15 Best Running Man Episodes – Edited

15 Best Running Man Episodes to Watch 2021

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Running Man has become one of the popular TV shows that fascinating audience with lots of hilarious episodes and scene, it also comes with captivating tragedy to put the audience tensed and at a climax. Today we are gonna be looking at the top 15 Running man episodes.

1. Episode 237

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The guests on this episode were Hani EXID, Jung So-Min, Ji Hyun, Yeon So Hee, and Yerin. This episode’s mission was for the guests to guess which object will float. The episode gives us new sensations about the couple concept as applied to the new game. Also, the couples were seen in the episode during funny but weird dance that would tickle you when you watch.

2. Episode 244

It showed us some funny moments between Lee Kwang-soo and Song Ji-Hyo. Then KwangMong sibling couple coming in to give us a huge funny entertainment, then comedy from Jang Do and Jessi improve the tone of the episode.

3. Episode 195

In this episode, Yoo Jae Suk acted as the master of the ceremony (MC) instead of participating in the race. There were performances from popular idol groups; 2NEI and 2PM as guests alongside artists Jo Jung Chi, Yoo Jong Shin, and Muzy. The real star of this episode was said to be Yoo Jae Suk’s horrendously ugly shirt that would amuse your chest.

4. Episode 213

Just from the opening, viewers realized how funny the episode is going to be. It was filled with a good number of actresses you would never think of being funny and competitive.  The reactions of HaHa, Gary, Lee Kwang-soo, and Kim Jong-kook would make save it as your favorite and repeat it again and again. There was also a mud fight in this video that now packed in more laughter to the audience.

5. Episode 247

This episode discovered Lee Kwang-soo’s house. In this episode, other members had to force Lee Kwang-soo to organize a party in his house. What triggered more laughter was Lee Kwang-soo thinking all along that he had won the game when until the end of the race, he didn’t actually.

6. Episode 251

This was an episode with mature content and theme for couple. Viewers under the age of 17 were advised not to watch because it may seem boring to them. But for adults, it was a romantic yet funny episode in the history of running man. What made the episode more fascinating was the appearance of HaHa’s wife and Song Joong-ki and Jo In-Sung.

7. Episode 188

This episode was filmed in Australia and the other three episodes. It had a slow start but became more entertaining than expected. All the members with their guests flee to Australia to accomplish several tasks. The members and the guest, Rain had to put kangaroo costumes which was funny. During scuba-diving for treasure and travelling back days made this episode more lit.

8. Episode 140

This episode provided funny moments of Lee Kwang-soo that will put laughter on your mouth. The episode tells a story about the world being infected with a virus. The running man members had to find the anecdote and return peace to mankind before becoming infected themselves. Kwang-soo was the one infected by the virus and had to spend the rest of the episode in rage giving viewers an entertaining moment. The episode is worth watching.

9. Episode 300

For BTS fan, it was a must-watch episode because BTS became the guest of the Running Man members. The mission here was moving as many boxes as they could and to provide laughter entertainment. Jimin was clingy to Lee Kwang-soo to slow his task. Whereas Kim Jong-kook took three members of BTS to slow their movement making Mama Jin panic.

10. Episode 127

The mission was this episode was for the Running Man members to complete three missions unanimously to escape from the confinement. Despite the members not moving from one location to another or play the game simple, this episode kept us busy and entertained especially when a member got punished.

11. Episode 163

In this episode, the actress and one member of the Running Man Song Ji-Hyo has a beauty charm. But, the rest of the members didn’t realize it to appreciate her well since she’s been seen every week. The appearances of G-Dragon, Daesung, and Seungri of big bang as guests in the show turned Ji-Hyo into a princess for just a day and gave a lot of laughter to the audience. Some funny moments came when their world-famous guests get absolutely covered with mud while playing their game in a flooded field. Gary gave Song Ji Hyo a kiss and automatically made the episode one of its best.

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12. Episode 155

This episode was horrific, which can make you have some sigh of regret while watching it. It started with everyone as a high school student including the guest, Miss A’s Suzy. The mission was to find student who are actually fate to be couple. They were given some of the clues, which made them race around in search of magical mirrors. What brought a light of scary moment was the announcement to the students which if they look behind them they will die or one of them will be out if there was a scream.

13. Episode 74

This was a special episode because the Running Man members were given a huge opportunity to make use of their superpowers. It started as jovial conversation between the cast, then everyone was put to separate room where they encountered a special potion for a specific superpower. Having four clones and the ability to control time made each superpower distinct and awesome leaving the members scared of eliminating one another since they did not know each other’s power.

14. Episode 270

This episode was unique in its concept, there was a weird world where the members had to finish their task and mission. There was a world for giants, dwarfs, and labyrinth. Each cast had to finish their race individually and during their time in the labyrinth, they were expected not to be caught by any mysterious figure which is the episodes mastermind.

15.Episode 178

It was an end of the year episode and a classic episode as well. The members went to a meeting with the producer and sort out the issue of rough treatment from the past years. They had their demands change as they lay their complaints. But a challenging mission struck if accomplish the staff would get punished with a dump in cold water. The episode made some audience to have teary eyes.


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