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9 Best American Horror Story Seasons to Watch 2021

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9 Best American Horror Story Seasons to Watch 2021 – We bring to you the best American horror story episodes. These American horror story seasons are ranked from the scariest.  And we believe this will help you choose the best order to watch American horror story.

Horror is one of the most addictive movie forms. The suspense and intrigue make you keep coming back for more no matter how much you want to go hide behind a curtain to avoid the gory scenes.

Created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story (AHS) displays horror at its finest in an anthological horror series. It has released 9 seasons so far with more to come. Though all the seasons have factors that link them, they are all unique with each consisting of different sets of character, storyline, setting, and ambiance. It has been said that some plot elements of the seasons are inspired by true events. However, it is still a work of fiction (just in case you decide to reed a deeper meaning to incidents in the series).

The series started airing on FX on October 5, 2011, and has released 103 episodes so far. The series has been nominated for over 420 awards and won 94 of these awards recognizing outstanding acting, the craftsmanship of the make-up and costumes, and the overall quality of the series. Here is a list of the best seasons of American Horror Story rated in reverse order.

9 Best American Horror Story Seasons to Watch 2021

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9. Cult (Season 7)

Ally Mayfair-Richards, a local restaurant owner is left devastated after Donald Trump is elected president in 2017. Despite help from her psychiatrist, her mental state keeps deteriorating. Kai Anderson, a dangerous cult leader with his eyes on a public office uses fear as a weapon for achieving his goal. Ally becomes terrorized by masked assailants dressed as clowns who only attack when she is alone; leading people to think it’s only a product of her imagination. There is an increase in death rate and the inhabitants of Brookfield Heights, Michigan live in fear of the unknown.

8. Freak Show (Season 4)

Set in the town of Jupiter Florida in 1952, the season tells the story a struggling freak show whose leader has to come up with ideas to save her show in an era where people favor the entertainments provided by their televisions above sideshow acts.  The emergence of multiple dark entities who have taken up residence in the town threatens the inhabitants of Jupiter, especially the freaks.

7. Hotel (Season 5)

The season follows events that occur in Hotel Cortez, a den of paranormal events and dark beings, run by a vampiress, Elizabeth Johnson, who is usually referred to as the Countess.  The hotel is governed by the “Ten Commandments” and violators of any of these commandments are punished in accordance with the sin committed. Led by previous murders that point at the hotel, John Lowe walks into Hotel Cortez to conduct investigations. The hotel guests and staffs have to stay alert so they do not end up as casualties of the evils lurking around.

6. Roanoke (Season 6)

The series follows the string of supernatural events that take place in a farmhouse in North Carolina from 2014-2016. Shelby Miller, her husband, Matt Millar, and sister-in-law Lee Harris write a documentary series narrating their ordeal living in a hunted farmhouse which they titled “My Roanoke Nightmare.”  The documentary becomes a massive success and a year late, the success of the documentary leads to a need for a sequel.

The producer of “My Roanoke Nightmare,” Sidney Aaron James informs the Millers alongside the reenactment actors that they will have to spend three days in the farmhouse during the blood moon and their experience these three days will be captured by hidden cameras. The cast members do not know what they are getting into and the ensuring events are worse than the Millers envisioned.

5. 1984 (Season 9)

After having a close brush with death in the hands of a serial killer, Brooke Thompson alongside her friends; Xavier Plympton, Montana Duke, Ray Powell, and Chet Clancy travel to a remote, newly opened summer camp in the summer of 1984 to work as counselors. The counselors are barely settled into their new lives in the camp when they start having a series of horrifying encounters.

4. Apocalypse (Season 8)

American horror story season 8, the Antichrist, Michael Langdon brings about the apocalypse by causing nuclear warfare. Just a few people survive this and they all have to take refuge in a shelter called Outpost 3 which is run with an iron fist by three female guards. It is revealed in a flashback that the shelter was once an all-boys warlock school that unknowingly harbored the Antichrist when he was younger. The witches now have to come together to form a force, strong enough to defeat him.

3. Coven (Season3)

The season follows the few remaining descendants of the witches who survived the Salem Witch Trials and now have to hide their identities. After the death of her boyfriend, Zoe Benson discovers that she is a descendant of a Salem Witch. She is sent to an all-girls boarding school in New-Orleans where other witches like her find sanctuary. The witches are subject to violent attacks by various forces, particularly the voodoo practitioners who have been in an age-long rivalry with the witches of Salem. The witches do not only have to watch out for voodoo practitioners but also witch hunters who now have their eyes set on the coven.

2. Murder House (Season 1)

Vivien, her husband Ben, and their teenage daughter Violet move to Los Angeles after Vivien miscarries and Ben’s affair with one of his students is revealed. They move into a renovated 1920’s mansion and discover soon after they move in that the house is haunted by the ghosts of everyone who ever die on the property.

1. Asylum (Season 2)

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This movie is regarded as the best for various reasons including the narration, dark horror, depth of its characters, performance, and craftsmanship. It won 28 of the 89 awards it was nominated for.

Set in 1964, the story follows the lives of the staff and patients of Briarcliff Manor, a church-owned mental asylum located in Massachusetts. The story digs into the lives and dark pasts of the inhabitants of the manor who are subject to the influence of demonic and extraterrestrial forces.

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