News Ways to Record a Phone Conversation on Android

News Ways to Record a Phone Conversation on Android


In this guide, I will show you the new ways to record a phone conversation on Android phones.

Surely many people have thought, after hanging a phone call from your smartphone, the possibility of having recorded the conversation just maintained .

Undoubtedly this is a very interesting possibility in many occasions and circumstances, either because a tense conversation is maintained due to a claim or complaint, because a great news is received or simply to keep a meeting that is carried out by telephone and I want to revise later.

That is why we are going to present a solution that allows you to record a conversation or call from our Android device, Call Recorder , the best application to save the conversations you want.

It is available for download in the Google Play store in two versions, one free and one Pro version for payment. Both have a simple interface to manage and configure and a very good rating among users who use it.

To start using Call Recorder, the first thing to do is to install it on the device and start its configuration . We are going to focus on the free version of the application, since it has the necessary options and therefore it will not be necessary to check the box in this case.

Once installed, when opening the application for the first time, the first thing we can do is choose the theme , between two options by default and then it offers us the possibility of increasing the volume of the call , so that the recording has a better quality. log in with an account that we have in any of the cloud storage systems such as Dropbox or Google Drive and where you can save the conversations.

Once these two steps are done, we will click on the Done button and it will take us to the main screen of the application . In it we can see two tabs, one with the input tray , where you can see the recordings and another with what has already been saved .

First of all, once you access this main screen you have to configure if you want to activate the recording of calls automatically or not . To do this, click on the menu button, identified as three horizontal stripes in the upper left and click on the Configuration option.

Once inside the configuration it is necessary to leave marked the option Activate automatic recording if you want the recording to be made automatically or uncheck it otherwise.

In the Audio section , it is recommended to change the File Type to WAV , since it is the best for later playback even in third-party applications. Another important fact for recordings to be made correctly is to indicate that the origin of the audio is the microphone. This can be done from the Audio Source option, just above the File Type option and select the Mic option.

As of this moment, when a call is made or received, you can see at the top of the screen how a red dot appears that ensures that the conversation is being recorded .

Once finished, a screen with the record of the last call and all those that have occurred previously and have not been saved. It also offers the possibility to add notes to the call, play the conversation, share it, save it, etc.

Call recorder offers many other configuration options such as the ability to save conversations in the cloud , to be able to access them from anywhere or simply as a backup, change the maximum number of recordings that are allowed to save, by default marked in 40 but the free version allows you to keep these 200 or even add contacts to those who do not want your calls to be recorded .

In addition, the default recording mode offers three different options , Record everything , which will be when all calls are automatically recorded, except for contacts that have been marked to be ignored, Ignore all , which does not make any sense in the free version and Finally, the Ignore contacts option will only record calls sent or received from phone numbers stored in the phonebook.

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