How to Delete Doordash Account With Pictural Illustrations

How to Delete Doordash Account Easily


Today, we will serve you the simple steps on how to delete Doordash account. This will help everyone who wants to get their Doordash customer account deactivated.

DoorDash is an American Logistics Industry that is based on delivery of food services. Over the years since its inception in 2013, the company has been a preferred choice for most people (especially in the United States) who are much intrigued by fast-food services.

DoorDash allows their customers to have an online account with them, so as to facilitate fast order and delivery. However, as a user of this platform, there may come a time you wish to obviate your membership with the platform.  This write-up will respond to this and outline possible ways on how to delete your DoorDash account, this includes how to delete Doordash account on app and web, etc.

How To Delete An Account With DoorDash

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If in the case that you might decide you want to deactivate your DoorDash account, there is a way to see that through. It is important to note that the moment your account has been deactivated or deleted, you won’t be able to log into your DoorDash account access the features as a registered user of the platform. Nonetheless, if you may in some time change plan and decide you want to start using DoorDash once again, it is possible to reactivate the account once more.

Below, are the step by step process on how to delete or deactivate your membership with the on-demand food delivery company. To make these procedures more detailed and constructive, we’ll elaborate on the different methods to get this done.

Method 1: Sending a Request for Account Deletion

To delete an account with DoorDash, you will have to send a request as a mail to the Company contact. This will be when you’ve decided that you want to deactivate your account.

If you want to deactivate your DoorDash account, you will have to visit the consumer contact support page and provide all the required information, including your contact details and submit your request. Here we will delineate how to submit a request to delete your DoorDash account:

  • First, go to your web browser and enter It’s preferable to use a desktop browser or you can use Chrome on your mobile web browser.
  • Next, you will be required to fill out the Contact Us form. In the spaces provided, enter your detailed information in the corresponding boxes. Enter your full name, email, and phone number. The data you provide will be used by the customer service team to proceed with your request to delete the account, as such it should be accurate.

  • In the place of Category, choose Account Settings and choose None for Subcategory.
  • A Description text box will be showing on the contact page, type a message requesting to deactivate your DoorDash account.
  • After the last form box, you’ll find an orange button with a description of ‘Submit’. This submits the request you wrote to DoorDash.

Done! You will get a reply from one of the company representative once your account has been deleted. They may request further information before deactivating your account from the platform. You will have to reply by providing the information requested so that your account will be deleted as soon as possible.

Method 2: Canceling Your DashPass Subscription

Another way to deactivate your account with DoorDash is to cancel your active subscription with the company. If you have been using the service not often to order your food delivery, you may have to do this process. Below is the guide on how to cancel your Dashpass subscription with DoorDash:

  • Launch the Doordash application or you can alternatively visit the site address: Any of these medium you use is the same and will still output the same result, where on the website or mobile app.
  • Note: A charge may be deducted from your account if the renewal is made after the end of the previous monthly subscription. Canceling your monthly subscription does not resist you from continuing to use DashPass features. You will access them until the final date in the current billing cycle. Aside from the monthly aspect, for yearly subscriptions, if you cancel them before using DashPass, you’ll have a full refund. In the other way, you will not be eligible for a refund if you’ve used DashPass in the course.
  • The next step will be to access your DashPass. Simply click on the account icon, and a menu will be displayed.

  • Click Manage DashPass (mobile) or DashPass (web). Here, information about when your DashPass subscription will show up on the screen. This includes information like when it is renewing and when you signed up, with also other details about your DashPass subscription.
  • Navigate to where you see End Subscription and click on it. The last step will be to follow the on-screen instructions that will be subsequently be displayed, and confirm to cancel your subscription.

Just be noteful that you’ll not be billed for DashPass anymore, after confirming your subscription cancelation. And interestingly, you can continue using DashPass through the last day of the current billing cycle.

That’s it on the methods to delete an account from DoorDash. We believe these steps work for you were easy to carry out without some hitches. However, you can reach out to Doordash customer service for further assistance.

Wrap Up

Just like any other user-oriented platform, DoorDash users may wish to say goodbye to the online delivery company. This always results in cases when they are no longer intrigued by the service and may have other options. Either the case, this write-up has been detailed enough in outlining the procedures to take so as to delete your DoorDash account. However, if you may have a change of mind. DoorDash has ways to reactivate a deactivated account. But it all depends on the nature of it.

Conclusively, DoorDash is currently the leading delivery service in the United States of America. The company is an on-demand prepared food delivery service which was founded seven years ago in 2013. DoorDash uses logistics services to offer food delivery from restaurants on-demand, and they have an expanded network all round. At present, this food delivery company operates in over 4,000 cities which covers the home USA, Canada, and Australia.

That’s our take on this as we believe you have been informed on how to delete an account with DoorDash.

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