How To Uninstall Vindictus

How To Uninstall Vindictus


Are you just tired of Vindictus and you now find Vindictus as a surplus application on your PC? Or maybe you have tried uninstalling Vindictus and you are receiving all kinds of strange errors? If you uninstalled it but there are still traces of files and elements of the game on their system, then the Vindictus is not fully uninstalled. The remaining files can slow down your PC and can make using your PC very discomforting as you will be experiencing stress error popups. The problem may proceed to make it impossible for you to install other programs and annoying may not be enough to describe the feeling you are passing through. But I bring good news as today I will be showing you how to uninstall Vindictus successfully.

Vindictus is not lovely because over time it can make you feel bored and tired of your system. Most of the time after trying to uninstall it over time, you might want to get rid of the system and get a new one. So I will be showing you how to uninstall Vindictus from your PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, and mac)

How To Uninstall Vindictus From Your PC

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Uninstalling the Vindictus can be done in numerous ways and today I will be showing you six methods that you use in doing that. So carefully follow and whichever method meets your preference then you can go with that.

Method 1

The first method is one of the simplest and you can uninstall Vindictus following these steps;

  1. Tap on your Start Menu, then Tap on the Control Panel.
  2. When the Control Panel opens, go under programs, check on the installed program on your system and you will see Vindictus.
  • Right-click on Vindictus and a popup menu will appear, then click on uninstall a program.
  1. You will see a prompt on the screen, follow it and you notice a progress bar showing the uninstallation progress when it is done tap on Ok and you are done.

Method 2

This method needs a uninstaller.exe to uninstall the Vindictus. The steps below will guide you on how to uninstall Vindictus using uninstaller.exe

  1. Locate the Vindictus installation folder.
  2. Inside the folder find the file with the name uninstall.exe or unin000.exe.
  • When you locate the file double click on the file and instructions will appear on your screen, follow it.

Method 3

This third method entails System Restore, which is a utility that restores the system to its earlier state. By so doing, remove all programs that interfere with the performance and operation of the system. So you had established a restore point before you installed the game Vindictus, then you can restore the system to that point. But before doing so, do well to save all important data on an external drive. When you might do that you can now follow the steps below;

  1. If any programs or files are running presently on your system, shut them down.
  2. From your desktop open Computer and go to properties, then a System Window will open.
  • On the System Window go to the left side and click on System Protection to open it.
  1. Now on the opened screen click on System Restore and you will see a new window open.
  2. Select the option of different restore points and go to Next. Then pick the date and time from the provided options. At that point, drivers installed beyond that point will seize to work.
  3. When done click on the Finish option and confirm the Restore Point shown on the screen. Then click Yes and you are done.

Method 4

You can also uninstall Vindictus using Command Displayed in the Registry. The Registry is where all Windows settings and information are stored, including the command to uninstall any program Vindictus inclusive. But be advised this method is very dangerous as any mistake made may crash your system and be difficult to repair.  Ensure that you follow the steps below carefully to execute this method:

  1. Execute the command Windows+R and Run command.
  2. A command box will open, when it does toe Regedit in it and click OK
  • Locate the registry key for the Vindictus, then you will find an uninstall string shown on the next screen; double click it and copy ‘ Value Data’
  1. Execute and Run the command Windows+R again, then paste the ‘Value Data’ you copied and click OK.

Method 5

If the above methods do not work then it’s more likely that there is malware like spyware and Trojan in it. So like every virus you can uninstall Vindictus using a good antivirus and I can recommend AVG antivirus or Norton Antivirus. These antiviruses are good and can remove malware.

Method 6

This last method is for those Using Mac. To uninstall in a Mac is the simplest of it all, simply follow the instructions step by step;

  1. Open the Mac and double-click on the Vindictus on display on your PC
  2. A popup will appear asking if you are sure you want to uninstall, click on delete
  • Find all remnant files of the Vindictus and delete them.
  1. Now go to your trash and empty the trash

You have successfully uninstalled the Vindictus.

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