10 Ways to Prepare for MCAT and Score High – Edited

10 Ways to Prepare for MCAT and Score High


You have an interest in the medical line and you are about to write the Medical College Admission Test? Or you thinking of Ways to Prepare for MCAT and Score High? Then this post is very relevant to your success as the nitty-gritty of not just passing but getting a very high score is readily fine-tuned.

After meeting with several medical students who had excellently scaled through the MCAT and are now doing very fine, these tips had been carefully packed with a finesse of scholarly touch.

Now, These Are The 10 Ways to Prepare for MCAT and Score High;

1. Mindset and Priority

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First off, it is no argument that not just passing but getting a high score in MCAT decides your future as medical personnel and as a result of that, maximal attention should be accorded it. You need to have a very laudable mindset about this test as this would be a monumental threshold to your capturing the fact that its vitality and clamor for urgency alongside adjectival diligence can not be exaggerated.

First clear this notion that some successful people did not even go through the stress of academic rigor, hence the reason you won’t just give it a try. Do not give MCAT a try, rather give it your best! It is not just enough to say you are intellectually sound, tests like MCAT shows that. It shows your degree of intelligence, maturity, critical-thinking, and solving of problems within a short time. Perhaps you had been seeking the opportunity to show your stuff? This MCAT is the shot!

2. Avoid Distractions

Now is not the time to always be on Instagram and Twitter or clubbing every time. Now is not the time to sleep for unnecessarily long hours, you are chasing excellence in a test, wrap up other things and give it all( it is not that easy actually, but I can bet you, it will pay off). Distractions won’t make you focus extensively on this goal of hitting high in MCAT.

This is the underlining PHP command, anything you will be engaging in within this period that will take
the central place in your mind should for the time being be cut-off.

3. Niche

Ever noticed that great men in career always have friends of like mind, you might have misunderstood something very vital which you will come to be corrected during group discussions. Group discussions are where you learn, unlearn, and even relearn. “Two heads are better than one( actually, two brilliant heads)” they say you know. And if you are my type, I assimilate better when I’m discussing it.

This is one thing about group discussions, it doesn’t need to be patterned or routined, maintain that atmosphere of flexibility, where you can throw dark humor and all.

4. Read

At this point, you should know reading personally is a very vital aspect, and likewise the bedrock of everything. I am a fan of vigorous reading and I love it that way. Get Voice Aloud Reader on Playstore, this app reads notes to your hearing, all you need do is to plug in a cool earpiece and keep learning as you will be doing other things, make sure amidst all you’re reading.

Give yourself a minimum hour of reading, MCAT is no joke, you will need to read. You need to be exceptional, you can decide to read a minimum of 7 hours every day. A very solid preparation would furnish you with requisite and needful understanding.

5. Draft notes

Don’t just read, draft notes, your drafts is the summary, but not just a summary, rather a summary of very cogent points you came across while reading, those things you should not forget. Don’t be surprised when you read for 7 hours and you draft a note of 5 pages, it is cool.

6. Past Questions

I am dead sure you wouldn’t want to read amiss, there are some topics and subtopics you will come across in your textbook and all but if you study past questions, you will realize those questions don’t come out. Now, this is not to mean you should not read those places which would serve as an amniotic fluid against any change in tide, rather closer and more apt attention should be given to the questions that always come out.

7. Build Your Weak Points

It is so germane that you don’t just build on those areas where you’re strong and score high in every past question, make sure you leave no stone unturned and properly construct carefully a Jericho in those places by reading on them extensively.

8. Go on YouTube

You know what, some things are best learned when seen. I have encountered so many intricacies that got distilled just by one YouTube Video explaining everything… This works more than magic.

9. Self Confidence

Nobody is gonna tell you this, but it is something you should have and treasure, do not the type that fidgets a few days to the test, self-confidence is actually the key. Believe after playing your best, you will write the test fine and get excellent grades, settle that within your mind, it’s vital.

10. Rest

Yes, there are days you would not study for those 7 hours and you’ll go to an eatery nearby and feel good. To be factual, good rest enhances assimilation ( I know you will be happy to hear that). Rest well, let those things sink into your Faculty.

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