created in just a few clicks. Billing is completely paperless, with electronic billing and charting, and charges can be entered directly into Kareo. Tools are also provided to help create “Clean Claims,” which are paid faster and with fewer rejections, thereby improving the practice’s cash flow.


Kareo has some shortcomings, although fewer than other platforms. One issue encountered is that while administering a vaccine in the office automatically displays an automated template for entering additional information, such as the lot and expiration date of the vaccine, this does not apply to other medications administered in the office. This should be streamlined to include all office-administered medications, not just vaccines.

Another complaint centers around the ICD-10 code. Physicians have often been confused by these codes, which grew to include approximately four times the codes from the old ICD-9 system. When choosing a code in Kareo, the most used codes are not highlighted or placed at the top. They are also not automatically populated based on the clinician’s note, rather the clinician is forced to read through a multitude of codes just to locate the one that applies to their encounter.


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