How to Get Unbanned From Kissanime

How to Get Unbanned From Kissanime

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Here we will show you How to Get Unbanned From Kissanime and perhaps a few tricks on how to bypass Kissanime ban. There are a lot of queries about being banned by one of the most preferred online platform, KissAnime for streaming of free anime videos.

‘My KissAnime account has been banned!’, ‘How do I unban my KissAnime account’, and ‘Why is my KissAnime account banned’, are the incessant questions a lot of KissAnime users have enquired about the anime website. Our aim in this article will be to attend to these perplexing issues. We’ll meet this by outlining and explicating what and what to do to get unbanned from KissAnime. A light-up will also be illumined on an overview of KissAnime, and also how to avoid their bans, all in this writeup.

About KissAnime

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When it comes to online streaming of animes, KissAnime will always be one of the best sites to get the best option. KissAnime is an American based site free website for streaming of your favorite anime videos or shows. The site is highly dependable as users can watch high-definition subbed & dubbed anime in their smartphones and devices. KissAnime is set up in a mobile-friendly way and it has a mobile interface to improve the readability for its users.

KissAnime has a premium and non-premium account options for users, and the premium version additionally offers an optional registration to its users that needs ad-free streaming sessions. In the other way, free version users are subjected to seeing ads displayed by the website. Though these ads may be disturbing, an attempt to kick them off will render such an account being banned. This will be our major here as we will expound the various KissAnime account bans, how to avoid them, and subsequently how to get unbanned from the website.

Reasons for KissAnime Ban

There are many reasons why a lot of Kissanime users complain about being banned. These bans may be temporary or permanent depending on the type. Below are the types of account bans on KissAnime;

Adblock Blocking

Enabling ads blocking without being on the premium membership often results into account ban by Kissanime. This often results from browser enabling the AdBlock feature. If you are using browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and others, you should disable the AdBlock on the browser setting.

When on Kissanime site with an Adblock feature turned on, you will get a pop-up message displaying on the screen. This message will notify you to disable Adblock if you want to continue watching their anime. Moreover, though this type of ads displayed on your phone may not or be that disturbing, it’s best you go to your browser settings and turn Adblock off, so as to avoid being banned by Kissanime.

Filtering Ublock links

A Kissanime user disclosed how he got banned after filtering the new Ublock origin URL. This is another scenario that often leads to being banned by the website. Users of Kissanime are cautioned to always be wary of links they direct to the site, as this could result in earning a ban from Kissanime.

Other bans could result from doing unusual activities like using unofficial apps and using a forbidden third-party program to the site. These activities may be against Kissanime T and C for users using the site. When streaming anime videos on the website, cautiously keep off from what may result in a ban, which we have listed.

After having a clue on what results to KissAnime ban, let’s now look at how to get unbanned on the website.

This is How To Get Unbanned from KissAnime

Receiving a ban from Kissanime may not certainly be a goodbye from using the website. All that is involved to make you stay put is to know the guidelines of users using their site. We’ll encapsulate the preventive measures to employ and avoid a Kissanime account ban below.

Avoid Forbidden Third-party Programs

KissAnime always takes note of some intricate details of its users. You could be banned because using forbidden third-party programs. This always results in using an inflicted IP that was banned by the website. So when using Kissanime, check through the plugins you are using.

Not Using Unofficial Apps

KissAnime does not allow unofficial apps to get access to their content. This is because their servers are overloaded and may complicate with the site set.

Unblock Your Ads

Ads blocking is often the reason why a lot of KissAnime users get banned from their site. The website makes a fortune from ads earning, that’s why they do not allow browsers that block ads by default.  So, go to your browser settings and turn off the ads block feature.

Try Using Another Browser

Sometimes when an old thing isn’t functional anymore, it may be time to ditch it out. Try using another browser like your phone default browser, Chrome, or Firefox, and ensure to disable the VPN from it.

Clear Off Your Cookies

Another method to get unbanned on Kissanime is by clearing your browsing cookies. This medium complements the above method. Go to your browser settings and clear your cookies from the browser & then restart the browser.

How to Clear Browser Cookies

Here is how to clear out your browser cookies on Firefox and Chrome browsers;

  1. On Chrome, go to setting and locate where there is Clear Browsing Data. Make sure the Cookies and other site data box is checked and click clear. If you only want to clear the cookies from kissanime only, then go to the same place and in the “search cookies” bar, you need to just put in the sites address and delete the cookies.
  2. On Firefox, locate to about – preferences and click on privacy, then scroll down and under Cookies and Site Data. You can click Clear Data if you want to clear all your cookies, but ensure that Cookies and Site Data is checked before you click the Clear command.

Clearing of cookies usually works and it helps in getting rid of Kissanime ban.

Open a New Account

Actually, this is obviously the last hope if all the aforementioned guides didn’t work for you. This may be time to drop the old stuff. Just create or open a new KissAnime account if your old one is still being banned and may not work. After signing up, be cautious of what result to your former ban, and enjoy using KissAnime to view and stream your favorite animes.


KissAnime is one of the preferred sites for free online streaming of animes. Animes is very popular mostly as videos, which makes people choose this website for streaming.

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Anime which refers to the animation is a Japanese form of animated videos or pictures. It is best seen as an “animated cartoon” due to how it is displayed in this format. Animes are very much attracted to a lot of viewers who see it worth it.

In this article, we’re able to outline how to avoid being banned from KissAnime, a free online site for anime streaming. We hope these tips were helpful in seeing off Kissanime ban to enable you to watch their good animes!

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