How To Find Out Who An Anon Is On Tumblr

How To Find Out Who An Anon Is On Tumblr

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Tumblr, an American website serves two major purposes; social networking and micro-blogging for users enabling them to post multimedia and various other content to a short-form blog. Tumblr has got certain features which enable users to send questions either as themselves or anonymously. Tumblr is also a great platform for small businesses to thrive as it presents the opportunity for many clients to visit your blog and try to know what you offer.


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Anon refers to people who send messages or post questions on people’s blogs anonymously.

Because of room for animosity, certain people have capitalized on this and carried out cyberbullying or sending pornographic content, in fact, a cyber-troll group called “Gay Nigger Association of America” on December 3, 2012, attacked tumbler with a cross-site scripting worm urging users to cause harm to themselves and completely criticized blogging. Many anons even send hate messages and it’s disturbing.

Because Tumblr serves as a business platform too, competitors might pose as potential clients, asking various questions concerning your business anonymously and you might want to answer them, thereby selling yourself out to competition unknowingly….too bad.

Tracking an Anon

The problems facing Tumblr bloggers daily in the form of annoying or hateful anon posts have made it necessary to find out who anon is on Tumblr.

In the past tracking, an anon on Tumblr was fairly easy. You only had to do the following:

  1. Go to the page that shows options for block, delete, and answer
  2. Highlight block
  3. Right-click on block
  4. A window pops up with different options
  5. Click the view ‘view selection source’ option at the bottom
  6. A coding window comes up showing IP, highlight IP
  7. Copy and paste the IP address to a site like http:/
  8. A page comes up showing two options; IP address here and lookup IP address
  9. Click on lookup IP address
  10. Viola! Anon info comes up!

Recently, finding out who anon is on Tumblr has become so hard it’s almost “mission impossible”. Hold up…we got you!. Nothing is impossible if you know the way. In this article, the hacks to finding out who an anon is on Tumblr are yours to know and use.

A recent method of finding out who an anon is on Tumblr (using”StatCounter”)

What is StatCounter? How to use StatCounter on Tumblr

StatCounter is a website used for web traffic analysis. It is free and easy to use and has a code helping you to track visitors coming to your site and Its branch links.

For you to access the benefits of StatCounter, you have to first install and register

The methods to find out anon on Tumblr using StatCounter would be given in steps.

Step 1

  • Sign up for a free account on StatoCounter

Step 2

  • Enter your url, country and time zone

Step 3

  • Select the counter appearance mode you want on the left roadside with the options; Visible counter, StatCounter button, and invisible Tracking

Step 4

  • Choose “invisible tracking”. This option is strongly advised as it prevents counter or button which alerts visitors coming to your blog that they are being tracked giving them room to initiate anti-tracking programs. Invisible tracking option annuls this and stops the appearance of counter or buttons showing on your blog making an anon unaware you are using Statcounter.

Step 5

  • Scroll down the page and click on “Add Project”. A page comes up showing various installation guides for your website

Step 6

  • Choose “Tumblr” installation guide

Step 7

  • Go to the next page and copy the code in the box shown, then go right back to your Tumblr website and go to settings

Step 8

  • Choose the blog you registered from and go to website theme

Step 9

  • Click “edit theme”

Step 10

  • “Customize page” comes up where you can change your html or as in this activity, add other codes

Step 11

  • A page showing “edit html” under custom theme appears

Step 12

  • Click “edit html”. This action enables you to edit the HTML of your blog

Step 13

  • Click inside the text entry box shown and scroll to the end or simple press “ctrl+end” on your keyboard

Step 14

  • Press enter on your keyboard two or three times to create space between your blog’s former code and the new code you are adding

Step 15

  • On the top right corner of the edit html panel, there is a green box showing “update preview”. Paste the new stat counter code you copied earlier and then click the update preview button.

Step 16

  • The preview gets updated and no change is noticed by an anon because you had initially chosen “invisible tracking” as opposed to the counter and button options in which the green colour of ‘update preview’ would change to grey alerting an anon on Tumblr that they are being tracked

Step 17

  • Click the save button. When it disappears, your code is saved, now active and ready to use!!

Step 18

  • Go to stat, log in and select your blog to view anon records. This takes you to a new page showing your overall blog traffic.

Step 19

  • To view detailed information about every single hit on your blog on tumblr, go to “recent page load activity”, and click on it as this is the main space for monitoring blog visitors. This page gives you information about an anon’s country, state, and city plus other useful details about them. These details about an anon appear in red; which shows their IP address, black and green; which shows the referring sites link making you know pages on your blog that have been visited by an anon.

Extra tip

You can use IP Address Labels to find out an anon with suspicious browsing patterns on your Tumblr blog. All you have to do is go to your recent page load activity page; you should see a link that shows “[Label IP Address]” on the right of the IP address part of every entry. Label the IP then press the “+” button to save.

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